AWS Cost Optimization: Complete Guideline | Save up to 30% on AWS cost

Moving your on-premise architecture to the cloud is undoubtedly an excellent decision. It not only facilitates remote access to data and enterprise applications but, at the same time, eliminates the limitations posed by the traditional architecture. This is where the concept of AWS seems relevant. As one of the leading cloud solutions, AWS helps in the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud with ease.

True that the above results in a better work environment and also boosts productivity, one thing that needs to be thought about is the cost incurred in making a move. Irrespective of whether a small enterprise or a big organization, the process of switching to the cloud infrastructure is intense both in terms of efforts and money. This white paper defines AWS cost optimization best practices to reduce your AWS bill by 30% on the AWS cost.

To be precise, we outline the cost of AWS migration, followed by the strategies to optimize and reduce the same. The paper is directed towards the CTOs, the CFOs, and the key stakeholders of an organization to understand what AWS cost optimization is and what measures do they need to undertake for its implementation.

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