In Vue.js, the v-for directive provides an index and the current item’s value by default. To get both the index and value within a v-for loop, you can use the following syntax

<div v-for="(item, index) in items" :key="index">
 Index: {{ index }} - Value: {{ item }}

This code snippet demonstrates how to access both the index and value while iterating through an array using v-for in a Vue.js template.

If you also want to access the key when iterating through an object, you can use an additional (value, key, index) syntax:

Index: {{ index }} - Key: {{ key }} - Value: {{ value }}

Remember, the v-for directive is used to loop through arrays or object properties in Vue.js templates, providing access to the item value, index, and key based on the data structure being iterated upon. Adjust the variable names (e.g., item, index, key) to match your specific use case.

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