To detect clicks outside of a specific element in Vue.js, you can create a custom directive or use a method that utilizes event listeners. Below are two approaches you can use:

Using Event Listeners

You can add an event listener to the document or the root element (window or document.body) and check if the click event occurred outside of a particular element.

 <div ref="elementToDetectOutsideClick">
   <!-- Your content -->

export default {
 mounted() {
   document.addEventListener('click', this.handleClickOutside);
 beforeUnmount() {
   document.removeEventListener('click', this.handleClickOutside);
 methods: {
   handleClickOutside(event) {
     if (!this.$refs.elementToDetectOutsideClick.contains( {
       // Click occurred outside the element
       // Your logic here

In this approach:

  • The ref=”elementToDetectOutsideClick” attribute is assigned to the element you want to track clicks outside of.
  • The handleClickOutside method is triggered on every click, checking if the clicked element is outside the element with the given ref. If so, you can execute your logic.

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