Migrate data

Migrate data / api from one crm to another

Using Robot Migrate your Data in Safe & Secure Way

Open air and Bull Horn CRM are the most accepted CRM system being used by versatile sized entities for handling their customer data, and interacting with them.

But what if you are not satisfied with your current CRM software? What if you need more resourceful or competitive CRM for your business? And the only way to jump onto a more adaptive and easy to use CRM is Migration.

Migrating from one CRM to another certainly compels a business entity to transfer data from older CRM to Newer one. If you want to migrate from one CRM to another you need your previous customer related data to be integrated in your new CRM.

Migrate data

Data entry executives will work for you in this matter, yet there are certain disadvantages, such as:

1) Hiring Data Entry Executives
  • The more the data, the more executives needs to be employed, resulting in increased cost
  • Temporary Solution, for you cannot hire them on permanent basis and hence the next time you need them, you have to pay them again
  • Long term process if the data is huge & complex, and hence time consuming
  • Possible human errors like spelling mistakes, errors and omissions, etc
Develop Robot (Software)
2)Develop Robot (Software)

A Robot is indeed a software/application that will automatically migrate all your data from one CRM to another without any human intervention or extra cost. Since one cannot express any dissatisfaction regarding robot in comparison to manual workers, one can surely get the below benefits:

  • Least probability of errors like spelling mistake, omission, etc
  • Easy to use and can be operated by single individual
  • Schedule migration time like every day, every week, every month
  • Permanent solution towards your data integration and migration need
  • Certainly costs less when it comes to long term or huge database migration

Hire Asp.Net Programmer For Crm Data Migration

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