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Hire Golang Developers to Build Innovative Web Solutions

Hire Golang developer to build scalable web and mobile API solutions with unmatched quality. Our Senior Go developers are proficient in all aspects of Go development and server-side technologies. Outsource Go programmers to fill the talent gap in your existing team quickly.

The Expertise of Our Golang Developers

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Services Offered By Our Golang Web Developers

Our experienced Golang web developers are experts in developing feature-rich apps that boost productivity. Hire dedicated Golang developers to get high-end backend apps. As a leading Golang development company, our custom Golang solutions help businesses realize their potential.

Golang AI Development

Leverage our Golang AI development services to keep up with emerging trends. Our Golang AI programmers help you implement configurable services for easy error handling and swift debugging.

Streamlined Apps Development

Leverage the Goroutines lightweight thread to make multi-threading easy. Golang concurrency's streaming architecture simplifies developing concurrent apps within large and multi-regional teams.

Go for Cloud and Network Services

Golang programming language has established exceptional compatibility with the cloud. Our expert Golang programmers can help you develop complex cloud solutions with Goroutines and channels.

Concurrency With Golang Goroutines

Our dedicated offshore Golang developers are skilled at developing concurrent Golang apps to run multiple processes simultaneously for multiple platforms and screen sizes, simplifying the concurrency.

Golang for Mobile Development

To empower fast and secure cross-platform apps, Golang has extended support for cross-compilation. Hire Golang developers to create cross-platform apps within the pre-mentioned time and budget.

Full-Stack Development with Go

Our full-time Go developers have top-of-the-line expertise in combining the maximum number of front-end and back-end technologies, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Strings, Docker, Vuejs, and more.

Golang Microservices

Golang Microservices help build scalable architectures. Our Golang developers use Go for efficient, high-load systems, simplifying deployment and troubleshooting on multiprocessor systems.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our Golang support and maintenance after project completion help resolve issues such as bug fixes, framework upgrades, continuous monitoring, and technical glitch resolution for product enhancements.

Hire Golang Developers As Per Your Need

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We ensure you’re matched with the right talent resource based on your requirement.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Technical Expertise of Our Golang Developers

Frameworks GoRevelGinMartini web.goBeegoKitEchogRPCChi
Development AWS EC2 Microsoft Azure Google CloudAWS LambdaNetlify
Database MySQLMongo`DBPostgresGraphqlMariaDBPostgreSQLNoSQLRedis
Scrapping Godet Http Golang Package
Go Tool kit GO build Go TestGo Fmt Go GetGo Run
IDE GolandVisual Studio CodeLiteIDEWide
Libraries/APIs Go KitGenCLIREST APIs
Tools GitSVNMercurial
Upgrade Go 1.11Go 1.12 Go 1.13 Go 1.14 Go 1.15 Go 1.16 Go 1.17 Go 1.18Go 1.19Go 1.20Go 1.21Go 1.22
AI Tools Github Co-PilotChatGPT

Our Customer Success Stories With Golang

Check out the awesome Golang applications our Golang experts have built over the past 12+ years for our global clients, solving real-life problems and overcoming startup challenges.


Industry: Automobile

Core Technology: Golang, HTML, JavaScript

The client wanted an automated background process for generating documents such as insurance, GAP, warranty, tile, registration plate documents, and customer signatures. Our Go developers used the Google ML Kit to automate the process and generate the required documents as needed.

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Industry: Education

Core Technology: Golang, ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML

The client was looking for a Q&A platform that allows users to raise queries and get solutions from experts who can discuss their questions directly via chat. Our Golang developers used the Moodle LMS so the learners could sign up for different courses, track the training process, and earn badges.

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eCommerce Innovation

Industry: eCommerce

Core Technology: Golang, ReactJS, CSS

The client wanted a Vancouver Island event website that focused on convenient design and modern UIs. Our Golang developers used the React Strap, login, and Relogin plugins because admins and users can add event information, location, photos, and live events to the website.

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eCommerce Innovation
Build Golang Apps with Full-Stack Golang Developers Onboard

Build Golang Apps with Full-Stack Golang Developers Onboard

Along with Golang, we offer End to End Full Stack Development Expertise.

Hire dedicated Golang developers for full-stack Go development. Our top-tier dedicated Golang developers excel in combinations like Golang with React.js, Angular, Flutter, Vue.js, AWS, and Kafka, ensuring scalable, flexible, and high-performance web architectures.

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On-board Golang Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Is 15 days risk-free trial period completely free?

Yes, It’s completely free. We allow this free time period to evaluate the code quality, communication, on-time delivery, Agile software development process, and more of the hired trial resource. If you get satisfactory work, then you can continue with the engagement, and if not, then you can right-away cancel it.

Can your Golang developer help me complete my incomplete app development project?

Of course, we will be the right partner for your mid-way project transition. We understand that your previous development partner discontinued your app development mid-way through some unfortunate circumstances, or you aren't satisfied with your app development progress. In that case, our team of experienced Golang developers, under the mentorship of a reliable project manager, will take over your project. We will understand your ongoing plans, along with the previous process, and go ahead with a mutually beneficial Agile process to meet your needs at all times. Also, we ensure our complete support and dedication towards your project development until you need us.

How much does it cost to Hire Golang developer?

We have simple and transparent pricing. We let you hire experienced Golang developers at a rate of $18 per hour with an average experience of 3+ years. However, the cost may vary depending on your query and the expertise of our developer. If you want to hire a team of Golang developers, we have customized rates for you; please contact us us to know more details.

What are the hiring engagement options available at Bacancy?

We provide three types of hiring engagement models. You can choose the preferred model that fits your business needs according to that you can hire Golang developers from Bacancy.

Dedicated Developer – Monthly basis

160 Hours a Month. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Hourly Basis – Hours/ Month

We use time-tracking tools like time doctor and Hubstaff

Fixed Based –

You can share your requirements with our team. Our team will evaluate your requirements and then get back to you with the detailed estimation of your project along with time and cost as well as the roadmap of the project.

What is your payment method after the engagement?

We are a registered entity in the United States with the name Bacancy Technology LLC, so you can choose to pay us in a Bank of America account via ACH or wire transfer. We can also help you save tax with help of a W9 form, here is our EIN number 83-4332237. Regardless of your physical location, we accept wire transfer from all across the globe.

Will the hired Golang resources work according to my time zone?

Hire Senior Golang Developers from us to work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), deadline and milestone. To know more get in touch with us at [email protected] or Skype "Bacancy."

Do you provide support and maintenance services after deployment?

Yes, we do provide support and maintenance services after the successful Golang project completion. Our after services include bug fixes, framework upgrade, continuous monitoring, and technical glitch resolution for the enhancements of your Golang product.

Do you provide NDA and IP protection for my project?

Rest assured, you will have 100% ownership of your project. It includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, confidential letters, other MoUs, etc.

What if I am not satisfied with the hired Golang developer's work and would like to exit?

We understand that every project requires different skills, so we can provide you with a free replacement to continue our business relationship, and even after that if you are not satisfied, we can terminate the contract with a 2-week notice. The Termination invoice shall specify all unpaid work and the remaining work done until the termination date. On termination, all work completed to time shall be delivered to the client in a usable electronic format.