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Flutter Game Development Services We Offer

Our comprehensive set of Flutter game app development services includes our wide spectrum of industry expertise with the performance-centric approach to make your gaming applications stand out. The most considerate ones of our Flutter game development services include.

Game Design and Conceptualization

Bring your Flutter game app vision to reality with enthralling game design concepts and overall implementation metrics. Our Flutter game development services ensure ideal game development and design best practices to deliver optimal results for your project.

2D and 3D Game Development

Experience captivating 2D and exploratory 3D game development with Flutter. Our Flutter consultants leverage tools like Flame Engine, Flare, Rive, Unity, and Godot to create polished Flutter games for an engaging experience and a wider audience reach.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Create a game that thrills the players across Android, iOS, and the web. Deliver a pixel-perfect and rich animation experience across platforms with Flutter. Tap into the massive player base across various devices and maximize your game’s potential for success.

Custom Game Engine Development

Leverage the demand and reward journey with your custom game engine development. Forget the hassle of performance and gameplay mechanics. Get innovative features from the scope of existing engines and set your game apart.

AR/VR Game Development

Realize the true potential of Flutter for AR/VR game development. Our team of game developers helps you incorporate unique AR/VR elements into your game and create visually appealing 2D/3D elements to enhance your gaming experience.

Flutter Game Upgradation

Upgrade your existing Flutter game applications with next-gen features and updates. Deliver enhanced functionalities, strategies, and more using our Flutter game upgrade services expertise.

Game Testing Services

Hire manual and automated testers to debug your Flutter game applications across platforms such as iOS, Android, and other desktop applications for a seamless gaming experience.

Why Use Flutter for Game App Development?

Flutter offers comprehensive tools, functionalities, and features, making it an ideal choice for the Flutter game app development project. Its extensive cross-platform functionality and the ability to create 2D/3D applications make it an option of tomorrow for business owners worldwide. Below are a few points that make Flutter game app development an ideal choice for your next project.

Flame Game Engine

Flame Game Engine

The Flame engine includes optimized components and a comprehensive set of 2D game engines. It contains everything needed to build effective game applications speedily without needing add-on libraries and tools for overall gaming solutions.

Multiple Screens

Multiple Screens

Flutter framework boasts efficiency in cross-platform game application development for mobile, desktop, and web platforms. It establishes a solid ground for the performant development of Flutter apps across multiple devices and screens.

Social Integrations

Social Integrations

Flutter ensures that your application is not just limited to gaming but also can socialize with gamers worldwide through match-making and social channel integrations. Your end-users can connect with like-minded gamers easily and invite community gamers to play alongside them.

Flutter DevTools

Flutter DevTools

Flutter is an excellent choice for game development due to its effective suite of debugging tools. The Flutter dev tools are a boon for game development, ideally apt for auditing UIs and source-level debugging.

Flutter Unity 3D Widget

Flutter Unity 3D Widget

Embrace the power of three-dimensional games with Flutter 3D Unity Widget. Easily introduce Unity features and develop intuitive games with exceptional UIs and breathtaking gaming experiences with our exceptional Flutter game development services.

Control Every Pixel

Control Every Pixel

Never let pixels affect your game experience. Flutter handles every pixel on multi-screen along with tools that manage these pixels and frees your operating systems from the burden of unnecessary processing.

Programming Language

Programming Language

The core of Flutter, Dart programming language leverages the JIT and the AOT compilation that helps boost the overall startup speed and functionalities. This, alongside the hot reload feature, makes Flutter an ideal choice for game development.

Backend Services

Backend Services

Flutter offers exceptional cloud infrastructure management alongside the automated backend functionalities with add-on maintenance at ease, contributing to its efficacy development and giving your Flutter game a competitive edge.

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Technical Expertise of Our Flutter Game Developers

IDE/Code Editor Visual Studio Code Android Studio
Game Engine/Framework Flame SpriteWidget Unity
Graphics/Design Flutter Studio Sketch Figma Adobe XD Blender Aseprite Rive Spine
Performance Optimization Dart DevTools Flutter Inspector Skia Android Studio Profiler
Testing/Debugging Flutter Driver Flutter Unit Test Flutter Integration Test Flutter Widget Test Firebase Test Lab Sentry
Continuous Integration/Deployment Codemagic GitHub Actions GitLab CI Travis CI Jenkins Bitrise Appcircle
Monetization Flutter In-App Purchases AdMob Unity Ads Flutter Pay
Sound Design and Audio Integration Flame Audio FMOD Studio Audiobus
Version Control Systems GitHub GitLab Bitbucket
Network Integration Firebase (Firestore, Realtime Database) Nakama Supabase

Types of Gaming Apps Built With Flutter

Action Games

Our Flutter Action Game Development is powered by the extensive user-centric functionalities delivering robust hand-eye coordination and rapid reaction times.

Board Games

We are the experts in creating multi-faceted 2D and 3D board games that all gamers and the community like.

Educational Games

Our Flutter game development experts develop games that offer innovative learning experiences with exceptional response time, a vital aspect of Educational games.

Sports Games

We know the sports game trends within the market, and your next sports game with us is a gem that outperforms expectations.

Card Games

Hire Flutter Developers to build turn-based card games that easily respond to simple user input and give ideal outputs.

Casino Games

Create performant cross-platform functional casino games for fast performance and expressive UIs.

Strategy Games

Simplify the development of complex strategy games for your end-users and achieve unique advantages to strategies.

Trivia Games

Easily develop unique trivia games and monitor the highly productive Flutter app for advanced performance.

Success Stories of Our Flutter Game Development

Real-time AR Gaming Experience: Creating a Cross-Platform Game With Flutter

Real-time AR Gaming Experience: Creating a Cross-Platform Game With Flutter

Industry: Gaming

Technical Stack: Flutter, Flame, ARKit, ARCore, Firebase

Bacancy helped AlphaA Games to enhance its market presence in the mobile app gaming market. The client was looking to build a performant game app that can be deployed on multiple platforms using a single codebase to prevent overhead expenses. Our Flutter game developers created a compelling gaming experience with real-time multiplayer and AR elements across platforms. This provided improved user engagement, positive market reception, and a significant boost in their revenue.

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Flutter Game Development Services

Why Choose Bacancy for Flutter Game Development Services?

Bacancy is an industry-vetted Flutter Game App Development Service provider to help you create, develop, iterate, and test gaming applications with robust features and functionalities. Build your next game app with the performance powerhouse of Flutter.

Leverage the expertise of our Flutter App Development Company and build your next Flutter game app from an expert. Experience performance upfront with the latest Flutter version implementation and its newly launched Casual Games Toolkit in real-time action for a breath-taking end-user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Flutter offers advantages such as fast development speed, hot reload functionality, expressive UI design, and native performance, making it an ideal choice for creating engaging and visually appealing games across multiple platforms.

Flutter can be used to develop a wide range of games, including 2D and 3D games, casual games, arcade games, puzzle games, educational games, multiplayer games, and more.

As a leading Flutter game development company in USA, we utilize various tools and technologies such as Flame game engine, Unity integration, sprite animation libraries, audio integration plugins, and performance optimization techniques to create immersive gaming experiences.

The development time for a Flutter game app varies depending on factors such as the game's complexity, the number of features, design requirements, and testing needs. Simple games can be developed in a few weeks, while more complex projects may take several months.

Yes, existing games developed using other frameworks or engines can be easily migrated to Flutter. Our team of experienced developers can assess your game features and requirements and guide you through the migration process.

The cost of developing a Flutter game app depends on factors such as project scope, complexity, design requirements, and additional features. Connect with our Flutter Game Developers to get customized pricing plans tailored to your needs and budget.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for Flutter game app development, including bug fixes, updates, performance optimization, and feature enhancements to ensure your game remains competitive and up-to-date.

We are a registered entity in the United States named Bacancy Technology LLC, so you can choose to pay us in a Bank of America account via ACH or wire transfer. We can also help you save tax with the help of a W9 form; here is our EIN 83-4332237. Regardless of your physical location, we accept wire transfers from all across the globe.

We provide three types of hiring engagement models. You can choose the preferred model that fits your business needs and hire Flutter developers from Bacancy.

Dedicated Developer – Monthly basis

160 Hours a Month. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Hourly Basis – Hours/ Month

We use time-tracking tools like Time Doctor and Hubstaff.

Fixed Based

You can share your requirements with our team. Our team will evaluate your requirements and then get back to you with a detailed estimation of your project along with time, cost, and the roadmap.