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From finance, agriculture to healthcare, there is software to optimize minimal to mammoth tasks, you name it. This has led to a surge of SAAS companies in the market, looking to develop software that can help take their organization to the next level.

From start-ups to multinational companies, it is the age of IT. These aspects have led to the surge of hiring dedicated developers. Read on this blog to get a clear insight on how to hire dedicated developer for your upcoming project.


Technology is increasingly influencing multiple aspects of our lives. With the new age of automation and smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, technological innovations have simplified and optimized multiple tasks.

The increasing demand for Software as a Service, in turn, translates to more demand for skilled software developers to help innovators and entrepreneurs execute their ideas. Organizations that indulge in developing software as a product or a service are often in need of hiring a dedicated developer to help them execute the vision of the software they’re willing to push into the market.

However, if you hire dedicated developer, your software development comes at a huge cost, especially if developed countries hire from mega tech-hubs such as Silicon Valley. The average salary of a developer from Silicon Valley would amount somewhere between $100k, which may be way out of budget for certain start-ups and organizations.

However, as the demand for software development becomes a rising trend, countries worldwide have started churning out highly skilled, just as talented software engineers who can indeed execute these projects for clients. There may be times when an in-house team is insufficient or not effective enough to create a product that meets your goals. In these scenarios, you may require to create an offshore software development team and outsource your product development process.

What is a Dedicated Developer?

A developer that is hired for a certain period of time by an agency (generally an offshore company) to serve their development purpose where they’re specifically working with one project.

It is the outsourcing model that is specifically hired to help companies fix the issues with the freelancers in accordance with their time and approach.

In the fastest growing technological era, web and mobile apps are buzzing words; whether you are an entrepreneur, a startup, or an enterprise-level organization. A dedicated team of developers is the most important factor that leads to successful web application development. Dedicated developers are well-versed at taking care of everything from app ideation to app deployment to craft awesome digital solutions. Let’s have a look at how to hire a dedicated developer for your next project.

There are 23 million developers globally, which is expected to grow in 2023 by 27.7 million, as per Statista.

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Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developer?

Here are a few reasons and situations when you need to hire dedicated developers for your product development:

1. An in-house team may prove to be out of budget

Sourcing local talent and building a dedicated in-house team for creating your product may at times be way out of budget. You can expand the skill-set of your existing team, but it is time and money that you might not possess. Apart from this, the money invested in building your resource may also prove to be an investment in vain if the in-house team demands a higher salary for a developed skill-set. In such cases, offshore software development is a good option. You need not hire dedicated developer team for in-house product development and rather outsource the execution to an offshore software development company or service. This will prove to be an easy-on-the-pocket option.

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2. There is a requirement for a specific skill-set

There may be a scenario where certain aspects of your software may require a specific developer. In cases where your in-house team is not equipped with the kind of language or skill-set, you require developing parts of your project, hiring a dedicated developer as an in-house addition to your team full-time may cost you more time and will delay product development. You may not even require the developer as a permanent addition to the team at times where the task is only limited to product development for a short-term basis.

In such cases, it is better to outsource the task to an offshore software development team. You can hand over the aspects of product development where you may lack skilled developers within your team. This helps you save up on time and money and provides a window of opportunity for your existing team to perfect other aspects of your product.

3. Software development is to be executed on a small-term project basis

You may be involved with an organization that does not actively focus on software development or offers software as a product or a service. There may be requirements for building certain software for your company on a small term basis for a specific project, e.g., you may require team management software for an upcoming in-house corporate event your company may be hosting. In such situations hiring an entire in-house software development team only for the short term is a time-consuming idea that requires an investment that may not be worth it.

In such a scenario, it is best to outsource your software development and hire a dedicated developer team offshore to complete the task for you. This also gives your existing in-house team an opportunity to focus on the main tasks related to the project that may hold higher importance.

4. There is a time crunch regarding the product launch

This is a scenario where organizations may need to develop a product with a shorter lead time. The difference between ideation and the time by which the product is to be launched may turn out to be insufficient for your in-house team to complete the product development. In such a case of a time crunch, handing over the software development to an offshore software

A Development Company with a larger team of dedicated software developers is a better option. This is true, especially in cases where you may not even have the required skill-set within the in-house team. It may take up a lot of time and money to hire a dedicated developer. It is resources and time you don’t have. Hence, offshore software development may prove to be a better and faster option in such cases.

5. A varied and vast team of developers is required for the execution

You may have a great idea of software you wish to launch in the market. Your product idea may be unique yet complex, requiring a wider talent pool with differently skilled software engineers. Finding these varied developers and building a vast team of developers, each with their specific skill set, may turn out to be tedious. You can outsource the initial product development to an offshore software development company rather than hire a dedicated developer for each task.

You can create an in-house team later to manage your product and oversee the development and progress of the same. This is an easier and more efficient solution in the case of products that require multiple skilled developers. Outsourcing provides a more cost-effective, wider talent pool for you to choose from regarding your product development. Thus there are a lot of scenarios where outsourcing software development may seem to be a more convenient option rather than building an entire in-house team from scratch.

You can either hire an offshore software development company or hire dedicated developers and outsource your project to them. Either way, it is best to do your research before choosing the company or the developer that you may be willing to hire. Make optimum use of the internet and all the resources at your disposal i.e., social media groups, word of mouth, and all the references you can get before you decide as to which developer or company you may be hiring. Okay! But Will Outsourcing Prove Beneficial For Product Development?

Freelancer Vs Dedicated Developer

First of all, decide whether you want to hire dedicated remote developers from a software development company or want to give your million-dollar project in the hands of a freelancer. Hiring dedicated developers from IT agencies offers numerous benefits in comparison to freelancers. It’s obvious. Still wondering how? Let me get you through the hiring benefits of a software development company over freelancers.

  • Offshore software developers can help you screen top coders in minimum time
  • You can replace your non-productive coders with the result-oriented ones
  • Dedicatedly work on your project at your convince and time zone
  • Fixed-rate payment for the rendered work
  • You’re free to choose a front end or back end developer with the required skill set that fits in your project requirements to develop a high-quality solution.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Outsourcing your product development to a service or a dedicated developer may prove to be beneficial in a lot of ways if done correctly.

why hire dedicated developer

Here are a few benefits you gain by hiring dedicated developers:

1. Time Saver

As mentioned above, shorter lead times may lead to time crunch and at times, delays in a product launch. Hiring an offshore team, rather, hiring the right offshore team, will ensure that your deadlines are met, and your product is delivered on time. It also helps you save time on sourcing multiple developers for specific aspects of the front-end and back-end development of your product. The time spent in coordination and development track is also less than building and developing an in-house team from scratch. These are already skilled software developers that you need not coordinate individually daily. Thus the decision to hire a dedicated developer or an offshore software development team to outsource your product may actually be to your benefit.

2. Budget-friendly

A lot of time, effort, and monetary resources are required to build an entire in-house team from scratch and add to their skill-set. Apart from the monthly payments that are higher in many developed countries, you may also be required to provide incentives and invest in their skill development to meet your product goals. This may at times prove to be an out-of-budget option for you which may push you over the budget for product development. It is best to hire a dedicated developer externally or outsource the software development to an affordable offshore software development company in such a scenario. The option proves to be an affordable one in such cases.

3. Expertise

One of the major pros of outsourcing your software development process is the expertise that the offshore software development team brings to the table. As mentioned before, it is best to research your options before you hire a dedicated developer team offshore or opt for an offshore software development service. Once you find a company with experience and expertise that meets your product vision, the skill-set of the developers can work to your advantage. You can execute your product vision and meet your development goals in time within your budget, along with leveraging the expertise of the offshore team in the kind of software development you’re looking for. For e.g., if you’re looking to build financial software, you can hire offshore teams that have been working in the fintech software niche specifically. This can truly work to your advantage, delivering a product that meets the market standards.

4. Easy management

It is at times easier to manage the process of software development when outsourced to an offshore software development team. You need not coordinate with the entire team individually. The software development process is carried out as a whole by the developer or the team that you outsource your project. Hence, you only need to coordinate with the decided upon authority or the team lead based on deadlines given for the project. You can gain daily or frequent progress reports from such companies, which can give you an idea of how effective and productive the software development process is. This simplifies the management regarding product development. You can also leverage a range of team management tech tools and simplify the process further.

This CEO Guide will explain the art of hiring a self-managing dedicated development team.

5. Wider skill-set

Looking to expand your team by outsourcing your product development and deciding to hire a dedicated developer or an offshore software management service expands the talent pool you get to choose your team from. As mentioned above, countries worldwide have been churning out top-notch software developers with varied skill-sets. Once you’re aware of your product requirements, hiring a dedicated offshore software development team allows you the opportunity to leverage this wider skill-set from across the world. Thus when executed correctly, offshore software development can turn out to be quite productive and efficient.

4 Tips to Hire Offshore Developers

1. Comprehensive Search

When you hire dedicated web developers or hire dedicated mobile developers from us, we work as your development partner. We value your time and money. On behalf of you, we do comprehensive competitive research, so we can lend a helping hand to build a top-of-the-line product.

2. Shortlist Development Partner

Based on Below Criteria The hiring process becomes complex if you’re going through hundreds of IT services companies, and it is impossible to do so. You’re free to set some criteria that can help you narrow down a few companies and then choose the one that best suits your business requirements and get in touch with them. Take into consideration the three main aspects when looking for an outsourcing country:

  • Check the developer’s proficiency with the required skill-set you are interested in
  • Ease of doing business in the country
  • Culture fit

Here are some of the criteria to hire dedicated programmers from the development company:

  • Experience and connected backgrounds
  • Varied Skill-set
  • Proven Portfolio
  • Valuable Feedback
  • Hourly Rate
  • Hassle-free communication
  • Time-zone Availability

Ensure that the organization is offering dedicated developers that you can manage from the single point of contact between you and the company.

3. Interview the Dedicated Developers

Whether you are looking for an extended arm, IT staff augmentation services, or want to outsource your entire project, make sure to follow a proper procedure, analyze, and choose your choice of developers wisely. If a developer or team fits your requirement criteria, ask one team member to conduct an interview. At Bacancy Technology, we let you conduct as many interviews as you want before you hire your choice of developer. After following this procedure, you’re now ready to proceed with the perfect development team for your project.

4. Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Team

Just like your in-house team, your work is not done until you’re unsure that the developers you have hired are implementing the development process effectively. Take some interest in how your vendor conducts onboarding of the new developers and moves faster and more effectively. Give all the required information beforehand and conduct a meeting to introduce the latest development team for an excellent place to start.


Developing a highly-functional and secure application is a serious job. Several IT organizations in the service market make it challenging to choose the right web and mobile app development company. But if you follow the proper procedure while hiring a dedicated developer, it becomes easy for you to select the offshore developers that perfectly fit your business requirements. A developer is like an architect that develops the structure of your application.

Dedicated developers are usually referred to as an architect that builds the structure of your product – application. If you’re planning to make your development journey smooth and looking for screening hidden talent, then hire dedicated developers from the top-notch company to pitch your business on the top.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The offshore developers work as per the employer’s time zone and requirements keeping them in the loop with all the development progress. Their tasks may vary from web to mobile app development, web app development, and product development.

The crucial aspects of hiring dedicated developers over freelancers are their dedication, expertise/proficiency, availability, security, and resources. Read this blog for more information.

It is a straightforward and less-expensive way to achieve development goals in a short span with accuracy and high-end results.

Take into consideration the following things before hiring an offshore dedicated developer:

  • Check their experience
  • Test their creativity
  • Interview them
  • Check if they have good communication skills
  • Check their speed and flexibility

A company with rich experience of working with the offshore development model would be reliable, and additionally, an Agile development company turns out to be ideal.

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