A Bit Of Introduction

ReactJS, probably the trendiest JavaScript open source library, created by Facebook and widely adopted by popular companies like, Netflix, Instagram, Yahoo, Dropbox and many others. ReactJS is most commonly used to build user interfaces and primarily in web app development. ReactJS is top open-source project, which is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and the community of the independent developers.

First of all, React is not a framework, it’s a JavScript library; however, it is mistakenly referred as a framework. Just similar to Bootstrap, it is all about the reusable components. On the other hand, unlike frameworks, it is developed with the goal of getting entire apps up and running speedily, the only thing you do with React is build components. ReactsJS’s core functionality and components make reusing code, testing and separating concerns so easy.

Facebook developed React in 2013 and then released as an open source project. Facebook’s developers solved the major problems and then made available the code to the world. This is also the reason; ReactJS’s code is clean and easy to use for the most developers. Nowadays ReactJS is the most loved JavaScript libraries and it is bookmarked as the 5th starred JS library on the Github, falling next to D3, jQuery and HTML5. With the strong popularity, it has plenty of room to grow.

Why Reactjs?

Imagine there is a technology, which solves all of your problems and deliver complex front-end development solutions in an efficient and much faster way. And you are no more required to worry about the entire DOM stuff, where all you have to do is update the view only.

The development feels as efficient as the rails back-end development and the user interface elements like, buttons, form fields, background are divided into small reusable components with well-defined interfaces. It all means fewer bugs and faster development time, because the problems are easier to isolate and fix. Wondering What’s that?

This, my friend, is ReactJS!

ReactJS is chosen by more established companies/startups

ReactJS is chosen by more established companies/startups

Why Reactjs Is A Critical Part Of Our Business Applications

Quality Software

  • React reduces the complexity by giving component a uniform interface and this is the reason it is very clear and explicit.
  • It allows us control of what is happening in the browser and React has indeed thought-out life cycle system of hooks to react to events.
  • Default code performance. If there is a need to go an extra mile, we simply implement Component Update with the couple of lines code as illustrated https://facebook.github.io/react/docs/advanced-performance.html and improve your UI significantly.
  • The concept seems to be very real in your UI:
    • Immutable data structures
    • Push state to boundaries
    • Compose functions
    • Full re-render on any change

Client Benefits

  • All of our skillful programmer can pick up ReactJS easily as it drastically reduces the on-boarding time.
  • The majority of our clients are very much impressed with the quality of our work and focused developers.
  • The improvement of ReactJS code is completely based on your JS skill as its public API is incredibly stable along with small.
  • Team members feel productive and knowing the excessive DOM knowledge and browser quirks, it creates less issue as you can hide behind ReacJS abstractions.

Ecosystem Benefits

  • In a short time of span, React has adopted the modern JS community by the storm. For the Complex front-end development, It Was So desperately required to have a meaningful abstractions for building large Web applications.
  • Being a very flexible component, React integrates with any JS library without exclusion.
  • We are just in love with the energy level of the community, as it is simply amazing, every day there are numbers of articles, new libraries, webcasts, screencasts, the ReactJS Conf 2015/2016 was a huge success.

Unexpected / Future benefits

  • ReactJSlets you write isomorphic JS apps that return full static rendered HTML; so, your SEO rankings don’t have to suffer.Your visitors can immediately see the content, even the JS is not completely loaded.
  • It is also possible to write apps with serializable app state to let your programmers use advanced debugging techniques. Circle.CI has implemented it – http://blog.circleci.com/local-state-global-concerns/
  • ReactJS…. so hot right now and it seems that mobile development (Native iOS and Android) is expected to move in future to ReactJS style development.

To sum it up:

Being A Global Leader:

  • Deliver more advance projects for our valued clients
  • Our Programmers just love to explore
  • We hit with deadlines with more precision
  • For us, our customer satisfaction score is at skyrocket!

ReactJS helps us to create awesome UIs and it has made so easy for us to develop complex front-end apps. Facebook’s ReactJS framework has helped us to become the renowned global leader. We are pleased to announce that we are best ReactJS Development Company and ReactJS is our new best friend.

If you are interested in the development of stable and advanced ReactJS code base, Hire ReactJS developers from us, we assure you to be your one stop solution for all your business needs.

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