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React has been the topmost preferred front-end application development framework to build interactive and dynamic web apps for product owners. It provides various features, including high performance, scalability, reliability, flexibility, etc. Amongst the other available front-end frameworks, if you choose to React and wonder how much it costs to hire a react developer, you have landed on the right blogpost covering every aspect that a business owner should consider. Let’s explore the React development cost, the cost to hire React developer from different regions, and many other criteria to develop feature-rich React applications.

React Developer Hourly Rates In North America
React Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America
React Developer Hourly Rates In Asia Pacific
React Developer Hourly Rates In Australia & New Zealand
React Developer Hourly Rates In Europe
React Developer Hourly Rates In Africa
React Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy


ReactJS is widely preferred for developing interactive UI components that are fast and simple to understand. React is front end open-source library. However, it is widely considered a framework. React has a record-breaking download count of 58.99 M, and its rising popularity has attracted many industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many more.

The first step for successful project development is to consider onboarding a skilled developer with the right budget to develop the desired application. Let’s dig into the factors that affect the React app development cost.

Factors That Affect React App Development Cost

If you want to have a web application development using React, check out the factors below affecting the React app development cost, such as project size, recruitment model, complex features, and third-party integrations.

Project Size

One of the most important factors worth considering for React application development is the project size and the requirements you have to make your product market-ready. Development costs vary based on your product requirement. The development time gets increases while fulfilling the project requirements. It automatically affects the React app development cost.

The size of projects always depends on the type of application you want to have to fulfill your requirements. ReactJs support various types of application development. Below is the list of application types that can affect the project size.

  • One of the most common and highly used application types is Single Page Applications (SPAs ). This application type doesn’t require page reloading from the user end. A popular example of SPAs is Google Maps and Gmail.
  • Enterprise-level Applications collect more user data. Therefore, these types of applications require high-performing servers to maintain the application’s performance.
  • Social Networking Application – React as UI library fits perfectly for the SPA to dynamic social networking application. React has an added advantage with Websockets to make real-time data processing convenient for Social networks.

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Complex Features

Having a numbers of features in your applications grabs more user attention. In most cases, simple features are free, whereas complex features are paid, which increases the development cost. A few examples of complex features are payment integration, map integrations, video streaming, etc. These features also require a special skill set to integrate them into your application.

Recruitment Model

React application development costs will also vary on the recruitment model you choose for your application development. The fixed price model and dedicated model are the two engagement models.

The fixed price model has certain fixed requirements and a budget in which it is required to complete the project within the given deadline. These models are highly chosen by the business owners having the small and static needs for their digital products.

When it comes to the dedicated model, it is considered the long-term product development as this model doesn’t have fixed requirements, and the requirements may change in application development.

Third-Party Integrations

The third-party integrations in web application development affect the React app development cost. Integration of external libraries is also a part of third-party integration used to create interactive and attractive applications. The third-party integration of libraries sometimes decreases the performance of applications. To keep a highly optimized app with these integrations, business owners have to bear the cost, ultimately increasing the React development cost.

UI/UX Design

The cost of React app development can vary depending upon the design of your application. The basic design requires less development cost, and when it comes to high-end, attractive user interface designing, it requires additional features at a certain cost. However, to grab more attention from users to generate business, keeping a decent budget for web app development is required.

Cost to Hire Remote React Developer: Geographical Pricing

The React app development cost varies depending on the geographical locations you prefer to hire Reactjs app development company. The average React app development cost in countries like the USA is $57, and in Canada, it is around $56. Do check out the below image to understand country-wise costs for React app development.

React Developer Hourly Rates In North America

React Developer Hourly Rates In North America

React Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

React Developer Hourly Rates In Asia Pacific

React Developer Hourly Rates In Asia Pacific

React Developer Hourly Rates In Australia & New Zealand

React Developer Hourly Rates In Australia & New Zealand

React Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

React Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

React Developer Hourly Rates In Africa


Factors to Consider For Hiring React Developer

Due to the immense demand for ReactJs developers, it becomes necessary for product owners to consider a few key skills in React developers for successful React application development. Do consider the below factors for hiring React developers:

Technical Proficiency

The React developers you are planning to outsource should have technical expertise that includes Advanced HTML (latest versions of HTML), JSON, Rest APIs, and many more. React developer with the expertise in core concepts such as functional modules, JSX brings more skill and knowledge in product development.

Skilled in Multiple Technologies

React developers skilled in multiple technologies and development architectures are an add-on. Most experienced developers are skilled in working with MERN Stack and Express to develop full-stack applications.

Build Tools

Product owners should consider this build tool factor that every React developer should know and have expertise in (Visual Studio Code, Webpack, DevTools, NPM, etc.).

Know the Cost To Hire React Developer Based on Engagement Model

As we understand in the above part of the blog, the cost of hiring Remote React developer varies country-wise. Now let’s understand the different remote recruiting models that help you understand the cost to hire React developer.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated team model especially helps the organizations that require the team to work for a longer period. In this dedicated team model, you can choose the count of developers you want in your team that helps you in completing product development.

This development best suits the organization with special requirements and features in their application development. Organizations like Bacancy provide the best ReactJs development support with a highly skilled and experienced dedicated development team.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed price model is mainly used when you have a fixed budget, requirements, and a fixed deadline. This fixed-price model doesn’t have any criteria for changing anything during development, as all requirements are predefined before the development of React Js application.

The fixed price model best suits the project category short in size and doesn’t have any additional feature requirements in application development.

The average hourly cost to hire React developer at bacancy is $23 and depending on how skilled developer you are hiring, the rate might vary. The below image showcases the hourly and monthly charges of React developers.

React Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy

cost to hire a remote React developer at Bacancy

Cost To Hire React Developer: In-House Vs Remote

The cost to hire React developer can also depend on the skillset you are hiring(In-house or Remote React developers). The cost of hiring In-house React developers will be high compared to remote React developers, as many additional costs are needed to be fulfilled to complete the hiring process.

One of the obvious factors is the cost to hire React developer, including salary, the place for work, employee benefits, and many others. The average cost of hiring In-house ReactJs developers remains between $15 to $100 hourly which could be expensive for small for scale business owners.

Whereas the cost of hiring Remote React developers is less than the in-house developers. The development company business owners manage the process of hiring and managing the React developer will hire for their product development. The only factor the business owners have to consider is to hire the best ReactJs development company for their digital product development.

The average cost will remain between $20 to $38 hourly. The average hiring rate is very cost-effective, so hiring Remote React developers is an ideal choice for application development.

Key Take Away

We hope that your purpose in landing on this blog post has served with the best information on the cost to hire React developer and React app development cost. But remember that the cost of development can vary on various factors already mentioned in the blog. Moreover, React app development should be done by the best Reactjs development company, Bacancy to get scalable, reliable, secure, rich, and user-friendly web app development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The hourly cost to hire ReactJs developer is around $23 and the monthly rate to hire experienced developers is $3200 for approx 160 hours.

The top websites like Instagram, Discord, Walmart, Pinterest, and Airbnb have used React in their product development. The key reason behind their preference was fast development, scalability, SEO friendly, Reliable, and provides additional features to make digital products more UI more attractive.

Usage of Virtual DOM helps boost the React application’s performance. It increases the speed of the application by avoiding repetitive UI state changes in the ReactJs application.

Cost To Hire ReactJs Developer

  • $23/hr for skilled React developer
  • $3200/monthly for 5+ Exp. Developers
  • Special price for team of React developers

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