Although it seems like the day before yesterday, but it all began four years ago….Bacancy Technology welcomes the 4th years of our successful journey, providing one stop software solution services for the diverse businesses around the world. On this auspicious occasion of “Bacancy day”, we celebrated our foundation day on Tuesday, December 22nd at R3 mall Ahmedabad, India.

Over these successful years, we have extended to four offices in Ahmedabad, Ireland, USA and Canada. This is the reason, why we have own our unique culture that is based on trust, commitment and teamwork. With this value, Bacancy Technology has enlarged the team of 5 in 2011 to a team of 70+ today.Many of the present employees were not the part of Bacancy, but each and every member of organization shares the same enthusiasm as they have also traveled the distance together.

Management: The Best Is Yet To Come

The celebration started with the Motivational speech of our Managing director. It just enlightened the atmosphere. Mr. Chandresh Patel showcased an interesting presentation year-by-year growth of right from the organization’s existence. The speech was all about the employee’s efforts and the milestones we have crossed together. The director also mentioned that – “You all are credited, for whatever we have achieved till today, but the BEST is yet to come”

Binal Patel, CTO of Bacancy Technology, was in CANADA office, but shared his message through a webcam and wished everyone for being part of this wonderful journey and his inspirational words won the heart of all team members.

Employee Recognition Awards ceremony


Clients do not come first. Employees come first.
If you take care of your employee, they will take care of the clients.

Richard Branson

Bacancy truly believes in taking care of those who really worked hard and has helped Bacancy to achieve the new heights of success. To speak frankly, here we consider employees as our family members. Rather than appreciating them with words, we decided to something special for their extra efforts. So, we appreciated them with an award and a prize for their outstanding performance. Let me share with you what they were.

Savoured the sweet taste of success



Surely, each of the Bacancy members was gleaming with the pride and it was just the right time to kick start the joyous celebration with the Cake cutting ceremony to keep the momentum going.

Technology geek turned into dancers

It was late in the evening, but the joyous mood of celebration was yet to rock. As the true Bacancy spirit believe in, work hard, but part harder. So, every member of Bacancy was on the discotheque to rock-n-roll on the dance floor.

So-called geeky developers bedazzled everyone with their dancing skills and just nailed the dance floor. Passionate solo performances left audience spellbound. Audiences screamed with to cheer the mesmerizing performances.

At last, it was time to bring the curtain down, after a sumptuous dinner. The celebration of the “Bacancy day” was apparent at the sheer level among the each members of the Bacancy Technology. Another Bacancy day will be truly cherished in the minds and the hearts of the employees for the years to come – stepping into the 5th year of excellence.

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