Developers finding a framework to develop application keeping away the use of multiple plugins, frameworks, tools, excess coding, etc, have now ended their search on AngularJS. Initially, it may prove time-consuming to learn a new JavaScript framework akin to AngularJS carrying addition of few new codes; it will be extremely beneficial once you master it.

Start with Angularjs and build your Application Smartly.

Though it may be time-consuming to learn a new technology, here are a few reasons how it will provide you a long-term benefit in the field of application development, ahead.

MVVM Architecture

AngularJs may integrate MVC design pattern building client-side web application but it never implements MVC in a traditional sense. And thus it generally is a structure close to MVVM. Using Model- View Model- View structure Angular lays down a solid foundation for developing applications.

Expressive User Interface

Angular employs HTML to define application user interface. HTML carries special attributes explaining which controllers to use for elements.

Less Coding

AngularJs is a modern technology by Google and thus it is to include less coding, providing a free environment to developers. By ignoring writing of own pipeline, use of HTML, simple data model and use of filters, angular makes it coding free for developers.

PubSub System

PubSub is commonly used to decouple server communication. In angular, it helps to get PubSub message readable only to children controllers of a specific node and keeping aside unrelated MVC components. Thus PubSub system in Angular provides free space to work and less distraction to developers.


AngularJs has been developed keeping in mind the testing process of coding and developing at each and every stage of application development so as to avoid wastage of time. A developer will be getting an exact idea about the outcome of his work. For this, Angular comes with unit test runner setup.

Above were the features appraised the most by developers at Bacancy Technology. All these features explain why AngularJS is in trend these days and similarly these are the only reasons why you should choose AngularJS for your next mobile or web application development project or for your next front-end development project.

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