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White Label Bitcoin Wallet Application Development

At Bacancy, we are fully compliant with strict regulatory standards intrinsic to the financial industry and payments. We make sure that all the work performed by our skill experts complies with industry regulations on consumer protection standards and anti-money laundering, including Dodd-Frank, SOX, PCI DSS, Check-21 and the Securities Act of 1933.

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrency Development Services

Bitcoins have completely revolutionized the payment industry with the virtual currency. The use of Bitcoins is first and foremost in the financial applications wherein sending and receiving payments is of prime importance. It is also possible to integrate Bitcoin with your existing application to experience a completely new payment mechanism.

Bacancy has been working closely with the Bitcoin ecosystem to help businesses to leverage its benefits. Our Bitcoin Wallet app development team does considerable research to come up with creative ideas for application design and development. We are a one stop solution to assist you with Bitcoin API integration for accepting and sending payments.

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Comprehensive Offerings for Bitcoin Implementation

Bitcoin Core Wallet For Bitcoin Storage

We build secure, robust and sophisticated Bitcoin core wallet mobile app to fulfill your private transaction to receive, store and send bitcoins.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Our service helps you to exchange online currency as an intermediary connecting buyer and seller of bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATM Software Development

We let you send and receive values over the established communication channels.

Private Blockchain Development

We make the essential provisions for building the Blockchain Development services that will own your business houses and will make them obtain money making growth. You can also store your Bitcoins on your personalized Bitcoin account.

Bitcoin Javascript Development

Making use of the Blockchain as the API, we develop mobile apps that strictly follow the paradigms of all the myriad of technologies while sticking to all the security, account and transfers related concerns within.

Ready-to-Deploy Bitcoin Software Development Solutions

Ready-to-Deploy Bitcoin Software Development Solutions

  • Program of Bitcoin liquidation modules
  • Bitcoin block and block chain development and integration
  • Integration with BitPay and 3rd party cryptocurrency processors
  • Custom development and integration of Bitcoin clients, mobile wallets and applications
  • Payment processing development for quick response codes, plain text and Bitcoin uniform resource identifiers
  • Payment verification and confirmation score protocol development
  • Cryptography and security development using HTTPS, elliptic curve digital signature algorithm and other security protocols
  • Development of Bitcoin transaction, including P2PKH - private Pay to public key hash and P2SH – pay to script hash, public keys and digital signatures

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