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A Polymer is a library for creating Web Components using HTML elements.Polymer is a basic library that makes it faster and easier than ever before to build beautiful applications on the web

The Polymer has built a powerful new web platform called Web Components. Web Components bring System design, interoperability, and consumability to the web platform & The result is the unexpected way it increase developers productivity. It is a new type of library for the web, designed to provide the encapsulation and extendability currently only available in JS libraries.


Foundation: its like design to build like a block.its includes animation,HTML page,custom element,encapsulate structure & site.

Core:Helpers build an app with some code.

Element: UI or non UI component builds with core.

Advantages of Polymer.jS

  • A Polymer is a library to create a web component.
  • It allows us to create rich, powerful and reusable component.
  • Polymer gives permission to compose CSS,HTML and encapsulated js.
  • It provides templating, data binding additionally providing shadow DOM.
  • Twitter Bootstrap (Responsive designs)
  • Just add properties, methods or libraries into html page and web gets started building the same.

Now Polymer.js is on trend in the market, all want to build a web page with Polymer as fast as possible.Bacancy Technology helps you to build web application in polymer.Here Bacancy Technology is available for you to tackle all such problems,it is a software development company based in India, USA, Canada, UK & Australia are providing you a complete development solution.

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  • 10+ build an application on the web.
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  • Transperent services.
  • Unique,latest or trustworthy tools we used.
  • Friendly Executives who are always ready to help you
  • Agile Method of working

To contact our Polymer.jS development team and discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on solutions@bacancytechnology.com or call +1 848 482 3868

Note:- We have a team of expertise who do all the work by their own, so we need no to offshore or outsource anything. Your work will be confidential as per our term & policy.

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I was looking for an organization that would listen to my ideas, implement them and bring my desirable result to the table. But, Bacancy went above and beyond my expectations. I was really impressed with their professionalism and dedication to bring the project in on time and the budget was impressive as well. No worries, no headaches and no excuses at all.



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