AngularJS – What makes it the most preferred tool for website/web application front end development?

We have been around the scenario of constant demand for Single Page Applications, and AngularJS as a framework to be employed for the same. People ask for AngularJS developers for their projects and the list goes on. With newbie AngularJS 2.0, the scenario is going to widen as everybody is familiar to AngularJS and there steps ahead towards Mobile First concept. And if you still do not know about this, read here- Amazing Features of AngularJS 1.3 and The Road to 2.0

Before leaping towards your next web or mobile application idea/project, you should read these simply awesome benefits AngularJS can provide:

AngularJS from developer’s point of view is a complete tool set (framework) to enhance and extend HTML. HTML as a language is used to create static web pages. AngularJS is what makes your HTML advanced to provide dynamic views in web applications i.e. one can now extend HTML to create dynamic web application using Angular.

Keeping technical benefits aside, here’s how Angular can be beneficial for your next web application:

Easy to Adopt and Developed by Google

New technology is often assumed as a time consumer due to the dedication and time it consumes as a newbie. But with Angular, the case is not the same. AngularJS is built to embrace and extend web standards by enhancing technologies we already know!

AngularJS enhance the HTML that is used for templates, CSS that is used for animations and internal structure, and JavaScript the way it is used i.e. in a simple manner, without letting it inherited from proprietary types.

Thus, if you want to opt for AngularJS as your next web app platform, you can easily ask for it, and it won’t be time consuming for your developer to adopt it. It’s simple and awesome!

Further, it is built and maintained by Google and its dedicated engineers; backed by an extensive Google community. And one needs no further explanation to discuss about AngularJS benefits due to its Google factor.

Less Code

AngularJS has been quite popular amongst developers for its extensive features and toolsets that allow a developer to code less, and let angular work.

But how this can be beneficial to you and your web application?

Since it requires less coding, a developer will be able to focus on efficiency instead of timely delivery or completion of project. Coding is one of the most traumatic parts of web app development and hence when you allow your developer to relax and write less code, getting results alongside, he can create a masterpiece for you!

Declarative User Interface

Using HTML to describe what is going on in the app, Angular directives allow a developer to better understand the end result of UI by just reading the HTML and JavaScript components.

This allows a developer to create interactive and flexible user interface for web applications. With such readable directive, developers will be able to focus more on providing better results instead of testing the results of their code. Angular thus can help you to get an interactive user interface timely for your web application.

Two Way Data Binding

Two way data binding in AngularJS simply helps the web page to get refreshed instead of getting loaded. The two way data binding helps the web application to interact with browser directly to open or reload a new page.

So how this will be helpful to you?

With data binding the web page will be able to interact with browser to open. This will reduce the loading time of the page. And hence whenever a user will be roaming on your web application, he/she will be able to jump onto pages quickly and without waiting for the pages to get loaded. And thanks to HTML5, for it allows an application to work even in offline mode. So now your web application can be operated in offline mode!


With AngularJS, developers need not to presumably put their efforts on testing their code or interact with Quality Assistance team regarding the coding part. AngularJS comes up with pre built unit testing that will let the developer to abide by the exact code as required during each stage of coding (according to the functionality set prior)

For more information about AngularJS Testing a Controller

How this thing can add up to the value of your web application or website?

Since the testing being done automatically, developer will be able to get the exact results of his coding, consequently leading to an efficient and perfectly coded application. When code is perfect, your application won’t merely run, it will fly! On the contrary, automated testing saves time and efforts. This will allow a developer to focus on getting the goal, instead of wasting time on speed breakers coming in between.

So did you get the exact reason why you should opt for or ask for AngularJS as your next web or mobile application development platform? If yes, you can hire a dedicated AngularJS developer from Bacancy Technology, now!

You can even talk to our AngularJS developer to know about further possibilities and benefits you can get by applying it in your next web/mobile application idea.

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