In this structural arrangement, the index.js files function as primary access points within their corresponding directories, simplifying the import process for components located within those directories.


This file contains the functional code for the Editable component.

// components/Editable/Editable.jsx

import React from 'react';
import './editable.css';       // Importing styles specific to this component

const Editable = ({ text, onChange }) => {
  return (
    <div contentEditable onChange={onChange}>

export default Editable;


This file serves to export the Editable component, streamlining its importation from the components directory.

// components/Editable/index.js

import Editable from './Editable';

export default Editable;

With this configuration, importing the Editable component into another file is straightforward:
import Editable from './components/Editable';
Rather than navigating through nested directory structures and specifying precise files, you can directly import from the Editable directory. This is facilitated by the index.js file’s presence, which functions as an entry point. Consequently, imports become more organized and intuitive.

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