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Hire Data Analyst to Modernize and Transform Your Data Culture

We have a team of vetted data analysts helping global organizations drive faster, better, and more confident decisions using intelligent data insights. If you want sustainable business outcomes nurturing an analytics-centered approach, hire data analyst from us.

Our data analysts have exceptional expertise in market-leading technologies. They also possess exquisite skill sets in data, analytics, AI, and all facets of technology. Leveraging their knowledge, understanding, and competence, they will present a proven and tested strategy adequate to overcome your data challenges and achieve targeted results.

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Our Data Analytics Services

We have a team of senior data analysts that can decipher the data analytics language for you. Hire a data analyst and embed fact-based decision-making from the boardroom to the frontline employees.

We evaluate your current data architecture and guide you through establishing a powerful, responsive, and scalable strategy. Our senior data analyst can ensure the proposed data analytics path brings you quantifiable business outcomes and simplify the adoption of a data-driven culture.

Leverage the expertise of Bacancy's data analysts experienced in a broad range of implementation services for implementing tailored data analytics solutions into your data environment. Our data analysts can apply all types of data analytics implementations, including IoT and AI.

Modernize your data and analytics architecture by aiding our senior data analyst. We help you move away from legacy solutions and embrace innovative technologies that evolve with you. To build modern data analytics solutions that are agile, scalable, and future-ready, leverage the expertise of our data analysts for hire.

Reduce the time and effort you spend on data discovery. We can simplify the process and automate the search, inventory, identification, and data retrieval using the latest technology and data discovery tools. Let us apply complex business rules to identify and retrieve complex business data.

Migrate multiple data types and business logic schema safely and efficiently using ETL best practices and cutting-edge, robust version protocols. Hire expert data analysts having exemplary data migration skills to create strategies, optimize outcomes, and migrate data confidently.

If you need help with data democratization, Bacancy is the right place to start your journey. Our senior data analyst will help you establish a data inventory, improve data quality, establish business rules to access data and perform analysis, create a data catalog, and make data accessible to everyone.

Create a lasting data compliance program to comply with GDPR and CCPA even while deploying advanced data analytics. We can help you oversee and manage enterprise data through customized data governance strategies so you can achieve your data governance objectives.

Bacancy provides the best quality reporting analytics using scalable reporting solutions for creating, managing, and delivering robust interactive reports. Rent a data analyst that can interpret the results and show metrics on historical, real-time, and predictive insights into your business operations.

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Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital product and guaranteed your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech Stack Used by Our Senior Data Analysts

Data Warehouses SnowflakeRedshiftGoogle Big QueryPostgreSQLTeradataMaria DBNetezza
Transactional Databases OracleMicrosoft AzurePythonSQL
Data Preparation LookerDataikuAlteryxImprovadoData LadderTrifactaTamrTalendMicrostrategy
Data Transformation DBTPythonSQLStriimSaSPreciselyKeboolaJitterbitFivetranInformaticaCeligo
Data Analytics SAPQlikMicroStrategyRPythonRapidMinerApacheSparkKNIMESisenseRedashDomo
Data Science Platforms Data RobotDataikuSplunkIBM Watson StudioMATLABJupyter NotebookMathematica
Data Science Libraries PandasNumPyPyTorchScikitLearnSpark MLTensorFlowMatplotlibBokehSeabornScrapy
Data Visualization Power BITableauDundas BIJupyteRPlotlyInfogramD3.jschart.jsPolymaps
Data Storage MemSQLHbaseHadoopMongoDBCassandraHivePolyBaseAWS3Google Big Data Service

Our Amazing Customer Success Stories

For the last 5+ years, our expert data analysts have been helping our clients solve the challenges they face in their data infrastructure.

Clothing Store in NYC


Clothing Store in NYC

Core Technologies - Power BI | MongoDB | Google Data Studio

We sourced data from different physical and digital touchpoints to analyze and visualize detailed pictures of sales for a branded clothing store in New York. We used the latest tools to analyze the sales by each store, category, time, period, and brand. The dashboard presents the most crucial metrics requested by the client.

Vintage Car Dealer in Florida


Vintage Car Dealer in Florida

Core Technologies - SAS BI | Excel | AWS | Tableau

The client deals in vintage cars from three locations and was interested in tracking performance across every dealership. We created a single dashboard by pushing data into AWS where authorized users can input, view, and create reports based on their queries. The 'Green' and 'Red' indicators helped in tracking performance.

Payday Credit Company in Europe


Payday Credit Company in Europe

Core Technologies - Power BI | Microsoft Azure | Redash

Our client wanted a more unified and automated approach to insights on account holders and internal goals from all branches. We automated and aggregated data from different branches, eliminated data discrepancies using automated reports, and created a dashboard giving insights into products, regions, and staff performance.

Data Analytics Use Cases

Why Hire Data Analysts from Bacancy?

To become a data-driven organization, you need to start your journey with a skilled data analyst having a holistic set of capabilities. Our primary USP is our highly qualified and experienced team of data analysts delivering end-to-end data analytics solutions.

Leverage the mastery of our data analyst for hire, who can help you throughout the data and analytics lifecycle. They can help you interact with data seamlessly, from strategy to implementation. Allow our senior data analyst to build and deploy modern solutions that can help you solve all issues with actionable insights.

Why Hire Tableau Consultant from Bacancy?

What makes us different?

  • We follow agile methodology
  • We gained 9/10 in client satisfaction scores.
  • We have the minimum employee turnover rate (11%).
  • Our team is ready to work in your time zone.
  • Our data analysts are comfortable communicating in your language.
  • We address client requirements with evolving technologies
  • 100% transparent cost models with no hidden fees
  • We sign NDA to absolute your ownership
  • We have an easy exit policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

A data analyst is responsible for collecting the raw data from several sources. He organizes, cleans, and integrates the data into data warehouses. Data analyst is also responsible for analyzing and producing analytics reports with critical insights helpful in solving business problems.

Data analysts are in high demand these days. You might need to spend between $40 to $100 per hour to hire a data scientist for everyday analytics tasks such as data collection, cleansing, mining, and analysis functions. However, if you want to build ML models and involve complex tasks such as predictive modeling, neural network, or algorithm design, then the hourly rate may exceed $150 to $200 per hour.

However, our aim is to empower SMEs so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to hire a data scientist at affordable costs. We will work out a feasible hiring model that benefits both of us.

There are three options for hiring a data analyst.

  • Hire data analysts on the payroll.
  • Hire a freelancer data analyst.
  • Hire vetted and prescreened data analysts from companies like Bacancy.

A data analyst bestows enhanced decision-making powers in the companies and implements an evidence-based data nature. Besides, data analysts empower companies to adapt to changing needs. Mitigate risks, identify frauds, create & deliver new products, and personalize service offerings.

Here are a few things to highlight the importance of data analysts in your company,

  • Develop and implement data collection strategies and data warehouses.
  • Understand the KPIs and Metrics to create data infrastructure.
  • Collect, filter, cleanse, and mine data.
  • Analyze the clean data for trends, patterns, and outliers.
  • Visualize findings and create data analytics reports for presentation and sharing.

No matter what you sell or buy, every business needs data analysts to understand its customers and gain vital business insights.

Data analysts empower you to make bigger, bolder, and more intelligent decisions backed by solid data insights.

Here are some reasons you should hire a data analyst for,

  • To help management in making better decisions.
  • To help businesses in defining goals and increasing productivity.
  • To improve the efficiency of employees and help them adapt to the data culture.
  • To identify opportunities and mitigate risks.
  • To enhance customer satisfaction and customer service.

Finding a good data analyst needs patience, clarity, and evaluation. Although you will find tons of data analyst profiles on freelance platforms and job portals, evaluating them to check if they meet your specific expectations is challenging.

The best way to find a good data analyst is to rely on the companies like Bacancy offering data analysts for hire. At Bacancy, we have pre screened and vetted data analyst profiles who have worked on several projects and proved their worth to their clients and us.

Approach us, and we will provide you with top data analyst talent. You can screen, interview them, evaluate them based on short tests or assignments and hire them per your requirements.

Yes! You can hire a data analyst hourly or on a project basis. Please get in touch with us, and we will discuss the prerequisites and guide you to the most suitable hiring model.

  • We provide only the best and senior data analysts with a proven record of accomplishment.
  • We provide a -days risk-free trial period - completely free.
  • Our data analysts are skilled and certified in the tools and technologies necessary for your task.
  • We proceed with a strategy that prevents any project hiccups from becoming a disaster.
  • We offer dedicated, hourly, fixed time and cost and a project-based hiring model.
  • You get the ownership of the project and the hired employees right from the start, including the NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • We offer a flexible and seamless exit policy.
  • Our data analysts will work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST).

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