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Shopware Development Services/Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your online store with custom Shopware development services. Hire shopware developers from us to craft unique solutions to elevate your brand and drive sales. Whether you need a bespoke theme, powerful plugin development, or seamless integrations, we empower you to build a captivating and scalable e-commerce experience that exceeds customer expectations.

E-commerce Strategy Consultation

Whether you have an existing ecommerce platform or are looking for one to build from scratch, hiring our certified shopware developers would be worth your investment. Beyond development, these certified professionals can also help you with strategic consultations. This includes:

  • Ecommerce store performance & traffic issues
  • Conversion & sales challenges
  • Marketing & customer acquisition
  • Technology & security considerations

Shopware Roadmap Development

Don't build blind! Hire certified Shopware developers from us to craft a strategic roadmap outlining development phases, key functionalities (product catalog, payments, etc.), and future integrations (CRM, ERP) – all tailored to your vision and goals. It defines:

  • A clear pathway to development and functionalities
  • Prioritizing features and integrations
  • Adding future-proof technologies to bring revolution to your business

Headless Commerce Implementation

At Bacancy, we believe in pushing boundaries. We leverage Shopware's headless capabilities to empower you with an omnichannel e-commerce experience. With headless ecommerce implementation, you can choose your unique storefront, irrespective of platforms, like mobile, social media, or even smart TV. You can expect:

  • Uplifting customer experience
  • Branding at large scale
  • Captivating storefront
  • Competitive edge

Custom API Development

Are you tired of juggling disconnected systems? Connect with our Shopware developers to craft custom APIs that seamlessly integrate your store with ERPs, CRMs, and marketing tools. You may be surprised by the benefits you receive, which are:

  • Streamline operations with real-time data flow
  • Automate tasks and free up your team's focus
  • Gain insights for informed business strategies
  • Deliver a personalized shopping journey.

Shopware Store Optimization

A slow website is a lost customer. At Bacancy, we don't just build Shopware stores – we optimize them for blazing-fast performance. Our developers are experts in squeezing every ounce of speed and efficiency out of your Shopware platform. Hiring shopware developers for:

  • Online store performance optimization
  • Server optimization & caching strategies
  • Code optimization & improved conversion rates
  • Improved SEO ranking

Website Security Audits

Our Shopware Security Audits identify vulnerabilities and implement best practices to shield your store from threats. You can expect deep security vulnerability scans that meticulously inspect your online store for potential threats and loopholes.

  • Online store security enhancement
  • Strengthening customer support
  • Robust security approach
  • Implementing best practices

Shopware Maintenance and Support

Your Shopware store is the engine of your online business. Like any engine, it needs regular maintenance and care to run smoothly and efficiently. At Bacancy, your Shopware Development Company, we offer comprehensive Shopware Maintenance & Support packages to ensure your store stays:

  • Implement regular optimization
  • Making your online store compatible
  • Secured updated and software upgradation
  • Delivering a seamless user experience

Shopware Migration Services

Is your current e-commerce platform limiting your growth? We understand the challenges of transitioning platforms. That's why we offer comprehensive Shopware migration services to make your move to Shopware smooth and efficient.

  • Data security & integrity
  • Online store analysis
  • Downtime reduction services
  • Post-migration services

Shopware Theme Customization

Your online store is your digital storefront – the first impression you make on potential customers. Our certified Shopware Developers believe it should be as stunning as it is functional. That's why we offer expert Shopware theme development services tailored to bring your unique brand vision to life.

  • Unique design development
  • Improved customer experience
  • Color scheme to topography with brand alignment
  • Navigational design

Shopware UI/UX Design Services

Your online store is more than just a product catalog – it's a digital destination that reflects your brand identity and fosters lasting customer relationships. Hire shopware developers who believe in exceptional user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design and strive for success in today's competitive e-commerce landscape.

  • Deliver memorable user experiences
  • Ensure compelling UI and UX
  • Improvement in conversion rates
  • High customer engagement ratio

Shopware Store Plugin Development

Shopware offers many features, but sometimes you need something extra special. That's where our team of expert Shopware developers comes in. We specialize in crafting custom Shopware plugins to bridge any functionality gap and fulfill your unique business needs.

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Competitive advantage
  • Unique shopping experiences
  • Swift integrations

Shopware Ecommerce Solutions

At Bacancy, your one-stop shopware development company, you can expect a comprehensive suite of shopware ecommerce solutions robustly built to accelerate your business's top and bottom lines.

  • Custom shopware development
  • Headless shopware implementation
  • Shopware store optimization
  • Shopware strategy consultation

Third-Party Integrations

A well-connected online store, including payment gateways, inventory API, and cart-to-shopping, appeals to customers and boosts sales. We are a proud and leading shopware development company that enables seamless integration of third-party apps, which improves your online store and customers’ shopping experience.

  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Streamlined operations

Shopware 5 to 6 Migration

Planning to upgrade from Shopware 5? Hire shopware developers to ensure a smooth Shopware 6 migration, unlocking a powerful and scalable platform for your growing business. Let's discuss how Shopware 6 can elevate your ecommerce store.


1. Preparation Preparation

  • System Requirements Check: We verify whether your server meets the minimum requirements for running Shopware 6. It ensures compatibility and performance stability.
  • Shopware 6 Installation: Set up a new Shopware 6 instance on a separate server. This allows testing and configuration without affecting your live Shopware 5 store.
Migration Tools

2. Migration Tools Migration Tools

  • Migration Assistant Installation: Our shopware developers installed the "Migration Assistant" extension in your Shopware 5 store and the new Shopware 6 installation. This extension facilitates the data transfer process.
Connection and Data Selection

3. Connection and Data Selection Connection and Data Selection

  • Create a Connection: Within the Shopware 6 administration panel, we establish a connection to your existing Shopware 5 store using the Migration Assistant.
  • Data Selection: since our shopware already had a conversation with you, choosing the specific data you want to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 would be more apparent. It included products, customers, orders, categories, etc.
Development Process

4. Migration Process Development Process

  • Initiate Migration: Once the connection and data selection are complete, we initiate the migration process through the Migration Assistant. Depending on the amount of data being transferred, it might take some time.
Quality Check

5. Post-Migration Quality Check

  • Data Verification: Our Shopware developers thoroughly check the transferred data in Shopware 6 after migration for accuracy and completeness.
  • Payment and Shipping Setup: they even configure your preferred payment methods and shipping options within Shopware 6.
  • Theme and Plugin Adjustments: Shopware five themes and plugins might not be directly compatible with Shopware 6. You may need to adapt existing themes or find replacements from the Shopware 6 plugin store. Don't worry; we have your back for this, too.
  • Testing and Launch: Rigorously test all functionalities in Shopware 6 before switching from your live Shopware 5 store. Once confident, migrate your domain and DNS settings to the new Shopware 6 installation.

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Shopware 6.5 Update: What’s New That You Need to Know

Our certified shopware developers stand on their toes and get themselves updated with the latest updates in Shopware development. That’s how your online store gets the most updated touch of development and technologies.

Performance Boost

Performance Boost

  • Faster Administration Panel:Shopware 6.5 boasts a significantly speedier administration panel, with reports suggesting up to a 200% performance improvement. This translates to a smoother and more efficient experience for store admins.
Improved Developer Experience

Improved Developer Experience

  • New Queue System:Shopware 6.5 offers a revamped queue system with more flexibility and control over background tasks. Developers can now manage queue memory and utilize multiple channels for optimized resource allocation.
  • Farewell to Internet Explorer 11:Shopware 6.5 will no longer support Internet Explorer 11, aligning with modern web development standards and simplifying the development process.
  • Updated Bootstrap and jQuery Removal:The update incorporates Bootstrap version 5.5 and removes the dependency on jQuery. This streamlines development and leverages the latest advancements in front-end frameworks.
Technical Enhancements

Technical Enhancements

  • New Font for Administration: Shopware 6.5 introduces a new font for the administration panel, potentially improving readability and user interface aesthetics.
  • Improved Rule Management: The update enhances rule management functionalities within the platform, making it easier to create and manage complex rules for promotions, targeting, and other aspects of the store.
  • New Customer Rules: Shopware 6.5 introduces new customer rule options, allowing for more granular control over promotions and targeting based on specific customer attributes or behaviors.
Other Notable Features

Other Notable Features

  • Shipping to Disabled Countries: This update allows you to configure shipping options for countries you've previously disabled in the administration panel.
  • Improved Address Management: Shopware 6.5 potentially offers improvements in address management functionalities within the platform.
  • Flow Builder: Delayed Flow Actions: This feature might allow for delayed actions within the flow builder, enabling more flexibility in automating workflows.
  • Return Management Enhancements: Potential improvements to return management functionalities might be included in Shopware 6.5.
New Storefront Figma Library

New Storefront Figma Library

  • Alongside Shopware 6.5, a new platform-independent Storefront Figma library was released. This library provides designers with tools and resources to design Shopware storefronts more efficiently using Figma, a popular design software.

Value Proposition for Your Business

Supercharge your Shopware store. Hire shopware developers to unlock the e-commerce platform's full potential and craft a customized, high-growth e-commerce experience.

Hire Shopware Developers to Build Plugins For

Our team of Shopware experts can craft unique plugins to bridge any functionality gaps and elevate your e-commerce experience. Whether you need seamless third-party integrations, enhanced marketing tools, or specialized features to cater to your specific business needs, hiring shopware developers promises to transform your vision into reality.

Sales & Conversion Boosting Plugins

  • Discount codes and coupon management
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Upselling and cross-selling tools
  • Product recommendations

Marketing & Promotion Plugins

  • Email marketing integrations (e.g., Mailchimp)
  • Social media integrations
  • Loyalty programs and reward systems
  • Referral marketing programs

Order & Shipping Fulfillment Plugins

  • Integration with various payment gateways (e.g., Stripe, PayPal)
  • Real-time shipping quotes from providers (e.g., FedEx, UPS)
  • Order tracking functionalities
  • Automated invoice generation

Inventory Management Plugins

  • Integration with inventory management systems
  • Stock-level management and alerts
  • Low stock notifications

Customer Support Plugins

  • Live chat integrations
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems
  • Customer self-service portals

Accounts & Finance Plugins

  • Integration with accounting software
  • Tax calculation and management
  • Invoice customization

Store Design Plugins

  • Theme customization tools
  • Landing page builders
  • Image optimization and management

Reporting & Analytics Plugins

  • Integration with analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Sales reports and dashboards
  • Customer behavior tracking

Content & Customization Plugins

  • Custom content elements for the CMS
  • Advanced blog functionalities
  • Form builders and integrations

B2B Store Plugins

  • B2B-specific functionalities like company accounts, quotes, and custom pricing

Technology Stack

Frameworks Symfony Vue.js
Programming Language PHP (as the base layer due to Symfony)
Database MySQL (for storing product information, customer data, etc.)
JavaScript Library jQuery (used for some functionalities in the storefront)
Template Engine Twig

Why Choose Bacancy to Hire Certified Shopware Developers?

Hire Certified Shopware Developers

Shopware development requires certifications and hands-on experiences, and only a few developers worldwide have both on their sides. Bacancy’s shopware developers fall under the limited talent pool every ecommerce store entrepreneur wants to hire.

A free two-hour consultation is another major advantage of choosing Bacancy as your shopware development partner. This includes learning about your existing or new business idea, suggesting the best possible tech stack, tech gurus, and shopware developers, and even helping you schedule interviews with shopware developers to resolve your queries and answer your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Our shopware developers specialize in Shopware 6, the platform's latest and most advanced version. Our developers stay current with the latest features and functionalities to ensure your online store is future-proof. Having said that, they even have experience in shopware 5, so if you want to deal with the previous version, you can share your requirements.

We have a team of highly skilled Shopware developers, many of whom hold official Shopware certifications. This demonstrates their proven knowledge and ability to deliver exceptional results.

Our developers have a diverse portfolio encompassing a wide range of Shopware projects. We've tackled B2B stores, multi-store implementations, and headless Shopware projects, bringing extensive experience.

We work collaboratively with you to define a clear project scope from the outset. This transparency ensures realistic timelines that we adhere to through agile development methodologies. Our developers even share regular progress reports and open communication to keep you informed.

We prioritize clear and consistent communication. Your dedicated project manager will be your primary point of contact, and we utilize preferred communication channels to ensure everyone stays aligned.

Our commitment extends beyond launch. We offer ongoing support packages that provide bug fixes, security updates, and consultations to ensure your Shopware store continues to thrive. Don’t worry when you are connected with Bacancy for shopware development; it becomes our responsibility to remove all the hurdles that hinder your business growth.

Yes, we have experience working with international clients from various time zones and cultural backgrounds. We can adapt our approach to accommodate different business needs and regulations.