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Our Data Migration Services

We offer data migration services to empower your in-house capabilities and manage the entire migration process, from consulting to strategy, testing, documentation, and completion.

We use Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) best practices and robust version control protocols to offer scalable data migration services. Our data migration consultants are skilled in migrating multiple data types and business logic schemas while maintaining data security and consistency throughout the process. We can perform homogenous migration and migration from disparate platforms to unified databases.

We cover P2V and V2V data migration services to assist you in migrating data and applications from on-premise physical servers to virtual machines. We can also help migrate data from private or public cloud to Flexible Engine Cloud Service. Our data migration experts are skilled at using multiple migration channels, data channel encryption, and different tools and technologies used for data migration.

With the right expertise and experience, we provide cloud migration services to our clients. We help them move to the cloud using the right strategy, workflow model, roadmap, and collaboration with the ecosystem. Our data migration consultants can assist you in infrastructure, platform, database, application migration that aids in streamlining your data science efforts.

Our services are designed to help you migrate your aging data center architecture. We ensure complete logical and operational relocation of your data center by selecting the proper IT infrastructure. We have a team of experienced data migration specialists that can help you migrate your legacy data center to the cloud, modern in-house data center, converged data center, or Hyper-converged data center.

We can help you migrate your business-critical applications playing a pivotal role in data collection. We ensure the new environment offers the performance, scalability, reliability, and security you expect from business applications. Our data migration consultants are excellent at crafting a journey that suits your business. You can rely on our data migration services for risk-free and zero data loss.

We provide business process migration services using process mining and addressing three key objectives. We have a team of data migration experts that understand the opportunities and difficulties in migrating business processes. They can seamlessly migrate your current business processes to an innovative and improved target future state.

Bacancy offers end-to-end data migration services suiting your needs. Our data migration consultants work with you at every stage, acting as reliable partners to migrate all kinds of storage from one infrastructure to another. You can rely on us for seamless services with minimum disruptions and zero downtime.

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We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Tech Stack Used by Our Data Migration Consultants

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

On-Premise Data Migration Tools Centerprise Data IntegratorCloverDXIBM InfoSphereInformatica PowerCenterMicrosoft SQLOracle Data Service IntegratorTalend Data Integration
Cloud-Based Data Migration Tools Apache NiFiMiddlewarePentahoTalend Open StudioAloomaMatSnaplogic
Open-Source Data Migration Tools AloomaFivetranMatillionSnaplogicStitch Data Microsoft SQL ServerPostgreSQLCloverETL

Our Data Migration Case Studies

Our data scientists and data migration consultants have helped numerous clients set up, customize, optimize, and migrate their data infrastructure.

Automotive Insurance Company


Automotive Insurance Company

Core Technologies - CloverDX | ApacheNIFi | MongoDB | AWS

The client maintained an in-house server to manage all the business data and wanted to move to cloud storage. We analyzed the current infrastructure's rollbacks, bottlenecks, and other complications and helped him migrate to a multi-cloud environment, improving time to market, data quality, accessibility, and security.

A Crowd-Funded Retail Clothing Brand


A Crowd-Funded Retail Clothing Brand

Core Technologies - Microsoft SQL | Pentaho | SAS OLAP Server | Amazon Redshift

The client struggled with maintenance, lack of scalability, and accessibility in his existing database. We helped him migrate the entire infrastructure and SQL production servers to the public cloud honing the database architecture, optimizing performance, ensuring data integrity, and verifying consistency in source and target databases.

Education Publishing


Education Publishing

Core Technologies - JAVA | Oracle | PostgreSQL | Amazon RDS/Aurora

The client acquired a new business and was facing difficulties in platform compatibility. After analyzing the client's initial requirements, we found out that there is a pressing need to re-architect and rebuild multiple processes and applications. Our Data migration team took all the prerequisites and migrated the business applications, database, and URLs smoothly and seamlessly to achieve the expected outcome.

Our Top-Of-The-Line Expertise in Data Migration

We are known to offer well-planned, seamless, and efficient data migration services. Our data migration consultants follow the best industry practices and ensure high success by staying within the proposed budget.

Why Hire Data Migration Consultants from Bacancy?

At Bacancy, we have a dedicated team of Data Migration Consultants standing by to support all your data migration needs. Their experience, skills, and desire to provide only the best results make them unique. Whether you want to move your data storage infrastructure to the cloud or upgrade your legacy data systems, we have you covered.

We develop automated migration systems to migrate business logic schemas. Our expertise in XML structure scalability allows you to enjoy seamless legacy platform upgrades and data migration with almost zero downtime.

Why Hire Data Migration Consultants from Bacancy?

Advantages of Partnering with Bacancy

  • Transparent, collaborative, and communicative team
  • Seasoned data migration experts offer a full suite of data migration services.
  • Ability to handle most robust, complex, and demanding data migration needs.
  • Follow proven, trusted, and agile delivery methodologies.
  • Run migration with strict protocols for fewer errors and zero downtime.
  • Offer transparent and flexible hiring models.
  • Sign a strict NDA to ensure the absolute ownership of your project.
  • Have an easy exit policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Data migration costs usually depend on factors such as the project's complexity, scope, technology, outcome, goals, etc.

However, don't hesitate to contact us for a perfect cost estimation for your data migration project.

There are many approaches to data migration. The approach is decided after considering your requirements, expectations, goals, and project complexity. We have a team of data migration consultants who are experienced and skilled at using different and proven approaches to execute data migration projects.

Apart from selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming, and transferring data in precise format and quality, having a detailed data migration plan is of utmost importance.

Here are some of the significant steps involved in data migration

  • Identify the format, location, and sensitivity of data.
  • Plan the size and scope of the project.
  • Perform data backup.
  • Assess the availability of resources, tools, and environment.
  • Execute the data migration plan seamlessly.
  • Test the final system for the post-migration environment.
  • Follow up, support, and maintain data migration plans.

We provide scalable and flexible data migration services mentioned in the 'Our Services' section above.

We can help you in data migration from on-premise to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms, from on-premise to cloud, from cloud to cloud, and from whatever source to any destination.

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