Parameters Ruby on Rails Django
Release Date August 2004 July 2005
License MIT License BSD Licence
Language Based on Ruby programming language Based on Python web framework
Architecture Design Follows MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. Follows MVT (Model View Template) Architecture.
Popularity Comparatively less popular Highly popular web framework
Performance High-performance app development Comparatively lower performance.
Flexibility More flexibility of use Less flexible compared to RoR
Learning Curve Smooth and easy learning curve. Difficult learning curve
Community Support Comparatively Small Larger compared to RoR
Use Cases Scalable web app development, e-commerce projects, web APIs, and CMS. Data-Analysis solutions, database-driven, AI, ML, and Data Science applications.
Company-wise Usage Github, Shopify, Netflix, Airbnb, Hulu, Soundcloud, etc. Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, and National Geographic