Parameter Core PHP Laravel
Structure Modular Structure MVC Structure
Code Reusability Faster Development Process Has better Code Reusability and hence performs better
Flexibility Enhanced Flexibility Has some Strict Development Rules
Learning Curve Complex Simpler
Caching No Caching System Supports cache backends with multiple configurations
Templating Engine Inbuilt PHP Engine Blade Templating Engine
Security Security rules need to be integrated during the development process Default Authorization and Authentication Systems
Code Organization Flexible Standardized (MVC Enforced)
Database Support Yes Yes (with query builder, Eloquent ORM)
Routing Manual or Third-Party Inbuilt
Data Communication No default data communication Authorization Authorized with Security Token
Caching Manual or Third-Party Inbuilt
Error and Exception Handling Manual or Third-Party Inbuilt Exception Handling
Ecosystem and Community Limited Extensive and Active
Testing Support Manual or Third-Party Inbuilt Testing Framework (PHPUnit)
CLI Limited or Manual Artisan CLI (Inbuilt)
Performance Relative to Implementations and Optimizations Optimized for Performance with inbuilt features
Scalability Manual Implementation Required Inbuilt Scalability Features (such as queues, caching, etc.)