Since the evolution of new technologies in the application and software development arena, Ruby on Rails the hottest and developer friendly technology was fading away in the stampede of manifold new frameworks supporting open source programming and language.

The New Rails 4.2.0.rc1 update

As soon as things were fading away for RoR, it came up with a new update 4.2.0.rc1 after successfully testing the beta version i.e. 4.2.0 beta4

Major Changes and Features of 4.2.0.rc1

Active Job

Active Job is a whole new framework in Rails 4.2 and is a common interface on the head of queuing systems such as Resque, Delayed Job, Sidekiq, etc.

Adequate Record

Adequate Record is a collection of performance improvements in Active Record making the common find and find_by calls and some association query two times faster.
Web Console Gem- Now those applications which will be built using 4.2.0.rc1 will by default include the Web Console gem. Web console gem adds a ruby console on each error page and will provide a console view as well as controller helpers.

Other Major Features Include

Incompabilites, Default host for rails server, HTML sanitizer, Foreign key support, Asynchronous mails, and many more. Refer to know more about major features and for other features, bug fixes and changes.

What will keep Ruby on Rails in Trends then?

The phenomenon does not end here. The official Ruby on Rails site on November 28th not only unveiled its new update carrying amazing features and bug fixings but also sent a message to the software and application development world about its yet to come the hottest work in progress development i.e. Rails 5.0.
And this will keep Ruby on Rails in trends till infinity.

Refer for more about Rails 5.0

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