Let’s say you are a composer fan, preparing for your next cool project making use of one of those trendy frameworks. Or maybe, you are front-end master writing complex pieces of code in CSS AND Java Script, accumulating them from jsx or less files, setting libraries through Bower and the development is building using Grunt, along together producing code and unit tests. It is needless to say that these all pouring it all on Github.

If these all activities are part of your routine life, then God be praised. Many many congratulations! I am damn sure; you must be from one of those happy developers who spent their entire week sorting out how to properly configure the whole bunch of tools.But, if you are one of those who only dream to be a master in the development of web applications? Then you have landed on the right post, because I am writing this blog as a New Year real gift for developers and help them to be a real master.

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So, Let’s Get Started With What is Vagrant?

Well, let me tell you in simple term that it is computer software that creates and configures virtual development environments. It is controlled by a single consistent workflow, to help you maximize the productivity and flexibility of your team. A vagrant is a higher level wrapper around the virtualization software such as KMV, VirtualBox, VMware and Linux Containers (LXC) and around configuration management software such as Chef, salt, Ansible and Puppet.

Why developers simply love Vagrant?

Vagrant Helps to Improve the Web Development Process

DevOps Engineer

Vagrant presents you with consistent workflow and disposable environment for developing and testing infrastructure management scripts. So, you can easily test things like Chef Cookbooks, scripts and Puppet modules and more using local virtulization such as AWS, VirtualBox or clouds.


Vagrant makes things at ease for a developer. As it creates a single Vagrant file, being a developer all you have to do is just vagrant up and then everything will be automatically be installed and configured for you to work. One of the wonderful things I love about vagrant is that your team can also create their development environment from the same configuration. So, it does not matter whether you are working on Mac OS X, Linux or Windows, you and all of your team members are running code in the same environment, all are configured the same way and all against the same dependencies. So, it’s time to say goodbye to “works on my machine” bugs.


You are not required to bother other developers to help you fix your environment so you yourself can test design. Simply just check out the code, vagrant up and start designing.

Wrapping up

Vagrant presents you with simple DSL for configuring virtual machines. With Vagrant you can easily setup networking amongst multiple machines, sync your folders to virtual machines or you can easily create a cluster of machines to virtual machines. To me, Vagrant is a synonym of complete flexibility.

Vagrant also present with one of the interesting features like you can share your machine on the public internet, which is usually convenient for demos and debugging.

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