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You Googled for a software development company and found one that claims to have seasoned industry experts or claims to be well-versed with all the trending technologies?

Do you genuinely believe those words mean? Are you sure they’re offering the experience and expertise they claim? Are you sure you know for what you’re paying?

Let me answer these questions and help you determine what you should take into consideration before outsourcing offshore development vendor.

Code of Ethics

Spend 10 to 15 minutes searching for a software development company on Google, and you are bound to find an IT organization of your choice. Seasoned industry experts, bespoke software development services, top-notch software development company – these are the phrases of what these organizations claim to offer.

If you are an optimist and assume that by seasoned industry experts, the organization will offer a developer who has 5+ years of experience, you will end up disappointed. Let me put this straight.

Code of Ethics

Here’s a scenario, I am pretty sure you might have heard some version of this story:

While outsourcing a programmer, job candidate A appears for an interview. A seems to be outspoken, competent and intellectual. So A is hired on the spot. A few days later, to the client’s disappointment, A turns out to be utterly useless at coding. By that point, the client has already wasted man-hours and money. The only choice he is left with is to sack the programmer A and hunt for another unsuspecting tech organization.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience something like this, then you might be knowing that so-called fake programmers like A and their software development companies are tricky to expose. I am running an organization over the past half of the decade, and we have worked as well as working with numbers of clients around the world, who were not at all satisfied with their offshore development vendors in the past. And they leveraged our development services and became our long-term software development partner. Most of our clients had a common complaint from their previous software vendors that neither the organization nor their developers were honest and transparent.

Most of the software development companies are only looking for profit rather than customer satisfaction. Every time they want more and more customers. They don’t care about their business retention and expansion. Let’s summarize what you need to know and how to avoid being fooled by low rates.

Hard Facts about Outsourcing Offshore Development Vendors

Faking about Developer’s Experience and Team Size

When a client outsources developers, they do not verify the organisation’s strength and the developer’s expertise. Visually appealing images and beautiful yet straightforward website layout inspire the client to outsource their services. And this is where the client is being fooled, even upon the request of putting a senior developer, less skilled and middle-level developer is offered to the client to fulfill their organization’s purpose. However, still higher rates are being charged from the client in the claim of providing a senior developer.

Hard Facts about Outsourcing Offshore Development Vendors

Even in large-scale enterprises, where the client is looking for a team size of 100-200 developers, such organisations provide more than 50% of fresher developers. Nevertheless, billing for all would be the same regardless of their experience. It ultimately affects development.

Follow Unethical Strategy to Sustain and Satisfy the Client

Even in large-scale enterprises, where the client is looking for a team size of 100-200 developers, such organisations provide more than 50% of fresher developers. Nevertheless, billing for all would be the same regardless of their experience. It ultimately affects development.

Senior is Communicating, whereas Junior is Coding

A senior programmer is updating to the client regarding the project progress; on the other hand, a junior programmer is working on the project and performing tasks that are assigned by the client to the senior developer.

The True Story Behind the True Developer

Even if the developer is not associated with the organization, still such offshore development companies show that the same developer is working on their project.

In most of the cases, the organization does not inform the client, if the developer is leaving the organization or if the organization itself is shifting the developer on another project. It is the organization’s sole responsibility that they should inform the client and should always be honest with them.

What Sets Us Apart From the Herd?

It’s all about agility that is genuinely very hard to expect from such offshore development vendors. However, it won’t be in the case of Bacancy Technology. Whenever you stance on software development outsourcing, choose us as your software development partner to exceed your business expectations.

What Sets Us Apart From the Hard?

At Bacancy Technology, we strictly follow the agile scrum methodology for software development. We have become the master of this art through daily practicing. From small and medium-sized enterprises to large-scale businesses have leveraged our software development services to make their way to success.

Honesty, transparency, and integrity are the right set of values we have chosen for our company to improve client retention and loyalty. If that’s the kind of offshore software development company you’re looking for, then contact us and let us turn your potential idea into a viable business solution.

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