Parameters Golang Java
Type of Language Concurrent and Procedural Language Object-Oriented Programming Language
Error Detection and Handling Uses Errors instead of Exceptions Handling Concept of Exceptional Handling used for Errors
Speed of Coding More compact and unforgiving code, with less room for errors. More stable and follows a familiar object-oriented approach.
Performance Faster than Java Fast
Memory Usage It has pointers and no links for Garbage Collection Virtual Machine along with a traditional Garbage Collector running from time to time manages the memory.
Application Designed for simplicity and scalability; therefore, exceptional multithreading is its important feature. The JVM interacts with the hardware, making the coding efficient to work in any application.
Feature-Rich Comparatively, fewer features Extensive Features
Popularity More Popular Comparatively, Less Popular
Community Support Comparatively, small but active Huge Community along with Active community support
Inheritance Not Supported Supported
Goroutines Supported Not Supported
Generics Not Supported Supported
Threads More Economical Less Economical
Talent Pool Increasing by the day and might even surpass Java Already very extensive and vast
Learning Curve Simple Comparatively Complex
Security Checksum Database No Pointers, Security Manager
Development Cost Comparatively High Comparatively Low
Compactness More Compact Programs Less Compact Programs
Channel Not Supported Supported