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You want to develop a mind-boggling application for future generations. The first thing that comes to your mind- Artificial Intelligence! What else can be more enthralling than a machine mimicking human intelligence? -nothing, isn’t it? If you are looking ahead to breaking the stereotypes and march up with a fantastic AI application, Golang is your go-to point.

Golang AI applications have incredible potential. With unique features like inexplicable speed, easy debugging, concurrency, and excellent libraries for ML, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. Read this blog to learn some extraordinary examples of AI in Golang programming language. Find out how developing applications implementing AI with Golang language benefit your business and development process.

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Artificial Intelligence has adorned the 21st century with its unbelievable applications that have eased human life. Whether it is in lifestyles, interpersonal, or the way we work and execute business, AI has transformed everything.

AI applications help your customers better user experience, enhanced financial planning, interactivity, health accessibility, and a lot more. In the past decade, developers are hence drifting towards Golang AI development because Golang is the best programming language for implementing AI in your business applications.

According to the New IDC Worldwide Spending report, they expect USD 77.6 billion spent on cognitive and Artificial Intelligence System forecasts by the year 2022. Not only software and hardware development companies but AI has reached far beyond to excel in human lives.

Industries Leveraging Advantages of AI

Industries in the USA and UK are implementing artificial intelligence to their applications so that their customers can leverage the benefits of the latest technology. Below are the verticals using AI in their business applications.



Varied healthcare services are elated when AI is added to healthcare applications. Patient data mining, accurate diagnosis, drug discovery, medication management, robotic surgery, etc., are among the many AI healthcare services. IBM Watson is the best example of the use of AI in the healthcare industry. Another platform that leverages AI and big data in healthcare is Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery (AIDD).

Retail and E-commerce

Unique strategies and marketing patterns attract the majority of retail consumers. AI helps your customers find relevant and useful products of their choice and interest based on complex algorithms. AI-assisted real-time chatbots are a savior because they instantly solve the most commonly asked questions by customers. AI plays a significant role in enhancing the customer experience for the retail and eCommerce sector.

Food Tech

Immense transformation and ease is noticed in the agriculture, kitchen, and food industries owing to the fantastic AI technology hacks. AI enables Robo-chefs, automatic-sorting of food, farm-conditions, and much more. Intelligent tractors and plucking machines would allow farmers to leverage the maximum potential of their crop yield.

Banking and Financial Services

AI-assisted Robo advisors have taken over the human effort to reduce the calculation times and give accurate suggestions. Also, AI chatbots have enhanced the insurance customer experience. The digital intelligence of this fantastic technology detects and prevents fraudulent transactions by analyzing critical data aspects.

Logistics and Transportation

AI has seamlessly transformed the supply chain management industry through predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. It is helpful in shipping, packaging, sorting, shipments, and speedy delivery, as well as in automatic driving cars, traffic management, and shortest/easiest route detection.


The travel industry has benefited from AI technology as it enables them to predict their customer behavior and travel patterns. AI chatbots keep the customer sorted with 24*7 presence and providing accurate responses. It has drastically improved the customer experience.

Real Estate

AI aids efficiency and effectiveness in setting up real estate deals by availing strategic reasoning to brokers. The presence of AI chatbots 24*7 helps customers find all their queries and experience a satisfactory travel experience. The AI-bot helps brokers to accurately find customers who are eager to buy, sell, or rent their properties.


Based on activities and watch-histories, AI algorithms suggest users’ recommendations that they are most likely to watch. Also, TV producers and broadcasters get a clear idea of what their customers are interested in and what times. Several other use-cases of AI in the entertainment industry are storyboarding script, creative content, digital effects, engagement patterns, and more.


Collaborative robots bring a massive transformation by enabling humans to give orders and obey the orders alongside. AI allows predictive maintenance of production equipment, detects potential production faults, and improves product quality. After reading the fantastic potential of AI in varied domains and industries, you might be eager to learn about the top programming languages for AI.

Python vs Go: Which One is Ideal for AI based Apps?

You want to know what is the best AI programming language before you start your upcoming AI project. Sure, you have heard about Python, which is the most popular language for developing AI applications. Here’s what is new in the AI domain and why Golang is taking over Python in developing AI applications.

Golang is taking over Python

Python has been the most preferred choice for its alluring benefits of syntax simplicity, useful libraries, and easy for beginners over a long time now. However, AI developers realized that using Python for AI has significant drawbacks. Some of those disadvantages are as follows.


Python is a dynamically typed and interpreted language, which makes it slow in execution. Every variable is assigned a data type during the run-time, and hence your app execution takes a very long time. Python lacks multicore processing.

Global Interpreter Lock

The GIL of python makes one thread run simultaneously, unlike the multithreading functionality, to improve the performance of single-threaded behavior. This makes Python a lousy option for large-scale engineering projects. Ultimately your app users have to spend waiting times, which is not favorable for your reputation.

Use of C/C++

Python’s libraries for AI and ML-like Tensorflow, Numpy, and Pandas are written in C and C++. To overcome the problems of speed and concurrency, Python needs some assistance from other programming languages. Now, let us hop on to the next upcoming popular language for developing AI applications- Golang.

Leverage the perks of this modern charismatic Go programming language by building feature-rich Golang applications from our Golang developer to coupe up the latest technological trends.

All about Golang

Three Google engineers Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Grismer, developed the Golang (Go) language to meet the modern computing requirements. Intended to serve as a general-purpose language, Golang has breached the threshold and has proved to be a highly-suitable language for AI app development.

Recently, AI developers have switched to Golang for its striking characteristics, which has led to its growing popularity in Artificial Intelligence software development. Google launched Golang over a decade ago, and developers are benefitting from its focus on efficiency and scalability, making it ideal for building complex AI applications. Go is an open-source programming language that builds efficient software.

Developing AI in Golang is now becoming the standard and mainstream across the world. American Express, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Twitter, Salesforce, and Twitch are famous companies using the Golang programming language.

Why is Using Golang for AI Apps the Best Option?

Golang can perform a math calculation 20-30 times better than Python and beholds suitable ML algorithms and libraries. It supports concurrency with goroutines, which makes it a preferable choice for cloud distributions. The memory-safe feature eliminates the errors related to memory. Our Application development consulting services give you the prominent features and characteristics that well-suite Go for AI development:

Easy Error-Handling and Swift Debugging

For your AI application to match human intelligence and excellence, it should have spontaneous outputs for inputs. Golang poses all the parts of the pipeline from ML libraries, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. It also contains NLP, GPU-accelerated deep learning stack, and tensor operations. Having said that, AI applications made with Go language are functionally rich and refined.

As the input and output are almost simultaneous in your Golang AI app development, you are less likely to face any errors, and debugging will be easy-peasy for you.

Altruistic GO Libraries

The Go libraries are writing in the Golang language itself, and hence the AI developers do not need to opt for any other language. Golang takes care of a developer’s comfort to develop professional AI applications with Go libraries.

Fascinating Speed and Accuracy

Golang enables AI developers to handle multiple and concurrent requests simultaneously, improving the speed of your AI application. Thanks to the simple syntax and concurrency model of Golang that your Golang AI app ensures speed and accuracy.

Vast Coverage

As of now, Golang offers limited and small libraries. However, the libraries are growing and expanding to the extent that you can create varied AI applications consulting various domains. Some of the AI serving libraries provided by Go language is GoLearn for data handling, GoML for passing data, and Hector for binary classification.

Scalability and Computation

Golang has tremendous potential for mathematical and logical calculations when comparing with Python. A complex mathematical formula will be comparatively easy and speedy to solve in Golang than in Python. This makes Golang a scalable programming language. You will get instant access to your reports or actions when using Golang for AI apps.

Minimalistic & Readability

Go’s algorithms are made, keeping in mind the minimalistic approach. When Golang AI developers are implementing AI algorithms, the minimalistic approach makes their code look neat and highly graspable. However, in recursive algorithms, certain Golang AI apps will turn out to be slower. As you know, all the perks of developing an AI application with Golang, make a move.

Golang AI ML libraries

Check out some extraordinary libraries of Golang that are customarily made to serve AI applications for excellence.

A. General Machine Learning libraries

General Machine Learning libraries

B. Neural Networks

Neural Networks

C. Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

D. Probability Distributions

Probability Distributions

E. Decision Trees

Decision Trees

F. Bayesian Classifiers

Bayesian Classifiers

G. Recommendation Engines

Recommendation Engines

An idea for Golang AI application

If you think you are ready to let AI software and technology become a part of your business strategy or have an interesting idea or project of AI being used in your business, Golang would be the best option, as we discussed above. Are you having an exciting idea for AI application development? Hire AI developers from us who have hands-on experience using the Go programming language and can understand your concept, share their feedback, explain the process, and turn your dream into a reality.


At Bacancy we host well-experienced and acquainted technology experts that always keep their knowledge synchronized with the ongoing trends. If you want to stride your feet into fame and success, then AI is your best friend, and no better than Golang can accompany you to lead your path. Choose to engage with us and get the best Golang development services and make a transitional move. Strive your competitors and the rest of the market trends to follow your footprints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Python has certain drawbacks like speed lag, performance deterioration, and global interpreter lock. Whereas while developing Golang AI applications, you can leverage the modern data analytics applications with Go. It is fast, scalable, and secure.

Google, Uber, Twitch, Dailymotion, Medium, etc. use Golang for their AI applications.

Certainly, Golang requires minimal investments and hence is an ideal choice for a start-up project. Moreover, you can have efficient and speedy results as you hire our experienced Golang AI developers.

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