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Golang, Google’s child prodigy- Go programming language, has been the talk of the town since its early outbreak. Young entrepreneurs are still hesitant to use Go; they want to know why use Golang, how to start with Go development, when to use Golang and when to avoid using Golang for your business. So, you want to know what is Golang used for and what is Golang good for?

This blog is a summation of facts, benefits, and set standards of the Go programming language. Let’s understand what is Go language used for and how to get started with Golang for your software development project.

Golang Statistics

The experienced programmers at Google- Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer wanted to create a simple programming language, and they created Go programming language in 2009. In the same year, the TIOBE programming community index ranked Go as the language of the year, and after that, the language has attained higher ranks for every consecutive year. The next year, TIOBE ranked it in the 13th position by beating an established programming language-Pascal. In the year 2013, the Go programming language dropped off in the list below 50 rank position, only to again get distinction as the language of the year 2016. In the upcoming years 2017 and 2018, Go scaled up at 10th and 12th place respectively as developers adopted the language.

Golang Statistics

Highly swift & seamless to use, ‘Golang’ also known as the ‘Go’ programming language, is becoming stardom of high-performing software development. Opting Golang, you are entering the software era of tremendous possibilities.

According to the Github stats, The Go community has grown by 147% since 2020. Golang, specially designed for complex business projects, has been an optimum choice for many of the strongest global brands.

Uber- Golang ridesharing app, Monzo- Golang banking app, Allegro- Golang eCommerce app, & SoundCloud- Golang Music app.

There is a big chunk of large-scale enterprises & influential startups who want to transform or give a transformative debut in the global market, the technology style.

Golang has you covered!

This fact puts you in a million questions rolled into one – what can your business leverage from Golang and Is Golang good for web development? Let’s know why use Golang!

Everything About Go

It’s inspiring how Golang, with its distinctive advantages, has been the best choice for world-class products like Google, Facebook, Apple, BBC, and many more industry giants.

Also termed as ‘Go programming language’, it is one of the most adaptive programming languages based on the syntax of C and equipped with the enhancement on the dynamics of safe managing the memory usage, static typing with the benefit of concurrency, & managing objects optimally.

Making it highly maintainable than Java and similar performance as C, Golang boasts application development with speed, easy grasping, highly accessible development tools, fully stable & concurrent, & above all, awesome Go community support.

The 3 Goals of Golang

  • High productivity & simplified usage
  • Superb level of code efficiency
  • The ultimate scale of performance for businesses

If you have a new-sprung idea for your next-gen business, Golang will be the right modern programming language to mold your vision into a reality.
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This video will give you insights that you might not have otherwise about the Go programming language benefits.

11 Reasons Why use Golang for your project?

1. Future of Golang is Safe and Sound

Innovation was brought to the plate, and Golang was developed in 2007 by the Google team and successfully launched in November 2009. On top of that, the best part is, the Golang programming language is used for many Google projects and industry giants.

This scenario makes a great choice to use Golang for your upcoming projects.

Why use Golang

2. Munificent Libraries

With Golang, businesses are taking a seismic shift in their industries. This Google’s Go is stirring a vital interest due to its abstractions & generous libraries easing out software development for complex applications.

3. General Purpose

Golang is a general-purpose systems language. You can effectively use it for a wide variety of applications.

4. Highly Flexible

It’s an open-source programming language with the ultimate flexibility scale where you can effortlessly do valid changes into it and even expel aspects you think shouldn’t be there.

5. Cross-platform Ready

Golang is cross-platform which means you can easily uses Golang for Mac, Linux, Windows, and more.

6. No External Dependency for Your Project

With programs written in pure Golang codes, you can produce native binaries. For software development projects having external dependencies, you have to depend on other source codes or binaries. One of the best riches of Golang is that you can create a native binary within your project & use it your way. It’s that simple. There is no need for an external dependency for your project. For developers, deploying a Go application is like copying a complete app file to the destination server.

7. Fastest Build Time

Many times the developer runs the code and has to wait for it. But with the Go programming language, it’s pretty easy to build apps and serve no wait times for developers after running codes. This means you can run thousands of lines in a blink of an eye. Now you know, Why go language is the best choice for web development.

Build flexible, secure, and super-fast Web and Mobile Applications.
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8. Concise and Clear Codes

The structure of the codes is significantly simple to read. If you are not done with coding and another developer takes up this project, it will be as easy as a pie for him/her to read codes and pick up your progressive project from where it was left out.

9. Strong Concurrency

Your application development might have a lot of functions performing varied tasks at varied points within the codes. So, with the use of Go programming language, you can implement all of the functions parallelly at the same time. It gives you a big room to leverage simultaneous functions performing at a time.

10. Powerful Networking

Go programming language is muscular with robust networking capabilities. Just imagine that you can create an HTTP server just by writing 3 types of code. Bingo! Your HTTP server is ready to be used.

11. Packages and Libraries of High Standard

Golang has one of the most fundamental programming libraries. This makes it highly speedy for developers as they need not write all the codes over & over again.

Golang popularity

Golang is your path to business growth in the disrupted web & mobile app development landscape.

Quick Read:

Go Best Practices

The Beauty of Golang- What's so Great About Golang? [Advantages]

Now a decade in the wild, Golang as a trending programming language is making a name for itself. Golang has proved to be the developer’s first choice for software infrastructure projects, network services & equipped with a comprehensive range of powerpack tools. This section will answer your question: What is Golang good for?

Here are the advantages of Golang for your web or mobile app development:-

Golang is the Speediest Burgeoning Language on Github

With the use of Go programming language, you can be innovative no matter how high the potential of possibilities in the software industry. The reason why use Golang is because it is becoming the most adaptive language is due to its simplicity, reliability, & speedy application development lifecycle. Its popularity has further grasped significant momentum. The stats prove it all.

Go Market Position

Super matured package of its own

Simply installing Golang, developers can build production-level applications covering an extensive range of use cases from the encryption software to the Restful web APIs without the requirements of external sources or third-party packages.

No classes, no inheritance

Go programming language doesn’t have a whole structure of classes & inheritance. This means that application development is going to be a lot simpler for developers as they have code inside one window & one class or in one editor.

Golang has spiked its popularity

Whatever developers have done in Ruby on rails, python, C#, C, or C++, they can now perform the same development in Golang. This popularity and acceptance in the community are the reasons why you should use Golang.

Best Go-to Cloud native programming language

By leading some of the high-tech projects like Ethereum or Docker, Go language makes the cloud development liquid smooth with its richness of easy deployment & native concurrency. Be it design patterns, software tools, or cloud-native technologies, Go is pure bliss for developers to get an immersive experience of cloud application development.

Support for asynchronous and high concurrency

The goroutine is simple to create, the system consumes a small amount, and the channel mechanism facilitates communication between goroutines, making it easy to implement a highly concurrent service. Goroutine and channel make it very easy to write highly concurrent server software, and in many cases there is no need to consider the locking mechanism and the resulting problems.

A single Go application can also effectively utilize multiple CPU cores, and the performance of parallel execution is good. This is also a world of Python. Multi-threaded and multi-process server programs are not easy to write, and due to the global lock GIL, multi-threaded Python programs can not effectively use multi-core, can only be deployed in multiple processes; if using multiprocessing in the standard library The package will pose a lot of challenges for monitoring and management [we use the supervisor management process, which is not good for fork support].

When deploying Python applications, it is usually to deploy one application per CPU core, which will waste a lot of resources. For example, if a Python application needs to occupy 100MB of memory after booting, and the server has 32 CPU cores, then leave a core for System, running 31 application copies will waste 3GB of memory resources.

Deploy, run

Go’s program, compiled as a binary file, can be run directly, no need to install other dependencies, very convenient.

At runtime, the initial memory used is extremely low. The same function, if the program is written well, consumes less memory than other languages, which means less computing resources are consumed.

Go compiles a static executable that has no external dependencies other than glibc. This makes deployment very convenient: only one basic system and the necessary management and monitoring tools are needed on the target machine, and there is no need to worry about the various packages and library dependencies required by the application, which greatly reduces the maintenance burden. This is a huge difference from Python. Due to historical reasons, Python’s deployment tools are quite confusing [such as setuptools, distutils, pip, buildout and compatibility issues]. The official PyPI source is often problematic and requires a private image to be built. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain this image.

Language Characteristics

The type of derivation, that is, the variable does not necessarily need to define the type, the type is deduced by the compiler, which is a function that emerges in many new languages (such as Kotlin and Swift), avoiding many types of definitions, and greatly improving programming efficiency.

Support type reflection, can handle common words for some data structures, can be serialized and deserialized (such as the built-in json Marshal/Unmarshal function), in your own business, you can implement type functions. A serialized, deserialized package of data structures.

Field tag, can achieve automatic processing of the struct field, such as the function of json Marshal/Unmarshal mentioned above, you can define the last serialized field name, you can also define the field as When empty, do you want to include this field; similarly, we can define the tag type ourselves and define the semantics of the tag to meet our needs.

Support for multiple return parameters, a language feature I liked when I wrote Python before, and it is also very handy in Golang.

Built-in GC, most of the time do not need to manually handle the allocation and release of memory

Good Language Design

From an academic point of view, the Go language is very mediocre and does not support many advanced language features; but from an engineering perspective, Golang Development Services offer a great design. The specification is simple enough and flexible, and programmers with other language foundations can quickly get started. More importantly, Go has a well-developed toolchain that greatly enhances teamwork consistency. For example, gofmt automatically typeset Go code, which largely eliminates the problem of inconsistent code layout style written by different people. Configure the editor to automatically run gofmt when editing the archive, so you can place the position at random when writing the code, and automatically become the correct typesetting code when you archive. There are also very useful tools like gofix, govet, and more.

Good performance. Although not as good as C and Java, it is usually an order of magnitude higher than native Python applications and is suitable for writing some bottlenecks. Memory usage is also very low.

Tool Chain

Gofmt, after configuring gofmt in the editor, makes the code style of everyone unified. When working together in the team, this tool is extremely useful, no longer need to set a lot of mandatory code specifications.

GoLand, this is the IDE produced by JetBrains. Since I used it, I feel that writing code every day is very pleasant.

Comparison Overview

Golang Vs Python Vs Rust Vs Node.js Comparison

Why Golang Over Python?

In comparison to Go vs Python offers a smoother debugging process. Python is dynamically-typed; it signals bugs at the run time, whereas Go is statically-typed. It signals errors at the compile time, not at the execution.

Go provides built-in support for web application development; therefore, Gophers indicates that there is no need to use a framework; however, Python provides the base as per your convenience.

Why Golang Over Rust?

Golang brings its simplicity and ease of usability. It is also faster to learn, providing developers with a more effortless programming experience. Thus, Go is a more preferred language by the developer’s team. Go language focuses on simplicity and uniformity. It makes the team more efficient by providing a rigid application of simplicity.

Rust as a programming language provides developer teams with great controlling ability at a granular level, controlling the threads and their behavior with the rest of the system. Yet, Rust is not widely preferred due to its complexity and difficulty in learning and adaptation.

Why Golang Over Node.js?

In comparison to Node.js, Golang is very lightweight, and its performance characteristics are similar to C/C++. When it comes to real-life performance, both technologies demonstrate identical results. When database interaction or net network communication are involved, Node.js and Go are often equal and work at similar speeds.

Go’s performance is consistent, but Node.js performance is either high or terrible, depending on the type of application you are building.

Top 3 Custom Golang Development Services

Check out these custom Golang app development services that we provide.

1. Golang in IoT

Golang for IoT platform is a great combination that can easily connect millions of IoT devices that can create real-time reports by applying various technologies along with Golang. If you combine Golang in IoT, it will increase the scalability, concurrency, device useability, and support feature-rich packages that can be imported by the Go package manager.

2. Golang in BlockChain

Building a blockchain in Golang increases speed and efficiency as it is much more productive than Python and JavaScript. It is easy to find libraries and packages to make technology like Ethereum Virtual Machine in a natural way.

3. Golang for AI Applications

It is excellent if you use the Go language for building AI applications as it improves user experience, financial planning, and customer interaction. These applications use machine learning and self-correction by which they can mimic human knowledge. Golang based AI applications require libraries for natural language processing, extraction, and visualization.

4. Golang For Machine Learning

Business owners and developers have multiple language options to choose from for the development of Machine Learning Platforms. However, Golang is one of the most preferred programming languages as it offers high performance, speed, and high-tech computation calculations. It also provides libraries that suit best for the Machine Learning solutions. Goga, goml, and GoMind are a few libraries Golang offers for Machine Learning.

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What types of software projects is Golang suitable for?[Go Use Cases]

Go is intelligently designed from scratch to be most intuitive & easy to use. Developers can’t escape the cupid’s arrow with Golang. Be it Go for developers or Go for application owners, one gets a very straightforward experience in contrast to other programming languages. Golang Use Cases and its Applications are already gaining popularity in Varied industries. It’s swift to learn Golang no matter the complex design patterns, software tools, or ease of deployment associated with cloud-native applications. Also, for the execution stage utilizing a private cloud or a public cloud, Golang is pretty insightful to deal with scalability.

What type of software projects is Golang suitable for?

Go language is designed with a bright future for domains related to server development, cloud, processors, and complex application building.
Due to its dynamic aspects, several apps are built on Golang. If you are here to find out when should I use Golang, this section will satisfy you.

Golang is project-fit for the below projects:

  • App development projects in which backend performance of server developments deals with heavy requests.
  • Media platforms like Youtube use Golang to control the demanding load transiting on their sites. While platforms like SoundCloud leverage Golang for deploying internal services.
  • Pro in the advanced cloud services, Google as a creator uses Golang to offer cloud infrastructure. While Dropbox manages a huge network of more than 500 million users by leveraging the Go language efficiently.
  • Suitable for the broadcasting apps, Golang was and is a core part of BBC for its backend development & internal analytic services.
  • A comprehensive feature-pack programming language is most suited for on-demand apps. Uber being a ride-sharing giant uses Go for speedy map processing to experience the best of geofencing lookups.

When not to use Golang?

Despite the impeccable riches of Go, it is not suitable for all types of software projects.

  • It is not deeply descriptive as Python.
  • Go Developers might find it troublesome to deal with projects requiring multiple patching of programs or using SDK for 3rd party interfaces.
  • It is a bit difficult for programmers to develop multiple footprints of functions with Golang.

I hope now you are pretty much clear about Why Golang and What is Go programming language used for?

9 Big Companies Using Golang for Business

We saw why Golang is the most trusted modern programming language for entrepreneurs and developers. To ensure your faith in Google’s Golang language, here is a list of 9 big brand names that have implemented their websites using go programming language and developed the best-in-class Golang applications.

1. Google


Google is the creator of Golang, and they primarily launched it for their internal projects and developers’ ease. The Googlers created Google Chrome and Google Earth using Go, and additionally, even YouTube and Google App Engine use the Go programming language natively. Several of Google’s services were rewritten using Go, and many smaller internal projects at Google are using Go.

2. Uber


Uber is the Go programming language’s ideal case study remarking more than hundreds of services written in Go. One of the recent examples of Go services in Uber is the geofence service, which matches the user and the driver’s location. Golang is used in writing most of the high GPS services of Uber. Most of the developers at Uber being well acquainted with C++, Java, and Node can easily switch and learn Go without much hassle, which increases the performance at Uber.

To cope with the rise in resource utilization and latencies, Uber uses well-executed Go nodes to solve the issues. Uber refers to Go as a highly reliable programming language, and they have a positive experience of this modern-day language.

3. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a video-streaming platform in France and is available across the world in more than 25 languages. The website improved the performance of its Application Performance Interface APIs using the Go programming language. Golang is helpful for end-to-end tests on the site, which otherwise causes heavy loading. However, Go makes it sturdy and fast. Golang’s static type checking, simplicity, and performance have favored the company well.

4. Medium


The famous content publishing platform- Medium uses Golang for its development. GoSocial- one of the Go services manages the Neo4j database. Other image processing and backend services are also taken care of by Go.

5. Twitch


Another live video-streaming service uses the Go programming language for its most loaded systems. Golang solves all user-chat-related issues and problems while live video streaming with its amazing features like efficiency, readability, simplicity, and security. One of the most desirable characteristics of Golang that helped Twitch is the garbage collection factor, which dynamically allocates memory.

6. SendGrid


A cloud-based email transaction service- SendGrid uses Go as its primary programming language. Thanks to Go, the company processes more than 500 million messages in a day with asynchronous programming, and it is by far one of the largest companies using Golang. SendGrid’s developers have mentioned that Go solved all their concurrency-related problems and helps reduce maintenance costs.

7. Fabric


Fabric is a mobile application development platform that uses Go for its analytics engine. Users get real-time information about their application’s health and performance on this platform. Golang serves the communication protocol of Fabric because it is a highly scalable language.

8. SoundCloud


Along with Ruby on Rails, SoundCloud engineers use the Go programming language for their real-time status analysis. As per these engineers, Go is a What-you-see-is-what-you-get language that makes their work easy and saves time because it’s a one-solution language. Go has contributed to over 12 repositories of SoundCloud and 6 services.

9. DropBox


The cloud-computing major DropBox also uses Golang for its efficiency and scalability. Along with the Go in-built libraries, DropBox has built its custom libraries. Golang provides several advantages like improved caching, standard error interface, Memcache client libraries, and more. Apart from the companies mentioned above, who uses golang? Netflix, Docker, and many other big brand names use Go for their internal or prime website development. As these companies use the flawless services of Golang for their business benefit attainment, it’s time for your action of selection.

Conclusion- The Future of Golang

Already gaining fame from industry giants, Golang is still the first choice for many businesses keen to speed up their product scaling and offer a high-performance user experience in the most inventive way. Times are not far when every business will either have to compromise on user experience or focus on switching to Golang.

Be it an eCommerce business, on-demand business, or flourishing business with a next-gen app concept, migrating to Golang is an apt move. Go programming language is favorable for businesses with predictable growth.

Being able to perform all the functions for which other languages does separately, the Go language is the future of web programming. Be it sending regular tweets, managing numerous incoming data from the users, or watching logs, Go programming language nails it down!

Get the most out of Golang for your project to thrive with time, cost, and community support benefits. If you are sure about why use Golang, then immediately hire Golang developer from us as we have productive and streamlined Golang services to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Packages in Golang are directories containing source files, and Go programs are made up of packages. These packages compile as executable programs and not as shared libraries. Go program execution begins with the package containing the main() function.

Google, Dropbox, Uber, Dailymotion, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc. use Go programming language.

Some of the in-build supports of Go programming language are:

  • Compression: compress/ gzip
  • Container: container/list,container/heap
  • Web Server: net/htt
  • Database: database/sql
  • Cryptography: Crypto/md5 ,crypto/sha1

Well, Go does not provide support for type-inheritance.

Interface is a type definition in Golang. It represents a set of methods that identifies how an object behaves. You can create an interface in Golang using the word ‘type’ followed by the name of your interface keyword.

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