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If you want to leverage the Angular framework in your next product and want to know the cost to hire Angular developer in 2024, then you have landed on the right page. Software developers with special skillset are in higher demand than ever; Angular developers are no exception. This blog post will explore the parameters you should take into consideration along with the factors affecting Angular app development cost.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates In USA
Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Europe
Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Asia
Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Africa
Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America
Angular Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy

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Considering the present scenario, emerging technologies have taken charge of improving business growth, serving the purpose of end-users. For businesses to succeed, creating a digital presence availing of the best technology in the market has become mandatory. There are number of technologies and languages to create your web or mobile applications. In order to ensure that investment made in the development is viable and result-oriented, you need the most feasible and recommended solution like Angular framework to keep your application’s performance and functionality intact.

Angular projects are easy to manage, and it provides reusable elements that save time and money in application development. That’s why product owners prefer to use Angular framework for their next-den product development. To handle the substance of Angular framework, you will be required Angular developer with a specific skillset. However, cost-per-hire is arguably the most important metric as it includes server other factors other than skillset. Let’s start by exploring the factors that affect your cost of hiring Angular developer.

Factors That Affect Angular App Development Cost

There are numerous factors that affect the Angular app development cost. Below are the common factors worth considering to control the development cost of the Angular application.

1. Size of the Project

Application development cost depends on the business or project requirements. In most cases size of projects always decides the Angular app development cost. Three types of project sizes include small, mid, and enterprise-grade projects.

• Small Size Project

Small-scale projects generally don’t have high requirements and complex functionality. Startups and small or mid-range companies come under the category of small projects that also get completed by Angular developers in a minimal amount of time.

• Mid-Size Project

The mid-size projects have higher requirements in comparison to smaller ones as it has third-party integrations and APIs to make applications more attractive. Some third-party integrations are paid, which increases the Angular application development cost.

• Enterprise-Grade Project

These enterprise-level projects require more dedicated development and additional complex functionalities. It also requires a team of developers to handle the complete project development, including QA testing and technical support. These enterprise-level projects sometimes have custom requirements that need additional time, increasing the Angular development cost.

2. Skills and Experience of Developer

The Angular app development cost varies on the skillset and experience of the Angular developer. Knowing certain front-end skillsets for application development can make a difference concerning the development cost.

Check out the below rates based on the experience level of Angular developers.

• Junior Developer

The developers have freshly entered the application development environment, or the developers having an experience of 0 to 3 years come under the criteria of junior developers. They have basic skills in frontend development and database concepts to complete the successful Angular app development.

The cost to hire junior Angular developer ranges from $10 to $30.

• Mid-Senior Developer

Developers have experience with more than 4 to 6 years that fall in the criteria Mid-Senior level of developers. The developers have adequate knowledge and experience in front-end development and have basic knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks.

The Angular development cost to hire these developers will be around $35, which also can be exceeded based on the project.

• Experienced Developers

The developers having skills and expertise and front-end application development with experience of more than 7-8 years are considered highly experienced developers (Senior Developers ). These developers have worked on various projects and have a deep understanding of technology. These developers bring both technical quality and leadership skills, and they can easily manage big projects.

Hiring an experienced Angular developer will range between $50 to $100.

3. Operational Storage

Every application or website requires a certain storage space to keep its data. The angular application also requires space to store data. For that, it is necessary to have a secure hosting service. The cost of keeping data is dynamic, more data to store, a high price to pay, and vice-versa.

4. App Complexity and Features

The application’s cost depends on how you want to make your application. The more you use advanced functions, the more the cost will increase because advanced features require more code to fulfill the requirements. Therefore, business owners must keep their budgets high to create more attractive, user-friendly web or mobile applications considering app complexity and features.

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Cost to Hire Remote Angular Developer: Geographical Pricing

If you wonder how much does it cost to Angular app developer, then the costs may vary depending on the geographical location where you are getting your app developed. To illustrate, the Angular development cost in the USA will be different compared to India. The average monthly Angular app development in the USA will be around $4000, and in Australia, it will be $3200. Below is the country-wise cost to develop Angular web app.



Angular Developer Hourly Rates In USA

The average hourly rate to hire Angular developer in the USA remains between $60 to $100.

Avg hourly Rates USA $60 to $100



Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

The average cost to hire Angular developer in Europe varies between $45 to $81, depending on the region you are choosing for Angular app development.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Europe $45 to $81



Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Asia

The average Angular hourly rate for web and mobile app development in Asia is between $30 to $60 depending upon the geographical location.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Asia $30 to $60



Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Africa

The average cost to hire Angular developer in Africa stays between $35 to $60. These Angular hourly rates vary based on the region you are choosing for application development.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Africa $35 to $60



Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

The average hourly rates to hire Angular developer for successful application development stays between $45-$65.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America $45-$65

Cost to Hire Angular Developer: Engagement Model

As mentioned in the above section of the image, the Angular app development cost varies based on location. The same goes for the cost to hire remote Angular App developer based on engagement model. One of the common aspects is the Angular developer experience that affects the cost of hiring Angular app developer is the type of engagement model you choose to work with.

Below given Angular developer engagement model will help you understand more about the cost to hire Angular developers in 2024:

1. Time and Material Model

This model works on an hourly basis. You hire Angular developer for a fixed amount of hours based on the requirement, and you pay accordingly. The additional advantage of this mode is that you can have mutual decisions on a working schedule with developers to fulfill your requirements.

2. Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model has a fixed pricing model where you have fixed predefined requirements and a deadline for developers to complete the requirements.

3. Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated development team model is a highly preferred, scalable, and reliable recruiting model. Dedicated team of Angular developer work on the given project to satisfy the business requirements and provide full support in completing the application development process.

The average hourly cost to hire Angular developer in 2024 is in-between $25 to $49 of an hour. At Bacancy, we provide the best Angular developers for hire with an average 5 to 7 years of experience. Below given image showcases the hourly rate, monthly rates, and rates of the dedicated team of Angular developers when you hire them from Bacancy.

Angular Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy

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Freelance Vs In-house Angular Developer

The last factor that affects the cost to hire Angular developer is freelance Angular developer vs In-house Angular developer. The cost to hire a Freelance Angular developer is quite cheap compared to other hiring models. Freelance developers are generally used for short-term or small projects requiring a specific skill set. According to Upwork, the cost to hire Freelance Angular developer varies from $16 to $30 hourly.

Whereas the cost to hire an in-house Angular developer is obviously high compared to Freelance developers. According to Upwork, the average cost to hire Angular developer stays between $15to $100 hourly. The dedicated developer’s major advantage to the development process is scalability, reliability, and security.

Key Takeaway

We hope your purpose of landing on this blog post is served and you have got a clear understanding of how much it costs to hire Angular developers. However, the cost to develop Angularjs app and website will fluctuate depending on the circumstances that include complexity in application development, the development company you hire, the geographical location of the developer, and many more.

Here one thing that is always important to consider is that you shouldn’t compromise the quality of your product. You should hire best Angular development company like Bacancy that satisfies your business needs and provides you with user-friendly, scalable web or mobile applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Angular framework works on MVC architecture. One of the best features of this framework is that it provides a unit testing facility where you can test the product while developing. This feature saves development time and helps in creating top-quality applications.

Angular is the preferred choice for fortune 500 companies like PayPal, Upwork, tech, airlines, and publications. One of the key reasons for using Angular is that it provides highly optimized web or mobile applications and a smooth user experience.

To improve the performance of the Angular Js application, follow the below steps:

  • Reduce the DOM access.
  • Avoid usage of ng-show/ng-hide and start using ng-if.
  • To tune performance using native JavaScript in application development will be helpful.

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