Initial coin offerings: One of the most used fund-raising buzz word so far from 2017 and ongoing for this year as well. Following the trend, the momentum seems unstoppable. Till now it is estimated that $1.67 billion have already been raised so far, $1.3 billion was raised in 2017 alone, showing 600% strong year-on-year growth.

Unlike raising capital from venture capitalist firms or traditional IPOs, ICOs are accessible to anyone with internet access. Investors are no longer men and women in professional attire, cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin has motivated everyone to invest in digital currency. Nowadays, college students, retirees and other people are looking for opportunities to be a part of the biggest financial tech revolution.

So many potential investors prevent from investing in ICO, because of lack of adequate information about this groundbreaking technology. It is not at all possible to educate every individual personally. This is where Chatbot seems the best available tool within Blockchain to deliver the best sales and offer the best engagement during the course of the launch with an ICO.

1.Customer Service Along with Sales Support

Chat bot is a kind of technology that can serve two different purposes at the same time. Deliver customer service with their queries as well as sales support. So, every time a visitor comes to your website can have conversation with chatbot and will receive a series of other predetermined responses. However, the bot will respond the advice based off of the blockchain status and the current status of the currency.

Major businesses from different industries have already adopted this powerful technology; everyone from the Uber to Durex now utilizes chatbots across platforms like WeChat, Facebook, Slack, and other social communication platforms.

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2.An Economic Alternative

Having live representatives to serve your website visitors might not be an economical option, but chatbot is. Paying your support staff in the early stages of a release might cost a lot, so ensuring chatbot as a type of customer service on the website can help your customers with the basic necessary support that can help you launch your own ICO successfully.

3.Chatbots Are More than an F.A.Q.

Unlike a simple F.A.Q. section, chatbots identify other figures of written word and synonyms in more colloquial settings. Chatbots are smart enough to understand questions and bots instantly send users the pertinent web link, latest version of a whitepaper and relevant videos. Without a physical human requirement, in most cases the bots perform tasks quite well.

4.Offer Financial Benefits

Chatbots can be programmed to answer in any required language, therefore there is no more requirement to invest in the skills of the human. It is true that, 80% of the customers come up with similar queries. Predetermined answers given by Chatbot can significantly make things easier for support members, by enabling them to focus on more complex and real issues.

5.A Must Have Viable Option

Such form of Technological marketing automation stands as the best available solution for Blockchain launches with ICO. Although it will take time to develop and program a chat bot, but at the end it is a viable option and much more effective than paying live representatives especially when your ICO is about to take off.

keeping a chat bot script live on the website will boost the possibility for the adoption of your ICO in a most successful and trusted way. Chatbots are serving major industries to fulfill their purpose across the globe. Like how, Chatbot is continuing to develop, it is enhancing more and more operations. Offering Customer Support to new levels of effectiveness and performance is just the beginning of this evolution.

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Wrapping Up

At Bacancy Technology, we own skillful professionals who have in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise to help you develop your own chatbot as well as ICO.

Mobile app developers at Bacancy Technology have over a half decade of experience in the creation of complex encryption algorithms and data security of top-notch web and mobile app development. Our mobile app developers own skillful expertise in Chatbot development services, whereas ICO Development Services and Smart Contracts Development are our core areas of expertise.

And, if you’re interested in launching your smart contract for your ICO, then we are a top-notch ICO development company you should get in touch with. We are globally renowned crypto token development services and helping investors all around the world to launch their own ICO.

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