At present, we are on the verge of becoming one of the pioneers in the Ruby on Rails development platform. We are big fans of the Ruby programming language and we prefer as well as suggest Ruby on Rails framework to develop most web applications to our clients. Bacancy Technology has inaugurated its operation in 2012 and the organization has consistently grown to around 130 employees – almost 30 of them are Ruby on rails developers.

Amongst the hundreds of programming languages, we have chosen Ruby as our preferred web-application framework. Over the past half of a decade, both junior and senior skillful programmers have recognized its standards. So, I am writing this blog to share what made our programmers fall in love with ruby on rails framework.

An incredibly friendly and open community

Do you have a question in mind or got stuck in the middle of programming language? Reach out to the Ruby community. Favorably, the Ruby community has generous programmers who just love to help others. It’s a platform like Quora, where everybody enthusiastically participates and discuss as well as learn from each other.

After researching the market, Ruby on Rails stood out as the best choice. We have been very happy with that decision. We will continue building on Rails and consider it a key business advantage.Evan Williams, Creator of Blogger and ODEO

The Ruby community is not just limited to the social gatherings, the community is spreading lots of awareness by making available online resources including gems, framework and tutorials.

Before Ruby on Rails, web programming required a lot of verbiage, steps and time.Now, web designers and software engineers can develop a website much faster and more simply, enabling them to be more productive and effective in their work.

Ruby is so Simple, and crystal Clear

We love the simplicity of Ruby’s syntax. Our developers love Ruby precisely because of its syntactic beauty and readability. Let me describe its beauty with the listed below quotes.

Rails is the killer app for Ruby.Yukihiro Matsumoto, Creator of Ruby

It is impossible not to notice Ruby on Rails. It has had a huge effect both in and outside the Ruby community… Rails has become a standard to which even well-established tools are comparing themselves to. Martin Fowler, Author of Refactoring, PoEAA, XP Explained

Continuing the above thread, let me share you how Bacancy Technology’s CEO Chandresh Patel fell in love with Ruby on Rails and embraced it as our organization’s core technology.

I was learning RoR from scratch and literally fell in love with this language when my friend from Java course sent me a code of music application. I tried my hands to write in Ruby. I successfully did it in one line of code.

Chandresh Patel further added, the simplicity of the code made me fall in love with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails itself

Ruby on Rails framework is literally doing favour for startups – as it’s so easy to launch and develop an MVP with Rails.

What sets this framework apart from all of the others is the preference for convention over configuration making applications easier to develop and understand. Sam Ruby, ASF board of directors

Rails is the most well-thought-out web development framework I’ve ever used. And that’s in a decade of doing web applications for a living. I’ve built my own frameworks, helped develop the Servlet API, and have created more than a few web servers from scratch. Nobody has done it like this before. James Duncan Davidson, Creator of Tomcat and Ant

Ruby on Rails, Great big yes!

If programming is a religion, then coding in ROR framework is like prayer for us. We have faith in ROR

Our RoR developers firmly believe in delivering premium web and mobile applications. Hire Ruby on Rails developers from Bacancy Technology to get the best product developed with quality code! With half of a decade of experience in software engineering and being a top-notch Ruby on Rails development company, we make sure to develop, manage and support complex projects as well as solutions using various frameworks like AngularJS, BackboneJS and ReactJS to get assured the best quality, scalability and user experience.

A Big Thank you

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