With over 128,752 starts on Github, Vue.js is one of the trendiest progressive frameworks for building user interfaces beating React and Angular Github star count by a good margin. I know, when it comes to overall popularity, React holds the first position and Angular has securely held a firm position. But, here at Bacancy Technology, our developers have been huge fans of Vue.JS and so does the development community worldwide seems to be favoring this growing sensation.

Vue is easily adaptable and can be effortlessly integrated into big projects for frontend development without external challenges. Deprived of any additional plug-ins and external libraries, Vue.js helps to code robust and reliable applications. Vue incepted with a small project by Evan but fortunately, the framework has matured considerably over the years. Today, Vue has a good number of sponsors, contributors, and evangelists.


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The number of developers adopted Vue had exceptionally grown from 19.6% in 2017 to 28.8% in 2018. As per the State of JavaScript survey, Vue earned 91.2% enamors popularity and highest satisfaction rating amongst users.

I think Vue got the highest satisfaction rating among frameworks in the State of JS this year (91.2%) – thanks to our users, and we aim to do even better! Hope we can change the mind of the 568 people who don’t want to use it again.
Evan You
Creator of Vue.js

Source: https://2018.stateofjs.com/

Why is Vue.js Constantly Growing?

Listed are the benefits you can leverage using Vue.js technology in web development.

Simplistic Approach

Vue.js does not demand any special expertise to implement it in your existing project. You are not required to have proficiency in ES2015, JSX or build systems to perform coding. If you are already familiar with the javascript and HTML, then you are fortunate to start it quickly. This is what makes developers fall in love with Vue.JS for a fast-paced development environment and makes it so easy to shift.


Vue.s empowers you to write application very quickly you can even run the app straight from the browser as well. This ultimately contributes to the testing procedure. It is also possible to build complex applications like JSX, ES6, bundlers, components, and routing using Vue. Vue provides a platform and expresses your application in a specific way to suit your purpose.

Versatile in Terms Application Size

The Vuex feature is used for routing function and state management. Hence it can be used to develop more complex and larger capacities. The significant difference between Vuex and redux/fux with react is vue’s companion libraries are officially supported and keeps it up to date with the core library. Whereas Redux and Flux is just an expansion of React community, it’s not officially tied to React.

Simple Integration

Vue.js holds one of the best integration capabilities with the existing applications, and this is the reason behind its huge popularity amongst developers’ community. Vue is build on JavaScript, thus it can be easily integrated with other applications build on JavaScript. Due to the fact, it lest you amend pre-existing applications with ease beside forming newer applications. Thanks to the existing available components that makes it possible.


In the comparison of other frameworks, Vue.js is a comparatively new framework. Its simplicity and absence of pedigree is one of the strongest attributes. I would like to appreciate Vue for its focus to completely ignore the bloat of other frameworks. Vue’s minimal surface areas allow developers to channelize their efforts on improvements rather than maintenance.

Two-Way Communication

Vue.js accelerates two-way communications because of its MVVM architecture that makes it so easy to deal with HTML blocks. Considering this respect, it seems very close to Angular.js that speeds up HTML blocks.

In-detail Documentation

The Programmers likes to programme their application with detailed documentation because it makes so easy for them to understand the structure of the application for future purpose. The documentation with Vue is all inclusive that any user having a few or little knowledge of JavaScript and HTML can easily build Vue based web application or web page.

Vibrant Community

Vue’s community is actively growing and contributing to the development framework. The developer’s confreres all over the world devoted to Vue is helping the framework to generate more awareness. 2017’s VueConf in Wroclaw in Poland ignited Vue related conferences storm across the globe.

Mobile Development

Vue native also offers cross-platform mobile UI development. Similar to the React Native’s “Learn Once and write anything, Weex and NativeScript follow the similar formula “Write it once and run it anywhere.” This approach has enabled us to manage UI in a transparent and repeatable way between multiple platforms, and that’s quite amazing.

Vue Is Constantly Evolving

At the time of its launch in 2014, not a good amount of developers have welcomed it favorably as most of them were reluctant to adopt this newly launched framework. But, fortunately, the constant update, developer’s contribution, and favorable public feedback have helped Vue to become more prominent, better and one of the most loveable front-end framework. Without the fear of known brands, its constant evolvement has helped Vue to gain an appreciation of the developers and businesses alike.

Who’s Using Vue?

Vue.js has been widely embraced by big brand names such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Reuters, and Laracasts. There are hundreds of websites, components, plugins, applications, and templates are using Vue. Simply, Google and browse the page built with Vue to gain the better understanding of Vue’s awesomeness.

Should I pick Vue.js for My Next Project?

Choose Bacancy Technology as your development partner and hire Vue.js developers from us to unquestionably work with the top-of-the-line experts on the market. As we have successfully delivered 12+ Vue projects and we are renowned Vue contributors. Our Vue developers were part of the first VueConf and willingly organized as well as take part in the Vue conferences around the world. Hire dedicated Vuejs developers from us to build an excellent application.

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