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The frontend as a service has significantly surged in recent years due to its composable commerce solutions that enable developers to use cloud-based modules to develop a fully performant eCommerce frontend. This article encloses an introductory guide to the Vue Storefront for eCommerce, the basic concept of Vue Storefront, its features, and on its characteristics, along with its advantages for your Vue eCommerce business implementation to help you develop exclusive eCommerce frontends that can be easily integrated into any backend. You can easily choose from popular eCommerce backends, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., and get a customized eCommerce store that suits your customer’s needs.

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eCommerce mobile apps are the first place your customers window shop before buying a product. An eCommerce app is your first marketing window, and users are switching from laptop and desktop devices to smartphone shopping experiences.

The Global leader Statista analyzes the retail eCommerce sales from 2017 to 2026 and finds that the worldwide eCommerce retail market amounted to 3.53 trillion USD. In 2024 it is expected to reach 6.91 trillion USD. If you are a retailer or an entrepreneur aspiring to develop an eCommerce application, then it is high time you know about the Vue Storefront for eCommerce.

What is Vue Storefront development?

Vue Storefront was introduced in 2021 with the MIT license. It is an open-source front-end framework you can combine with any eCommerce backend. The Vue storefront uses the Vue.js framework with a Progressive Web App Headless PWA approach. You can integrate your Vue Storefront for eCommerce with stores like Magento, Shopify, Shopware, commerce tools, and more. The Vue Storefront API connects you with payment options, search providers, and CMS. To load a fully-functional eCommerce website on a mobile phone browser, it can take up to 15 to 16 seconds. An average smartphone user will leave your eCommerce website within 3-4 seconds of a loading delay. Online businesses used the mobile-first approach and standalone headless PWA with the Vue Storefront to overcome this threat.

Why is Vue Storefront a preferred eCommerce Javascript platform?

In the above quote, Jeff Bezos explains the responsibility of an eCommerce businessman. In the last 4 years of its existence, Vue Storefront for eCommerce has become the princely choice of such online businessmen owing to its unique features as mentioned below:

Jeff Bezos

Cutting-edge Technology

Vue Storefront uses the Vue.js framework with a headless-agnostic and PWA approach. This combination makes it a powerful and modern tool to target the market demand of the eCommerce industry.

Unlimited Themes & Customizations

The Vue Storefront provides enormous options for themes and variations to create an eCommerce platform of your choice and customization. Exciting developer experience- When you select Vue Storefront as your eCommerce platform front-end, your developers will bless you. There are amazing development options, which are also easy and exciting.

Server-Side Rendering

This storefront improves your Search Engine Optimization by generating a server-side rendering for versions and adds cache options for your eCommerce store’s better performance.


You can choose any eCommerce backend with the Vue Storefront frontend, like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. Such flexibility is the best advantage of using a back-end agnostic feature.


Waiting till the webpage loads open is the most significant barrier in eCommerce web apps. With the Vue Storefront, you can aid lightning-speed options for your eCommerce store.


Develop stunning eCommerce applications by attaining the extendability of the Vue Storefront.

Enhanced HTML- You can add on the modern progressive web app capabilities by enhancing your HTML with the Vue Storefront.

Massive Ecosystem- Leverage the benefits of the huge ecosystem of developers, add-ons, and comprehensive documentation.

Data Binding- You need not manipulate your Document Object Model DOM structure because Vue Storefront manages your data binding for your eCommerce store.

Why choose Vue Storefront for eCommerce?

The advantages you will get by choosing Vue Storefront as your eCommerce front-end are abundant. I’ve highlighted the significant ones here. Find out why you should choose Vue Storefront for developing your eCommerce store app.

1. Progressive Web App mobile-ready
Vue Storefront enables you to build your web and mobile applications together in one move. Such progressive web applications are easy to load and avail excellent performance.

2. API focus and Headless storefront architecture
The Vue Storefront is a flexible front-end for any type of eCommerce back-end- WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. An API abstraction layer between your Vue Storefront and the eCommerce back-end enables you to update your eCommerce or change without changing a single line of code. The integration boilerplate does the master syncing and linking of your storefront with custom eCommerce.

API focus and Headless architecture

3. Open-source technology
The most significant advantage you leverage using the Vue Storefront is that it is free and open-source. Vue Storefront examples leverage the full-stack Vue js development services and the headless PWA approach. The Vue Community has over 200 active contributors, and the GitHub page has 10.2k Stars and 2.1k Forks.

Open-source technology

4. Incredible performance
Based on the microservices architecture of the Vue Storefront examples, you can speedily build your custom eCommerce app with multiple features. Apps built with Vue Storefront front-end offer outstanding performance.

5. Easy-to-use Platform
Developers find using this platform really simple and easy. When you keep your developers happy, they serve you with a high-end delivery and productive project output.

6. Platform Agnostic
You get to develop your eCommerce platform with the Vue Storefront without bothering about your back end. Built apps that are scalable and develop fast.

7. Offline Availability
Most window shoppers like to browse through your eCommerce product list until their long journey ends. Internet connection may not be promising while traveling, so the Vue Storefront is offline-ready.

Let your users enjoy a consistent and reliable shopping experience without troubling the network’s speed and efficiency.

8. Replacement for Android and iOS apps
The Vue Storefront offers a single answer that can fulfill all your needs for both Android and iOS platforms. Being a Progressive Web App, users can pin your eCommerce app to their home screen and access it without a browser interface.

You will be sorted with a single set of code that works flawlessly for every medium- web, mobile, desktop, and multiple OS. It will make you forget your native apps.

9. Incredibly fast PoC and speedy time to market
Creating a superb Vue eCommerce application is a lengthy and tedious process. Any modern eCommerce platform can develop your front-end in a long time and process. However, with Vue Storefront, you get the entire business logic, various themes, and style options that you might need to develop a comprehensive eCommerce app quickly. You can get instant customer reviews and feedback as you can develop a super-fast Proof of Concept POC with Vue Storefront. This helps you reach your target market in a lesser time.

10. Future-oriented approach
The Vue Storefront is for future-generation enterprises. The latest technologies are researched to be added for availing it to the new clients. It is the first-ever eCommerce platform that can function offline- even for placing orders. Stay up-to-date with the latest and cutting-edge technologies as you choose your eCommerce app development with Vue Storefront. Now that you know this amazing PWA headless storefront frontend’s advantages, let me share more information about its usage.

Vue Storefront Concepts

Here are the three important aspects you must know about Vue Storefront examples before beginning your PWA eCommerce development.

1. Vue Storefront Core

This is the main- core folder while handling your project with the Vue storefront. All the essential and crucial features are here, like the build process, SSR behavior, entry points, in-app libraries, and helpers. Until necessary, you should not indulge in this folder for any modifications. As far as you keep, it is manageable; your Vue eCommerce app will stay up-to-date.

2. Vue Storefront Modules

There are two module folders- one for your project’s core modules and one for the project source. These modules contain eCommerce features you can add to your projects like wishlist, catalog, cart, or any thor-party integrations. These modules enable you to customize your eCommerce projects with the features you wish to add or eliminate, along with third party integrations.

3. Vue Storefront Themes

The Vue Storefront themes are customizable; you can extend or use the code logic to customize your Vue eCommerce store style. The default theme is completely moldable. All in all, you just need to understand that your project in Vue Storefront is one big customizable theme where you can manipulate the modules of your choice, and the core will integrate everything for you. Once you know these three concepts, kick-starting your eCommerce project will not be a task anymore.

Vue Storefront Forum

The Vue Community has set up an official place to get all the latest updates, news, announcements, and other notifications around the technology.

Vue Storefront Forum

Which companies are using Vue Storefront?

Vue Storefront is an upcoming trend that companies across varied industries and fields are accepting for developing their Vue eCommerce stores. Healthcare, fashion, interior, food, beauty, and other fields have successfully implemented this headless storefront and backend-agnostic front-end framework. The top Vue Storefront partners are mentioned below:

The top Vue Storefront partners

1. Zadig & Voltaire
A famous Fashion brand spread across 3 continents uses the Vue Storefront to serve its loyal customers online.

2. Lights.ie
An online merchant of varied lights and other commercial items from Europe uses the backend-agnostic PWA headless storefront approach.

3. DeWalt Shelving
Vue Storefront built an online eCommerce store for buying shelving and protective gear.

4. Tally Weijl
The fashion industry should not stay back. A global fashion brand for empowering women uses Vue Storefront to excel the sales.

5. Gastro hero
A German company uses Vue Storefront to deliver catering products online. Apart from these, you can check out all the amazing live projects of Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront Development Services

You are surely amazed by this stunning Vue eCommerce front-end’s potential and charm that enables you to combine your project with any back-end you choose. Here are the services you can avail of when indulging in your enterprise eCommerce app development.

Vue Storefront Development Services

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