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This blog post brings you a comprehensive list of Vue Component Libraries that turn up to be the righteous choice for developing your next successful eye-pleasing mobile application. Vue JS is an elegant choice for creating dynamic frontend applications. With the expanding Vue community, we have acknowledged varied useful solutions that have enabled us for attaining aimed outputs.

This one is a curated list as per my experience and I hope you find it useful. If you have any other suggestions that I can add up to my list, then please let me know in the comments.

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VueJS is no more a progressive JavaScript framework, but it is one of the widely used frontend frameworks that enables developers to create UIs elegantly and efficiently. Functionality-driven structure, in-detail documentation, and easy learning curve make it a favorable choice for beginners and for experienced developers. It is an opportunity to move from other JavaScript frameworks to Vue.js.

I have compiled a list of some fundamental tools and libraries, as well as proven tips and tricks to level up your career as a Vue.js Developer. I have chosen this list based on their effectiveness, usefulness, and uniqueness, also you will find their GitHub repo and stars along with their NPM package manager downloads.

vue component libraries

Top 41 Vue Component Libraries

Here is the curated list of 41 best Vue component libraries as per my experience with them. Go through and you may find something useful for your next amazing Vue project. Enlighten us if you have any better libraries that you came across.

#1 Nuxt

Server-Side Rendering is one of the most popular techniques to render SPAs on the server instead of the browser. It allows the website to have a faster page load time, and that is the key to a good user experience. Nuxt.js is built on SSR features, and with Nuxt, you can create SSR apps, PWAs, and SPAs, or you can use it as a static site generator.

GitHub: 11.2k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 496,461

Features of Nuxt:

🟠 Requires zero configuration; begin coding straight away.
🟠 Automatic routing, file-routing, & code splitting.
🟠 Enables rendering modes between static and on-demand server rendering.
🟠 Easy data component fetching from any source.


#2 Vuetify

Vuetify is a large set of 80+ crafted component libraries based on Material Design such as banners, badges, form inputs and controls, buttons, progress widgets, and many more such things that are sufficient for any application’s requirements. Whether you want to start a new application or looking for assistance to add them to the existing app, you can use it to build SSR apps, mobile apps, SPAs, and PWAs. The best thing about Vuetify is it offers free as well as premium themes, and it also lets you build your own theme as well.

GitHub: 36.3k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 4,69,789

Features of Vuetify:

🟠 Vuetify components support material design accessibility.
🟠 Supports language internationalization.
🟠 Offers programmatic scrolling.


#3 Vue CLI

Vue CLI is a fully-featured set of tools with installed npm packages that allows you to create project structures and deploy boilerplates rapidly in your terminal. With the use of Vue CLI, you can experiment with new ideas to create instant prototypes to demonstrate new features. Moreover, Vue CLI offers support for web development tools like Babel, ESLint, PostCSS, TypeScript, Unit Testing, PWA Mocha, Cypress, Nightwatch, and end to end testing. However, the apple of the eye is Graphical UI – Vue UI that comes along with the CLI that lets you create new projects and manage them accordingly.

GitHub: 29.5k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 85,208

Features of Vue CLI:

🟠 Provides GUI to create and manage Vue projects.
🟠 Enables interactive project scaffolding.
🟠 An upgradable runtime dependency.
🟠 A standard tooling baseline for Vue ecosystem providing official plugins.


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#4 VuePress

In layman’s terms, VuePress is a big player in Vue’s ecosystem that is widely used as a Vue-powered static site generator tool. It was presented for writing technical documentation, however, now it is used as a powerful headless CMS and the significant benefit of VuePress is that it lets you include Vue components into your Markdown files. VuePress provides extra power and flexibility to build your website like a regular Vue app.

GitHub: 21.1k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1,31,053

Features of VuePress:

🟠 Vuepress offers built-in markdown extensions.
🟠 One can import code snippets with Vuepress.
🟠 Offers Algolia search.
🟠 Responsive layout.


#5 Storybook

Storybook is an open-source environment that lets you develop, manage and test UI components through a flexible API and in an isolated environment, which makes it a must-have tool for building UIs proficiently.

Storybook enables Vue programmers to create awesome components independently and showcase them interactively without worrying about app-specific dependencies and requirements. So, the next time if you want to implement extra features for Storybook, I would like to suggest you try Addons functionality.

GitHub: 76k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 2,75,418

Storybook Features:

🟠 It offers on-demand architecture.
🟠 Interaction testing abilities with Storybook.
🟠 Lazy compilation for webpack.
🟠 Offers test-runner and code coverage.


#6 Element UI

Element UI is a Vue component library with an active set of 500+ maintainers that are widely used by developers, designers, and product managers. Element UI is mostly used to create desktop applications, as its components are not responsive. It is one of the most popular component-based libraries of Vue.js. This library is based on a design system, so it precisely thought-out down even the smallest detail. It provides lots of valuable information to assist you with components and several of its valuable resources. So, for the desktop application, without a doubt, it is one of the best libraries to take into consideration.

GitHub: 53k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 3,19,832

Features of Element UI:

🟠 It has an easy and cool design language.
🟠 Offers optimized and updated component API.
🟠 Enables customizations.
🟠 Comprehensive documentation.

element UI

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#7 Quasar

Quasar is a high performance, material design two and feature-complete node.js based collection of tools for building reliable, fast and engaging progressive web-app, developing and publishing a website; a secure way to make native apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows with Electron and a system for building cross-platform apps with Cordova. It’s an innovative solution for web developers derived from innovative ideas and concepts to alleviate the pain of managing the project with babel, eslinet, web pack, and more in a single framework. Quasar eliminates the use of additional libraries like Bootstrap, Hammerjs, or Momentjs as it has got that covered too.

GitHub: 22.7k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1,21,318

Quasar Features:

🟠 Easy customization (CSS) & extendability (JS).
🟠 Offers automatic tree shaking (dead code removal).
🟠 Incredible support for desktop, web and mobile browsers.
🟠 Support for SPA, SSR, PWA.


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#8 Vue-router

If you are already familiar with other JavaScript frameworks, the concept of routing shouldn’t be new to you. The use of a router is to map the applications, and the Vue router supports component-based router configuration. Vue-router also supports wildcards, params, and querying in order to perform complex routing and the possibility to choose between hash mode or HTML5 history.

GitHub: 18.9k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 23,84,661

Vue Router Features:

🟠 Comes with an intuitive and powerful static & dynamic expressive route syntax.
🟠 Offers precise navigation control.
🟠 Enables component-based configuration.
🟠 Provides extensive stroll control.


#9 VueX

VueX is a state management system that you can use as a centralized store to solve all the state management functions and to make sure that states are mutated in a predictable manner. Let’s have a closer look at the structural components of VueX.

  • State – It is an object that encompasses the app’s state
  • Mutations – Vuex mutations are very similar to events as each mutation has a handler and a string type.
  • Getters – Getters are like computed properties for stores; it caches data and smartly updates themselves when the state changes.
  • Actions – VueX Actions are similar to mutations, the difference being that: Instead of mutating the state, actions commit mutations. Actions can contain arbitrary asynchronous operations.

VueX works perfectly with shared state management, but if your application is SPA, then you might not need Vuex. It is advisable to use it by building medium or large-scale apps.

GitHub: 27.9k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 17,38,271

Features of VueX

🟠 The Single state tree offers single source of truth.
🟠 Offers mutations for state change.
🟠 Provides 3 types of Getters to compute the derived state of store.
🟠 Enables you to design in an advanced application structure.


#10 Vue Apollo

You might have heard lots of buzz around GraphQL, and if you are interested in integrating it with Vue.js, then I would like to suggest you try Vue Apollo. The library makes use of Vue in the combination of GraphQL/Apollo for a smooth as well as a pleasant experience.

GitHub: 5.8k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1,32,810

Features of Vue Apollo:

🟠 Comes with frequent automated updates.
🟠 Avails amazing in-template components.
🟠 It is ready for server side rendering.

Vue Apollo

#11 Gridsome

Gridsome is a modern website development framework for creating fast and secure websites and deploy it to Netlify or Amazon s3 – CDN. Through it has been lately introduced; however, it has gained immense popularity and followers amongst Vue developers. Gridsome creators were influenced by Gatsby.js – a site generator for React. Gridsome generates SEO-friendly HTML files based on the data source. The data source can be JSON, Markdown, CSV, Drupal, WordPress, MongoDB or Airtable, etc. Once the content is loaded, it turns into a single GraphQL Data Layer for centralized data management, and then you can extract it to build and deploy your Vue application.

GitHub: 8.4k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 7,462

Features of Vue Gridsome:

🟠 Ease of local development and hot-reloading for code updates.
🟠 Great performance using PRPL pattern.
🟠 Offers static PWA generation.
🟠 Enables search engine to better crawl your web content and hence is SEO-friendly.


#12 Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap Vue is a frontend CSS and Vue component library that simply eliminates the JavaScript in the routine bootstrap components with Vue code. With Bootstrap Vue, you can build mobile-first and responsive, projects making use of frontend CSS library β€” Bootstrap v4. Bootstrap Vue is one of the fastest ways to build interactive interfaces using Vue and bootstrap as it provides a lot of resources, starter kits, and themes to startup quickly.

GitHub: 14.2k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 3,59,184

Features of Bootstrap Vue:

🟠 Gets the best of Bootstrap and Vue.
🟠 Offers a responsive layout, keeping in mind mobile-first priority.
🟠 Enables automated WAI-ARIA accessibility.
🟠 One can create themes with SCSS variables and global options.

Bootstrap Vue

#13 iView

Based on Vue.js 2, iView is a popular UI toolkit providing several widgets and UI components having a clean and elegant design. The component library comes with its offline documentation and CLI tool to visualize projects.

GitHub: 24k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 9,715

Features of iView:

🟠 Customers can have their customized development after they receive the source code on purchasing.
🟠 Excellent support service with technical documentation as well as tech-expert support.
🟠 Once you buy the library, you can forever use the materials for free.
🟠 Provides development cloud.


#14 Vux

Vux is a Vue Component library having Chinese origin and it has various mobile UI components as well as WeUI components from the company WeChat. The Vux workflow + Vue-loader + Webpack are supporting the Vux.

Though most of the documentation of this library is in Chinese and very little English translation is available, but you can get help from the community

GitHub: 17.6k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1,239

Features of Vux:

🟠 Implements server-side rendering using Nuxt.
🟠 It is preferably going to support Typescript in future.


#15 Mint UI

Mint UI is a lightweight library that enables using varied CSS and JS components such that you can build mobile apps and cohesive web pages at a much faster rate. It provides an iOS-like theme for your mobile application components and it is loaded on demand, hence no file-size issues

GitHub: 16.6k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 3,198

Features of MintUI:

🟠 Provides several CSS and JS components to build mobile apps.
🟠 Lightweight. 30kb when compressed.
🟠 Smooth animations using CSS3.
🟠 Loads on demand.

Mint UI

#16 Best Resume Ever

As the name suggests, this Vue and LESS-built component library helps you build graceful resumes and CVs in minimal time. Some of the sample CVs are here:

GitHub: 15.8k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: Well, as of now there are not many downloads for this library on the node package manager community.

Best Resume Ever

#17 Vue Multiselect

This Vue library component for using the selections in your application. Multiselect offers no dependencies, single & multiple selections, tagging, filtering, drop-downs, search suggestions, and so much more.

GitHub: 6k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 223,699

Features of Vue Multiselect:

🟠 Zero dependencies
🟠 Fully configurable
🟠 Default support for Vuex
🟠 Supports server-side rendering.

Vue Multiselect

#18 Filepond

Filepond is a JS component library that is available for Angular, Vue, React, Svelte, and jQuery which can help you upload anything from anywhere. It offers amazing flexibility, easy optimization of images before uploading, and a flawless UX.

GitHub: 12k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 69,506

Features of Filepond:

🟠 Accessible
🟠 Responsive
🟠 Image optimization
🟠 Sync/Async uploading

#19 Buefy

Buefy is another lightweight Vue JS Component library that is based on Bulma. It helps you simplify your app UI by adding a JS layer of the interface created with BulmaCSS. You’ll see your Vue components following Material Design UX and Bulma designs.

GitHub: 9.1k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 55,864

Buefy Features:

🟠 Opensource, available on GitHub.
🟠 Built with VueJs and Bulma.
🟠 Lightweight, no dependencies.
🟠 Highly responsive


#20 Vuelidate

A minimalistic validation component library for Vue, which is lightweight, simple, and is model-based. Vuelidate is decoupled from templates and has support from nested models, function composition, and collection validations. It helps you validate data from varied sources like computed values, Vuex getters, etc.

GitHub: 6.2k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 243,071

Features of Vuelidate:

🟠 Supports Nested Models.
🟠 Supports Function Validation.
🟠 It has a minimalistic library and is free of dependencies.
🟠 Offers good test coverage.


#21 Eagle.js

Eagle is a Vue framework that presents a cool web-based slideshow and supports interactive widgets, themes, animations, reusable components, and more. You can easily customize the Eagle API for your Vue project.

GitHub: 4k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 4

EagleJs Features:

🟠 Offers reusable components, slides, and styles for presentations.
🟠 It is lightweight & provides helpful extensions.
🟠 Supports widgets, animations, and themes.
🟠 All its APIs are public.

Eagle js

#22 Vue Resource

Vue Resource is a Vue component library for handling web requests and responses. It either uses JSONP or XMLHttpRequest to undertake the procedure. It supports interceptors, Promise API, and URI templates. Web browsers like IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. are supporting this Vue plugin.

GitHub: 10.1k stars
Weekly downloads on NPM: 67,659

Features of Vue Resource:

🟠 Comes in a compact size of 14kb when zipped.
🟠 Supports Vue 1 and Vue 2.
🟠 Most browsers have support for Vue Resource.
🟠 Provides support for URI templates and Promise API.

Vue Resource

#23 Vue Material

This Vue component library is based on the Google Material Design Specifications and is lightweight and good-looking. Build re-sizable mobile and web applications with Vue Material and get from all web browsers backup up by amazing themes, components, and easy-to-use API.

GitHub: 9.6k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 17,367

Features of Vue Material:

🟠 Compatible with modern web browsers.
🟠 Built as per Google Material design.
🟠 Is imple & lightweight.
🟠 Provides on-demand components & offers ease-to-use API.

Vue Material

#24 Vee Validate

Another validation library for Vue that keeps a check on input and displaying errors. The PHP Framework Laravel’s validation inspired Vue to come up with this library. It is template-based, has zero dependencies, and has support from 40+ locales. It is one of the vue best practices to include Vue Validation while developing your web application.

GitHub: 8.9k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 354,467

Features of Vee Validate:

🟠 Offers composable functions API or declarative components.
🟠 It can handle submissions, validations, and track values.
🟠 Supports VueJS devtools.
🟠 Enables easy debugging.

Vee Validate

#25 Vuestic

Vuestic is a Vue component library to build responsive dashboards using the fucntionailty of Material Forms, i18n, Bootstrap 4, Webpack, and Google maps. Vasili Savitski designed this library and Epicmax developed it.

GitHub: 1.1K stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 871

Features of Vuestic:

🟠 Enables internationalization
🟠 Offers cross-browser compatibility
🟠 Responsive
🟠 Comes in two color-scheme options.


#26 Poi

Poi is a pre-configuration bundler for the web, and is popularly called zero-config bundler. You can also avail Poi as a plugin so that you can use the extra features and options of the Poi library.

GitHub: 5.3k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1780

Features of Poi:

🟠 Extensible
🟠 Support for JS, CSS, file assets & more.
🟠 Framework-agnostic
🟠 Supports Vue, JSX, and more with no configurations.

#27 Keen UI

Keen UI helps you build interactive javascript components for page layout, CSS framework, and structure. It has a simple API, but it doesn’t support typogra[hy styles or grid-system.

GitHub: 4k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 2428

Features of Keen UI:

🟠 Lightweight
🟠 Inspired by Material Design
🟠 Enables you to create reusable components.

Keen UI

#28 Cube UI

A Vue library for fantastic mobile user-interface design. It offers design scalability, keeps a uniform standard, and an interactive experience.

GitHub: 8.9k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 3055

Features of Cube UI:

🟠 Offers a quick, smooth & fluent experience.
🟠 Follows a uniform standard design.
🟠 Lightweight & Flexible.
🟠 Assurance for continuous integration CI.

Cube UI

#29 Primevue

A Vue Component Library for amazing user interface design. Primevue is also available for Angular, Java, and React.

GitHub: 2k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 37,305

Features of Primevue:

🟠 Offers Accessibility & Enterprise support.
🟠 Support for typescript & tooling assistance.


#30 Ant-design-Vue

This one is an enterprise-class UI design system based on Vue and Ant-design. It provides some out-of-the-box components for desktop applications.

GitHub: 15.9k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 59,502

Features of Ant-design-Vue:

🟠 Out of the box Vue components.
🟠 Offers SSR.

Ant design Vue

#31 Vue Tailwind

A Vue component library for lightweight and customizable components for your application. It is based on Tailwind-CSS.

GitHub: 1.7k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 4916

Features of Tailwind:

🟠 Custom-name for components.
🟠 Install what you need- lightweight.
🟠 Reinstall the same components with different settings & names.
🟠 Comes with a new default theme.

Vue Tailwind

#32 Chakra UI

The Vue Chakra UI helps you in building accessible and scalable Vue components for mobile apps and web applications. It is flexible, composable, enables dark mode, and provides ease of styling.

GitHub: 1.4k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1183

Features of Chakra UI:

🟠 Composable components.
🟠 Components can be customized based on your Theme.
🟠 Follows WAI-ARIA standards.

Chakra UI

#33 CoreUI/Vue

This one is a Vue v3 component library offering 90+ bootstrap components & directives. It eliminates unnecessary dependencies and builds without JQuery.

GitHub: 426 stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 19497

Features of CoreUI:

🟠 Responsive for mobile & browser compatibility.
🟠 Reduces development time & hence time-to-market.
🟠 Compatible with Bootstrap 5.
🟠 Open-source with Enterprise-level support.

CoreUI Vue

#34 Syncfusion

Syncfusion is a comprehensive Vue component library that provides over 65 high-performance, modular, responsive, and lightweight UI components. It is also supported by React, Angular, Blazor, and Javascript.

GitHub: 218 stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 9353

Features of Syncfusion:

🟠 Comes with a modular architecture.
🟠 Supports global audience with various language availability.
🟠 Provides built-in themes.
🟠 Enables to achieve excellent performance.


#35 Vuesax

Vuesax is a collection of Vue.js components that you can adopt to your project and facilitate it incrementally. It improves the design of your application without eliminating features, enables faster development of the frontend of your Vue application.

GitHub: 5.3k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 6638

Features of Vuesax:

🟠 Components come with adaptive design.
🟠 Open-source community for updating & improving components.
🟠 Support for responsive pages.
🟠 Components are unbound with any visual trend or design rule.


#36 Fish UI

Fish UI is a Vue 2.0 toolkit for developing Vue web applications. It is equipped with Babel 6, Moment, Vue Router, and ES6. It has semantic CSS components, Vue Loader, and stylesheets in LESS.

GitHub: 890 stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 16

Features of Fish UI:

🟠 Semantic CSS components.
🟠 Stylesheets in β€˜Less’ programming language.
🟠 Compatible with Vue Loader and Webpack 2.0.
🟠 It is equipped with Vue.js, Babel 6, Vue-Router, Momen & ES6.

Fish UI

#37 Muse UI

Yet another Vue 2.0 elegant Material Design components which is customizable. It was released under the MIT license and is supported by most modern browsers including IE 10+.

GitHub: 8.3k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 1229

Features of Muse UI:

🟠 Provides a rich set of 40 components.
🟠 Offers customizable themes

Muse UI

#38 Carbon/Vue

This library presents Vue resuable carbon components for developing excellent front-end & UI for mobile and web applications. Developers can use Carbon Vue for prototyping and production work.

GitHub: 440 stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 2407

Features of Carbon:

🟠 Open-source
🟠 Modular & flexible
🟠 User-first approach
🟠 Builds consistency.


#39 Qdt-components

The Qlik Demo Team (QDT) developed this component library which you can use along with Vue 2, Angular 10, and React 16. Get connected with Engine and Capability APIs.

GitHub: 86 stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 613


#40 Vuikit

Miljan Aleksic developed the Vuikit library based on the UIkit 3 framework, under MIT licensing. It is responsive and a conistent Vue library.

GitHub: 1.5k stars

Weekly downloads on NPM: 686

Features of Vuekit:

🟠 It is extendible.
🟠 Themebale- can create a custom theme from the components.
🟠 Open-source & free.


With this, I conclude my list of the best and useful Vue Component Lirabries that can help you develop a fabulous frontend for your next Vue js application.


Of course, the market is full of daunting options when it comes to choosing the right component library for your application. The ultimate concern is if it keeps your app compact and lightweight, without unnecessary loading and extra effort-saving on performance optimization.

At Bacancy Technology, our keen and intelligent Vue.js developers can take the call for your business application. Now, you just need to make plans for giving your successes-story interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A component library is a set of reusable components containing custom HTML elements to build amazing UI in your Vue.js project.

Vue is a Javascript library.

Google, Behance, Nintendo, Gitlab, Dribble, and more companies are using Vue Js.

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