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This article encloses the right mix of knowledge and motivation for using Node.js for real-time application development. Revolutionary minds are behind finding the ultimate solution for developing real-time applications using the best-fit of technology. Node.js stands out as the hero in the league of frameworks by beholding the best event-driven titles, asynchronization, NPM package, client-server rendering, and debugging.

Read more about the need and urge of real-time applications amongst the users is rising. Also, find out which domains are ideal for developing Node Js real time applications. Know-how and why choosing Node.js For Real-Time Application Development will make you proud of yourself in the near future.

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Preface: Real Time Application

Time is Money

Time is money- goes the old saying, but time is indeed more valuable than money in today’s life. Man not only wants to stay with the time but it wants to stay ahead of time.
Jim Rohn has rightly quoted, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can not get more time.”

You would not find a single application popular in the current times and is without any real-time features such as instant messaging, or real-time notifications. To stay impact with the competition you must make sure that your upcoming application focuses on real-time features.

What Does A Real-Time App Do? (Role & Challenges)

Some of the best instances of a real-time application are:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP
  • eCommerce Transactions
  • Community storage solutions
  • Instant Messaging/ Chatting
  • Video Calling
  • Online multiplayer gaming, and more

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Now, such occurrences actually take place over a period of time, but the user feels that it is happening instantly, i.e., in real-time. These experiences keep the user pounded on your mobile application.

Considering the pace of this digital advancement, mobile app developers keep a keen ear and eye towards real-time motion tracking, Google firebase, using Node.js for real-time application development, ticket booking apps, live streams, etc.

Entrepreneurs like yourself are exploring ideas to implement that amaze the users’ minds for syncing their digital and real lives. You know how such real-time applications can reduce the load-bearing in minimal time and high speed. However, every power comes with a pitfall; in real-time data, such apps have to undergo hefty calculations and a heap of challenges.

Scenario Where Node Js Real Time Applications Are Used

Instant messaging and notifications are just the beginning; you might not be aware of real-time applications’ maximum potential. Check out the myriad of applications where real-time features can enhance your users’ day-to-day lifestyles.

Real-time Messaging

All of us using instant messaging services on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Skype, or any other chatting application are known to real-time messaging. We understand the value and purpose of such applications as they keep us connected with our loved ones. We know how the number of chattings apps are briskly growing.

Real-time Messaging

However, there’s more to node js real time applications examples than just chatting; such characteristics are useful on-demand applications such as taxi booking, delivery apps, and other collaborative platforms. The real-time messaging feature proves to be vital for your enterprise because it enables you to stay linked to your prospects and customers all the time.

As per a report by Freshworks, 79% of your customers prefer to choose a live chat in customer support. Also, customers who use live chat are more likely to convert compared to those who don’t.

Real-time Notifications

Your business application can perform wonders as you implement real-time notifications in your app. Mostly all active and modern apps today deliver real-time notifications to their users. A study found that 44% of companies vote that push notifications offer them a greater return on their investment ROI as compared to email notifications.

Live Streams

Just after the famous social networking and media platforms- Facebook and Instagram integrated live streaming, users have got addicted to it. A video has some sort of appeal towards it which keeps the user’s eye glued to it. I have noted that almost every application on my phone currently has already integrated the live video stream feature into its palette.

video stream feature

Take a note of the following statistics:

  • By 2024, 91 million subscribers will use live streaming.
  • 47% of viewers are already using live streaming for over a year now.
  • 67% of the audience buy the product after watching a live stream of the product.
  • 80% of respondents would prefer to watch a live video stream than read a blog.
  • 82% users prefer to watch a live video stream of a brand as compared to its social post.
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Real-time tracking

The other day, I had to drop my mom at the bus station while I got an update about an urgent office meeting. I booked an Uber to drop my mom off and started preparing for my upcoming conference. I just asked my mom to inform me when she reaches the station because she is a bit unaware of the modern digital technological world.

I was set for my meeting, and yet there was no update from my mom. I got anxious as to whether she is alright and reached the station or not. Thanks to Uber’s real-time tracking feature, I could trace my mother’s cab location and immediately called the driver. I learned that there was a road-repair en route, which caused the delay, and was rest-assured.

Real-time tracking has become inevitable for such taxi apps and delivery apps like Amazon that track your rides or shopping/food deliveries. Users get assured and reliable when they can track their orders from these applications.

According to ResearchAndMarkets.com, by 2025, the Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) will see a growth of approximately 20% CAGR.

IoT devices

Most of the digital appliances today are synced with your smartphones, where you can enable any sorts of edits in the device functioning directly from your phone. Most of the information that needs to be updated in these IoT devices keeps changing like the room temperature, the sunlight capacity, exposure to wind, etc. Hence, real-time features are the most essential in such Internet of Things IoT devices.

To understand the urge of IoT devices and the real-time characteristics linked with them, let us consider the following data:

By 2025, the world population will rise to 8.1 billion, and an average person living will have nearly 8 to 20 smart devices with them.

IoT market in 2025

Such a hike makes the IoT market in 2025 see a glorifying US $ 1,6 trillion revenue.

Role of Node.js in Real-Time Apps

Two essential things that any real-time application requires are speed and scalability, and Node.js comes up in the list when considering its event-driven features and non-blocking I/O operations. Applications like social media, ad servers, forums, and stock exchange software get two-way connections from Node.js, making it an ideal choice for data-intensive applications. Other than this, a real-time application needs to have the following must-have features:

  • Receiving Notifications
  • Multiple User collaboration
  • Making Interactions

All these above features can be easily incorporated into your node application development using the Node.js framework.

Benefits of choosing Node.js for real-time application development projects

You might have come across various Node js examples. Here are the prime reasons why we encourage entrepreneurs to choose Node Js real time application development:

  • Speed– Real-time apps are supposed to be fast and responsive. As Node js is built on javascript, your app will execute Javascript fast and deliver results at light’s speed. Node js real time applications can handle multiple client requests using the event-loop, and hence there will be no load or pressure on your real time app development.
  • I/O bound tasks– Node js developers can easily track all the input/ output activities or tasks very easily because its streams are UNIX based. The framework can read and decrypt any sort of input and redirect it to the destination.
  • Reusability– The biggest advantage of real time with Node Js is that its developers get the reusability of its components. Whenever the Node js developers are struck, they can take the NPM manager’s help while developing a real-time chat application. Node.js enables developers to share and utilize all types of Node components amongst the community. This ensures speedy and easy Nodejs application development.
  • Module-based functionality– Node.js functions with the module-based functionality, which enables developers to leverage the maximum advantage with minimal coding efforts. Developers need to work on individual modules that reduce the complexity of your application.
  • Data handling– Node.js enables the data transfer and rendering between the client and server effortlessly. Node ensures that data is easily accessible at all times, which helps the developers in better handling of real-time data.
  • SEO friendliness– For your business app to sustain in the current digital world, SEO is a must-essential thing to have. Node.js enables you to enhance the SEO of your real-time application by its backend rendering that improves your app engagement and provides more visibility to your app.
  • Proxy server– If your real time app requires multiple administrative accounts, then Node is the right fit for you. Just with a minimal code of 20 lines, your app will be able to stream data from various sources. These characteristics make your choice Node.js for real-time application development.

Chat App: Real Time With Node Js

As you want to develop a chat app in real time with Node Js, you should use the Socket.IO library and either of Feather.JS or Express.JS frameworks. Socket.IO Socket.IO is a JS library that uses the WebSocket protocol for real time app development. It works for both client-side as well as server-side and enables bi-directional and real-time communication between web clients and servers.

This library will enable you to use various features in your Node.js real-time application, such as broadcasting to multiple sockets, asynchronous input/ output, strong data association, binary streaming, instant messaging, document collaboration, real-time analytics, and more. Express.JS Express.JS is an open-source, free, back-end framework that enhances the basic functionality of Node.JS. You can develop any matchmaking solutions with Express, and you get a better code organization. Using Express.JS, you can route your application better by utilizing all the essential features of Node.js.


Node.js offers amazing functions when you are considering developing node js real time applications such as real-time chat or gaming applications. Node uses event-based and non-blocking servers that enable you to add features like remote collaboration, user interactions, and more.

If you think that your application does not need any real-time characteristics or features right now, you will have to reconsider including them later anyway. Hire Node.js developer from Bacancy Technology and quick-start building your scalable, data-intensive, enterprise-grade, full-fledged application with real-time features for user engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can choose any from Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud because Node is “hosting-agnostic” in nature. Your Node application/website can run efficiently on any service provider.

You can scale your Node.js application in two ways- horizontally and vertically. Node.js is single-threaded, and hence you might not benefit by running it on a 16-core server.

Hence, in Vertical scaling, you run multiple instances of your app on a single machine and dissipate traffic across CPU threads. Another method is Horizontal scaling, which works the same as any other backend application.

Definitely, you can use Node.JS for building stable and fast e-commerce solutions. Several ready frameworks enable an easy quick-start of developing an e-commerce app with Node.js.

Real time web app with socket IO Node Js is the perfect solution to depict how real time with Node Js is inevitable.

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