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While there are many brilliant frameworks for creating eCommerce websites, Laravel stands out for several reasons. Web developers prefer to use Laravel for eCommerce as it is flexible, lightweight, and has an efficient PHP framework, offering myriads of possibilities to create a website that would offer an incredible eCommerce experience to the end-users.

Let us explore the significant possibilities of why an ecommerce website in laravel is still a good choice even in 2022.

Why You Should Choose Laravel for eCommerce Website Development

Enterprise eCommerce has been a force to reckon with even before COVID-19. In the post-COVID-19 era, its significance has touched a new dimension for obvious reasons. According to Grand View Research’s report, in 2021, the global B2B eCommerce market size was valued at US$6.83 trillion. The same report predicts that B2B eCommerce would expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.7% from 2022 to 2030.

The preference for online shopping has led to supply chain disruptions, including the closure of physical stores. Apart from maintaining social distance due to the deadly virus, other reasons make eCommerce a favorite for both buyers and sellers. They are:

  • Easy access
  • Lower price
  • Saves time and money as the end-users do not have to take the trouble to explore the market for what they want.

While this has created so many unexpected avenues for growth, it is also a great challenge for businesses to create robust websites that provide a seamless experience to the end-users. It is here that Laravel helps businesses to break Into E-Commerce and plays a crucial role in developing user-friendly eCommerce websites.

Laravel provides clean code structure, great scalability, and superior performance optimization for all the categories of web applications. Laravel framework utilizes optimized security mechanisms to safeguard online stores from malicious attacks and malware.

The eCommerce industry holds a $22.1 trillion financial market share, where smooth business operations, fast loading times, and high-performance play key roles. Laravel framework fulfills all these criteria and becomes the first and foremost choice of product owners to build laravel ecommerce platform.

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Features That Make Laravel Good for eCommerce

The fact that there are around 450,000 live Laravel eCommerce websites in the world developed using Laravel framework speaks volumes of its “goodness.” Its brilliant ecosystem, cashing, testing, data security, and flexibility to create cross-platform applications make it the most reliable PHP eCommerce framework.

Following are some other interesting features that make developers choose Laravel as their favorite eCommerce solution:

• User-friendly PHP framework
• Simple to understand and quite pragmatic
• Clean code
• Detailed and easily understandable documentation
• Reliable community support
• Built-in libraries that are created using object-oriented programming techniques
• Kits that make security management and customization of the process template smoother and easier
• Free of cost, ready-made packages that provide high scalability; autonomous operation; and omnichannel support.
• High-level online web security
• Simple APIs that can facilitate seamless third-party integration. Laravel e-commerce APIs integrate well with payment services as well as any other third-party system that is required.
• Availability of plugins and design themes makes different development cycles smooth and effortless
• It is brilliant in optimizing performance with its incredible support for cache back ends and extra coaching configuration options.
• Simplified database indexing and memory usage reduction
• Simplified speed optimization strategies
• The MVC design pattern makes it possible to separate logic and presentation, resulting in better performance and greater consumer satisfaction.
• SEO-friendly CMS
• Simple unit testing and debugging
• Ease of maintenance
• Efficient development cycles

All of these features, and the functionalities that they provide make Laravel one of the most loved frameworks for eCommerce. It would be interesting to explore the benefits that enterprises and end-users get when they access applications using the Laravel framework.

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Benefits of Using Laravel for eCommerce in 2022-23

When enterprises want to switch over to Laravel framework from their older framework, it is quite simple to do so. The enterprises can avail themselves of a wide range of laravel ecommerce development services. Some of these services include design, business, and eCommerce solutions. It also offers integration and customization services.

Let us look at the top advantages of Laravel framework in 2022 that the enterprises get developing their applications in Laravel.

Benefits of Laravel for ecommerce

1. Matchless Data Security

Any eCommerce website’s top priority is to give its users robust security. Multiple payment gateways and storage of sensitive consumer data make it mandatory for them to create the applications that provide the highest safety and security. The use of Laravel for eCommerce provides the highest data security.

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM system and its pre-installed object-oriented libraries enable the developers to use the PHP code directly. They do not need to use comparatively vulnerable SQL files. XSS and SQL injections are specialized security tools developers can use to protect the code.

With this, the developers can create encrypted passwords using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. This makes the code safer and provides robust protection against data loss and other cyber fraud.

Laravel’s automated system gives it a robust architecture that puts safety first by combining risks, controls, and usability as needed by the enterprise.

2. Laravel eCommerce Pricing

When enterprises are set to develop web applications, they also need to consider the cost factor. Laravel comes across as the most cost-effective ecommerce framework due to its self-sufficiency. It has no dependency on third-party resources and other apps to facilitate unique features.

Developers can create and deploy web applications with zero downtime. It also facilitates customized deployments across various servers. This indeed saves a lot of time and money, making it one of the most affordable frameworks for enterprises.

3. Flexible Development Cycles

Laravel lets the developers design the websites without any inhibitions. They have absolute freedom and flexibility to create a website that offers an unparalleled experience to the end-users. And this is made possible through its flexible development cycles.

These cycles offer:

• The newest features of Object-oriented programming (OOP)
• Pre-installed OOP libraries
• Command-line tool Artisan
• Templating engine blade
• Eloquent CRM for object-related mapper
• Library manager composer
• MVC architecture
• Finely organized and easily understandable documentation

4. Scalability

Any mature enterprise does have scalability as one of its visions. There is hardly any business that does not aspire to scale its business or the product. In order to do so, it requires applications that too are equally scalable.

Laravel has the capacity to enable the developers to create a full eCommerce platform as well as a functional B2B website. Its comprehensive pre-installed libraries help developers create a wider range of advanced features such as password reset and encryption.

It also offers third-party packages that help develop a website with various functionalities. For example, if the developers exploit Laravel Socialite in developing a website, users can sign in with their social media accounts. The use of this package removes all the complexities involved in social authentication and boilerplate code, creating a fluent and expressive interface, and yielding better customer satisfaction, undoubtedly.

Laravel offers impeccable scalability to enterprises as it has incredible scalable tools. These scalable tools are efficient enough to accommodate all kinds of unique or specialized needs of various types of websites.

5. Access to In-built Packages

The open secret of Laravel framework is that its PHP framework offers a great variety of packages. These packages make the development process quite simpler and faster. Laravel e-commerce packages have two types: independent and specific.

Laravel eCommerce packages:

• Provide protection against cyber attacks
• Provide authentication and authorizations
• Bring speed and scalability
• Provide template engines and migration system databases
• Are Efficient enough to create on-demand responses
• Promote better online store performance
• Facilitate seamless third-party integration, data protection
• Facilitate pragmatic development cycles
• Offer unit testing that makes website maintenance easier
• Save time and money as they are easier to use
• Cost-effective and self-sufficient
• Have no third-party dependence

Let us have a look at some of the most popular Laravel eCommerce packages.

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Popular Laravel eCommerce packages

Laravel packages offer a simple and fast development environment to take the eCommerce experience to another level. One of the most popular Laravel eCommerce packages is AvoRed which is preferred to create better management capabilities. With this, categories, attributes, and other product entities would be created to enable the enterprises to have more control over customer orders, customer information, and inventory management.

Aimeous is another such library that is integrated with PHP code. This library speeds up the software process by allowing 10,0000 orders daily without any obstacles.

With another Laravel package, audit with Laravel Auditing, it is easier to identify any discrepancy or anomaly that can pose a possible threat to a business. It is also possible to keep a record of model changes. Also, it is quite simple to retrieve this recorded or audited data and get it displayed in various formats.

Bazar is a comparatively new Laravel package and is still nascent. It is mostly preferred for startups and small businesses. Multiple payment gateways, automated tax calculation, shipping costs, several extensions, and a seamless checkout process are some of its popular features. It can also be used to configure currencies, and cart behavior, among other things. Its clean and strong dashboard facilitates easy customization too.

If Bazar is recommended for small businesses, Laraship is for enterprises with multiple payment gateways. It offers a wider collection of themes and solid search engine optimization tools. Enterprises can exploit it to sell multiple products using just one window.

5 Popular eCommerce Websites Built Using Laravel

As we discussed the features and benefits of Laravel for eCommerce, it would surely be interesting to look at the eCommerce websites built using the Laravel framework.

Neighborhoodlender is considered one of the most successful mortgage websites built on the Laravel PHP framework. It offers an easy interface and high functionality to its users who are looking for services that help them buy real estate in many states of America, such as Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Ohio.

Invoice Ninja is yet another popular website that serves as a single invoicing solution for both freelancers and businesses. Using this website, they can process their payments, monitor their expenses, generate customized invoices, and curate proposals. It is a great example of a SaaS model and service software. It serves more than 170,000 businesses. It is one of the fine examples of laravel ecommerce development.

Alison is yet another website based on Laravel for eCommerce. It is a prominent eLearning platform launched in 2007. It offers online education and courses that improve skills. Its main domains are IT, healthcare, business, engineering, sales, and marketing, language, teaching and academics, construction and engineering, and personal development. It has over 20 million users spread across 195 nations of the world.

AlphaCoders.com is a unique website that helps content writers reach out to their fans and create more avenues for earning. On this platform, they can search images, avatars, art, and many other types of content. It is in expansion mode and is creating quite a buzz due to its extraordinary features and uniqueness.

CheckPeople is an interesting website that helps the United States of America citizens track down people who have not been in touch for long! In the time of social media, this website built using Laravel for eCommerce is quite interesting. It provides basic information about people, their criminal records if there’re any, background checks, email addresses, phone numbers, and many other things.

Its uniqueness lies in its simplicity of design and navigation. When we are surrounded by the jungle of information all the time, CheckPeople ensures to fetch the relevant results in defined categories. This ensures that people do not get overwhelmed by the information they so want.


Laravel has emerged as one of the most dependable eCommerce solutions over the years. If its packages and coding are used correctly, there is nothing that can stop the developers from creating a cutting-edge website.

Its higher data security, ease of maintenance, robust and flexible development cycles, scalability, and streamlined framework make it a go-to framework for developers and enterprises. When digital is the way of life, creating a secure Laravel eCommerce platform is essential for businesses. Laravel for eCommerce in 2022 helps fulfill this necessity and, at times, exceeds expectations. In today’s revolutionary web 3.0 era, protection plays an important role, and digital product owners do not want to compromise with app security. In this regard, entrepreneurs prefer to build eCommerce websites In Laravel to build small now and grow big later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, indeed. Across the globe, more than 450,000 live eCommerce websites are developed using this open-source framework. Laravel is C-suite executives’ first and foremost priority to build eCommerce websites.

Laravel encompasses unique packages and tools, including other programming languages like Ruby on Rails and basic PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Yii, to build modern web applications. Including components from other frameworks helps the web application development process be smoother and more organized.

Laravel is the modern web framework; unlike Magento, it does not use traditional AQL scripting. Being the most preferred PHP framework, it follows syntax with ORM. All these make Laravel the most preferred framework in the industry.

Yes, Laravel is the most popular web application for scalable web development projects., With Vapor as and Kubernetes, it is even convenient to develop scalable applications, as it gives freedom to deploy the Laravel app on multiple servers with load balance in front.

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