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Evans Data Corporation in its Worldwide Developer Population and Demographics Study 2021 v2 reports that the number of developers will increase to 45 million by 2030. The number recorded in 2020 was 27 million.

These over 40 million developers include teams of software developers, web developers, full stack developers, game developers, UX/UI designers, testers, back-end developers, etc.

The evidence suggests that business owners are the urge to hire full stack web developers than ever before from any part of the world. The United States of America boasts of having the largest pool of software developers, while Ukraine occupies second place in having the largest number of mobile and web app developers. And, it is just a matter of a couple of years that the Indian pool of developers will surely surpass that of the US’. Let us explore in this post how to overcome these challenges and hire full stack web developer in 2022.

When to Hire Full Stack Web Developer?

Full stack programmers finds the fourth position in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report. The report cited a 35% yearly growth in the demand for full stack developers since 2015.

The ideal time when companies should hire full stack web developer is when they need them! And, when do they need them? Well, the answer to these questions depends on following scenarios:

  • When you need a minimum viable project (MVP) before actually starting big.
  • When the project demands a project manager who completely knows end users.
  • When the project demands a project manager who knows how to handle the client.
  • When the project is on a tight budget.
  • When the overall size of the project is quite smaller.
  • When the project is quite simpler in terms of its functionality.
  • When the businesses are not clear about the app and may need frequent changes during the course of the software development.
  • When the project also needs a project supervisor.
  • When the product owner needs help in the form of an app development partner. Full stack web developer may help the product owner keep a check on the budget and get her another expert required for further development.

These are some of the basic situations where the enterprises ideally think to hire full stack web developer for their projects. Such a full stack developer for hire can manage the three-tier web application architecture quite skillfully. This three-tier architecture is comprised of the presentation layer, business logic layer, and data access layer. All these layers have their unique set of challenges, and when you hire dedicated full stack web developer, he can efficiently deal with all of these challenges.

Essential Skills of Full Stack Web developer

As we know, full stack web developers are professionals who know everything about application development. It means that full stack developers need to have both back-end and frontend related technical skills.

Programming Languages for Front-End Development

Full stack web developers should know CSS and HTML to be brilliant in the frontend development process. The thorough knowledge of both these languages empowers the full stack developers to create intuitive and extraordinary front ends for websites and apps.

HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Language is a markup language where the hypertext links different web pages of a website. Web Designers program a webpage in angular tags, and that’s how they document the structure of a page.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is a simple language that is behind the presentation of web pages. You can apply various styles to your web pages using CSS, and it will be independent of the HTML.

Javascript: A scripting language that makes your web page interactive is Javascript. It adds some magic to the webpage by enhancing the website’s functionality, and thus web software and games are fun.

Programming Languages for Backend Web Development

While there are so many programming languages out there, efficient full stack developers need to learn the following languages to execute successful back end development:

PHP: Learning PHP would enable full stack developers to build web apps for many operating systems like Linux and Windows.

Python: Python offers a vast range of libraries. It allows the full stack developers to implement command-line scripts, GUI applications, and web applications. Developers can also explore its Python web programming frameworks like Django or Flask.

Ruby: Ruby is the ideal programming language for back-end development as it has huge community support.

Java offers the widest range of frameworks to full stack developers. They can use it to create cross-platform, cross-device apps.

C++: It is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. C++ is widely used for back-end programming and competitive programming.

TypeScript: The popularity of TypeScript is closely associated with the rise of Angular. TypeScript is an addition to JavaScript where developers get an excellent tooling kit with code editors like Visual Studio Code.

Front End Frameworks for 2022

You should hire full stack web developers who know top frontend frameworks, including Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, and SASS.

Angular.js is an open-source Javascript framework that programmers mostly use for developing single-page web applications. Angular converts static HTML to dynamic HTML by extending HTML attributes to directives and binding data with HTML.

React.js is a component-based framework that helps full stack web developers easily make complex user interfaces. The codes written using this framework are more predictable and can be easily debugged. React.js is a component-based, declarative, and flexible JS library.

Vue.js is the framework that full stack web developers prefer to use for smaller-sized projects. It is easier to learn and faster in giving expected results.

Bootstrap is a free and open-source tool comprising HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design responsive and mobile-first web applications.

jQuery is an open-source javascript library that handles browser events, DOM animations, HTML doc traversing and manipulation, Ajax-interactions, and JS development.

SASS Stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, is an extension of the CSS. SAAS is a preprocessor scripting language, and it compiles and interprets in CSS. You can extend the functionality of your current CSS from variables, inheritance to nesting with the use of SAAS.

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Back End Frameworks for 2022

Full stack web developers need to be well-versed with the frameworks that are needed to run the back ends of the website. There are many back-end development frameworks that skilled full stack web developers need to know. However, Node.js, and Django are prominent among them.

Node.js offers the developers productivity, scalability, and the speed required in the development process. Without a doubt, hire full stack web developer who is an expert in Node.js, as he can create wonders by using it with the express middleware.

Django is one of the favorites of full stack web developers. There are versatile, scalable and secure framework which is tested extensively and SEO-optimized. With its brilliant documentation, it can be used for rapid development.

Ruby on rails is a web application framework for the Ruby programming language. An MVC framework provides default structures for a database, web service, and web pages. We are proud to state that we have highly skilled and most numbers of Ruby on Rails developers at Bacancy Technology.

Laravel is another MVC pattern-free and open-source PHP framework for developing web applications.

Spring is a lightweight Java-based web application framework. Work with the industry’s best Spring team to create functional UI back-end with embedded HTTP serves like Jetty or Tomcat.

Git and GitHub Proficiency

It is unimaginable to hire full stack web developer 2022 who does not know Git and GitHub. Yes, you need to be a full stack web developer who has absorbed the world’s most popular Version Control System—Git.

GitHub is also known as a Git repository hosting service. It serves the needs of all types of projects by providing them with efficient services and collaboration tools. Remote Full stack web developers can benefit hugely from this repository hosting service if they learn how to use its basic commands and examples. This would empower them to manage projects easily, modify apps, websites, codes, and documents in just a few clicks!

Web Architecture

Dedicated full stack developers are also called warriors of the software development process as they need to be the creators of complex solutions right from their conception to delivery. Therefore, they must know the web architecture quite well so that they can do all the required programming tasks, including structuring the code and files and categorizing the data in the cloud, among many others.

Knowledge of REST and HTTP

Full stack web developers need to also know HTTP and REST as these two are crucial for smooth software development. HTTP is a protocol that facilitates communication with clients whereas REST is an interface that serves the purpose of a bridge between the front end and back ends.

Efficiency to Manage Databases

Full stack developers must know what database queries are and how to design, understand, and manage them. Working with JSON and XML would be an added advantage for full stack web developers.

Oracle: The Oracle database server considers data in the form of a unit whose purpose is to store and retrieve data based on the query.

MongoDB: It is an open-source non-relational database that is not based on the table-like relational database structure. It provides a different way for data retrieval and storage.

SQL: The Structured Query Language is a standard database language that is used to create, maintain, and retrieve data from relational databases.

Additional Full Stack Developer Skills

Apart from these, efficiency in operating tools like FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and CentOS too puts you in the league of the most dependable full stack web developers in 2022. The familiarity with the nitty-gritty of web servers like Nginx and Apache makes the chances of getting hired as full stack web developers quite brighter.

Also, the knowledge of Machine Learning is an added advantage for any full stack web developer who wants to climb the ladder fast. Machine Learning can empower the full stack development to experiment and build apps or browser extensions with interesting algorithms.

Soft Skills Full Stack Web Developers Required in 2022

No technical skills can be of much help if they are not used with the help of basic soft skills any profession demands. In order to be the best full stack web developer, it is important to have a presentable personality. Following are some personality traits that full stack web developers need to cultivate:

  • Sharp intelligence to guide the project in the right direction
  • Keen understanding of the nuances of the technology, business and clients
  • Expertise in people skills
  • Curiosity to explore and innovate
  • Flexibility and approachability
  • Excellent managerial skills including time management skills
  • Creativity, passion and patience
  • Hunger to be updated with the latest technology constantly and consistently
  • Extensive experience across multiple technologies, domains, and industries
  • A visionary who adds value to the business and has the knack to envision things for both the enterprises and the end-users.

Types of Full Stack Web Developers in 2022

The tech stack determines a full stack web developer’s type she is trained into. Following are some basic tech sacks that full stack web developers may use:

MEAN Full Stack Developer
MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, NoSQL Database, Express, Angular, and Node. MEAN full stack developers are the ones who use this mix of technologies to develop JS-based solutions.

MERN Full Stack Developer
MERN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js. Full stack web developers well-versed at MERN stack development services can efficiently create high-quality web apps faster and cost-effectively.

MEVN Full Stack developer
MEVN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, VueJS, and Node.js. This tech sack is one of the most popular with the developers as it allows the best of both AngularJS and ReactJS.

LAMP Full Stack Developer
LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl. This pack of different technologies is the most preferred tech sack to develop and execute enterprise-level web-based applications and servers. This tech sack gives the full stack developers much space for customization and flexibility.

RoR Full Stack Fevelopers
RoR stands for Ruby on Rails. RoR Full stack developers are preferred for startups as this tech sack gives them the required speed with which startup apps need to be built.

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Most Popular Full Stack Development Combinations

AngularJS + Rails

Google developed this open-source Javascript MVC framework known as AngularJS. It is a client-side framework that is ideally suited for Single Page Applications (SPA).

Some advantages of using Angular include responsive and speedy apps, ease of development with its structured and DRY (do not repeat yourself) nature, and dynamic data binding.

As you consider using Angular JS in the frontend development of your Rails application, bookmark on these benefits that you’re going to achieve:

⦿ Front-end and Back-end Layers Separate

Angular with Rails is a perfect match if you want an interactive client-side framework for your browser and a CRUD REST API for your Front-end development. Full stack development is all about understanding your client’s requirements and then building their application from scratch.

Due to Angular’s Model View Controller MVC architecture, developers keep their frontend and back-end layers separate. They need not bother about linking and synchronization, making their application extensive and reusable.

One of the ways of achieving independent working of the separate layers is by using Rails views in the manner of empty shells where the Angular directives display asynchronous data.

⦿ Purpose-built Tools

The Angular and Rails pair can work wonders together because Rails is famous for providing powerful server APIs, and Angular JS is a master tool for developing client-side applications.

Rails will take care of all your back-end chores like cache, ORM, database connectivity, etc. along with the business logic. In contrast, Angular is customarily dedicated to building the User Interface.

You might need API end-points to access data from the database, unlike Rails Core, where you can access it directly. However, as your API remains unchanged, you have the freedom to use them independently.

⦿ Reduced Development Time

Rails framework owns the convention over configuration nature, which eases the tasks of a developer. Code development is simple, straightforward, and secure with Rails. Rails pipeline helps you get concatenation, organization, and minification of JavaScript.

Overall, Angular reduces your app response time by clicking and waiting, and the Rails API back-end supports all your compelling business logic. I’ve got a tutorial for you to build an AnguarJS app on the Rails framework.

ReactJS + Ruby on Rails

The magnanimous pairing of ReactJs and Ruby on Rails has major advantages as a technology pair that can boost your business strength. We are going to see how this full stack duo attains the said achievements with real-time use-cases.

⦿ Reduced Server Response Time

The superpower produced by combining ReactJS and Ruby on Rails can reduce your website/web-app response time. HVMN is an online supplement store, and you can imagine the importance of web performance and SEO for an eCommerce enterprise.

As they upgraded their system to ReactJs + RoR, they saw a 90% improvement in response time, which went from 1100 ms to 120 ms. In non-technical terms, they enhanced their user experience, which in turn gave them more conversions.

Justin Gordan developed the gem that helped the company restore its customers and take their business to a greater height. You can find the gem on GitHub.

⦿ Memory Usage Cut-down

Egghead.io is an online technology learning platform that was facing timeouts every hour. They did not know its reason, and then they switched to ReactJS + RoR. They were surprised to see the improvements in memory usage and response time.

⦿ Development speed, quality & business model

If you have a great idea and are concerned about how long it will take to market your application, React with Ruby on Rails has fast development speed. You will be able to minimize your time to market with a freemium business model.

However, if you aim to make profits from a large user base with ad revenues, these full stack combinations won’t be right for you.

⦿ Low learning curve

Using ReactJS with Rails, you have to step up a low learning curve, and in no time, your prototype will be ready. Your MVP development with Ruby on Rails is going to be fruitful for your app idea.

⦿ Stability

You get huge community support with RoR, with all kinds of gems for whatever features you may need. As React is by Facebook, your APIs are not going to change. Hence, you get a stable release for your enterprise app.

VueJS + Rails

This blog’s third and final pair of Frontend + back-end is the deadly combination of Vue.js with the Rails framework. A progressive JS framework for developing web applications is Vue.js, using which developers can create manageable and testable code. Vue facilitates two-way communication, offers high flexibility, has got detailed documentation, has a simple structure, and is highly reactive.

Rails is the most suitable back-end for your VueJS application because it provides everything you might need in your application like ORM, web-sockets, email, etc.

When using Vue.js with RoR, go check out this gem on GitHub for vueonrails. Also, the webpack gem is the best-fit for Rails 5 release. You might want to know when you should use Vue.js frontend for which types of your projects. Here is a classification that we have collected for your assistance.

⦿ Interractive App/Animation

Users stay on your app for a longer time if they are attracted and engaged by your app view. Animations can work for you in this matter. Modern websites and apps are using animations like they never used in the past.

When using Vue.js in your app Front end, you get a fantastic flexible API with a composable architecture and can provide you seamless transition between your app views. Vue offers you in-build components for CSS-animations and many other variants for creating engaging animations for your web app.

⦿ Prototype Creation

The most significant benefit of using VueJS is the Command Line Interface CLI; you get to configure your application and utilize all the features in minimal time. You can also write components of your prototype in HTML, CSS, and Javascript very quickly through Vue.

And if you get stuck in any problems while creating your VueJs application, the excellent Vue documentation and the vast community supports you to overcome them.


With Vue.js’s inbuilt templates and reusable components, frontend developers can speed up their MVP launching procedure. Compared to React and Angular, Vue.js is optimum for speedy development and faster delivery of applications.

⦿ Seamless Integration

If you want to create Single Page Applications SPAs or want to integrate your application with the existing server-rendered multi-page applications, Vue.js is your ideal choice.

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Cost to Hire Full Stack Web Developers in 2022

This is a challenging part of the entire exercise to hire full stack web developer, if not tricky. Enterprises need to be clear about their business requirements, the scope of work as the cost depends on factors such as:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Geography
  • Market conditions

A beginner Full stack developer or a contractor who is still building his business may charge more competitively than the experienced full stack developer.

Also, there are three types of models that the enterprises can consider for hiring Full stack web developers:

  • Freelancing
  • Staff augmentation
  • In-house

The freelancing model is cost-effective but is also less secure in data confidentiality. It also has issues of time zones, control, language, and culture.

Staff augmentation can be considered if the enterprises need to quickly scale the teams with flexibility.

The in-house model is somewhat expensive of all but comes with the promise of better stability and clear and consistent communication.

The results of hiring any type of full stack web developer would obviously be different. Hence, the clarity about business requirements and the scope of work help the enterprises immensely in deciding the cost to hire full stack web developers.

Cost to Hire Full Stack Developer from Bacancy

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Where Should You Look For Right Full Stack Web Developers?

Now that we know what a full stack web developer is, what are the types of full stack developers and how the enterprises can hire them, let us have a look at where to find such developers:

  • Exploiting both online and offline networks. Online networks include networking sites such as LinkedIn and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Offline networks include asking friends and acquaintances.
  • Looking through freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour.
  • Companies offering dedicated software developers that offer extraordinary services of expert full stack web developers.

These are just some ways to find and hire a full stack developer that serves the exact purpose of the enterprises for full stack development.

Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Developers delivers numerous benefits and comprehend to easily solve the glitches across varied streams of the web as well as app development. Most of the companies are highly rigorous about choosing the finest Full Stack Developers to build a complete application from scratch and there is also no discontinuation in process. Fascinating facts that mainly emerges in the field is that Full stack developers could efficiently develop the Radically Distinctive Code with uniqueness in the more efficient way. Here’s top Advantages of hiring a full stack web developer in 2022.

⦿ Saves Your Job from Hiring a Team

In order to ensure that your website achieves all of the above, you would need to connect with experts. Here, there are two ways to get the application developed.

Hire a team of developers. This team would have a front-end developer, a backend developer, a UI/UX designer, and a database engineer. All would conjointly facilitate the task of creating a website.

Hire T-shaped full stack developer. He would take care of all your project development needs. Starting from ground zero to lifting the application high, the developer would be the sole point of contact and foster the job of development.

Now, consider you go with option 1. Given the prevailing COVID-19 crisis, you would need to spread out a word for each of the profiles and hire them individually. It clearly requires more work, more effort, and if you aren’t able to find either one of them, your job of project development would halt.

On the other hand, if you stick with the idea of hiring a full stack developer, all you need to do is find one candidate that would map all the requirements of the job.

⦿ Experience Bundled Together

One thing that fascinates project leaders about the full-stack developers is their experience and expertise. It is proven that a full stack developer is more knowledgeable and skilled as compared to other average developers. They have been working in the industry for quite a long time and have sufficient leverage when it comes to software development.

It is a well-known fact that experience counts the most. Even though it is the skills of the developer that an HR prioritizes, yet one with a decent amount of experience stands out among the crowd. Also, when you pick an experienced developer, you can rely on them about the quality and efficiency of the application.

These developers do not require any stringent monitoring and have the ability to pull the job. And yes, without mistakes. In fact, they are eager to improve their knowledge and upscale their offerings by keeping up with the industrial trends. Where a traditional developer is more likely to excel in his domain, full-stack developers resonate around modern tools and technologies, adding more to your application.

⦿ Increase Productivity

Even though the developer would do all of the jobs, he still needs to connect and collaborate with your other organizational members. Where individual developers grapple with interacting with others, a full stack developer can easily coordinate with your team, increasing the overall productivity.

As seen, full-stack developers are excellent team players and always open to conversations with others. They look for ways to increase their skillset and add as many qualities as needed for their job. In simple terms, a full stack developer would increase and enhance the overall productivity of your organization and help your business grow.

⦿ Reduce The Cost of development

Another benefit of hiring a full-stack developer is that it reduces the cost of hiring and development. This will pretty easy to guess. The fact that the developer would perform the job of the frontend developer, the backend developer, the UI designer, and the quality engineer, you no longer need to pay them individually. A single paycheck and your job is done.

In fact, you can increase the amount slightly as a bonus for your developer. And given the current situation, a small incentive would help your retain your developer and motivate him to render the best solution.


Hiring full stack web developer in 2022 requires all this that we have discussed in this post. Each way has its own advantages or disadvantages. Each kind of full stack web developer has something unique to offer to your project. Therefore, it is important to have a clear vision of do you want before you hire full stack web developer.

The clarity in the business goal and integrity and sincerity to achieve it can surely help make an informed decision about what type of full stack web developer would suit the organization’s business as well as technological aspirations to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The role of a full stack developer is to eliminate redundancy and single-handedly take care of the front-end and back-end of the project development and maintain the database.

• Have the right mindset towards every technology.
• Always keep researching. That will get you to know new forms of programming styles.
• Take help from communities already built. Build your network, help others, and seek guidance as well.
• Keep your fundamentals strong.

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