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AI Use Cases We Build From Scratch/Integrate in Your Existing Systems

We help our clients build custom use cases using cutting-edge tech like AI and integrate them seamlessly into their existing or new systems. Explore transformative and modernized possibilities of AI with us for your healthcare software.

Digital Health Monitoring

Let your patients rest in their homes and enable virtual consultancy with doctors. Connect with us to build a wide range of use cases with AI, including HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software, mobile apps for patients and healthcare providers, wearables, patient-engagement chatbots, virtual nurses, appointment schedulers, and RPM systems with EHRs.

End-to-End Clinical Solutions

Hire our AI experts in the healthcare domain and leverage their expertise to build various healthcare-related end-to-end solutions, such as clinical trial management systems, electronic data capture systems, and patient engagement tools. Count on our AI developers for accurate clinical trial data analysis, eConsent, telehealth, and patient monitoring.

Drug Discovery

Statista says global spending on drug development R&D is estimated to be around 272 billion dollars in 2024. Therefore, now is the time to invest in AI-backed drug discovery platforms, clinical trial management, analysis, and customized software solutions. Get in touch with our expert to know what are the possibilities you have for your healthcare business.

Medicine Solutions

Hire AI developers to build AI-supported medicinal solutions for healthcare professionals so that they can create customized medical treatments or diagnoses depending on a particular patient’s genetics, lifestyles, and preferences.

Image Analysis Software

We are well-known for building flawless and accuracy-delivering medical image analysis software. If you want to develop a software that can help radiologists and teams of healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases and prepare treatment plans through image analysis software without worrying about clinical or human errors, we have got your back!

Medical Condition Forecasting

Consult our AI professionals and learn which medical software fits your healthcare specialization. Our consultants and developers have previously leveraged ML models, DL algorithms, and NLP to build EHRs, genetics data, wearables, clinical notes, and discharge summaries.

Robotic-assisted Surgery

Want to develop an AI-backed robotic-assisted surgery system for your hospital? We can be a perfect fit for you! Get a quote from us on different factors, such as robotic movement control systems, surgeon interface design and development, imaging data integration, and AI execution for smart and safer medical procedures.

Personalized Treatment

As a leading AI development company for the healthcare domain, we can build AI-powered systems that provide personalized treatments, therapies, and diagnoses without any side effects. Moreover, we have top-of-the-line expertise in developing customized real-time medical recommendations around the clock.

Our Recent Case Studies of AI for Healthcare

Check out these awesome solutions our experienced AI engineers have built for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome their business challenges.

Our Recent Case Studies of AI for Healthcare

How to Start Healthcare AI Journey With Bacancy?

We follow a simple approach to successfully implementing Artificial Intelligence in existing healthcare software or one built from scratch. Below are the steps designed to make sure our clients remain satisfied.


Discuss Project Objectives

In this introductory step, our AI consultants get to know the stakeholders and understand whether the AI inclusion/implementation needs to happen in existing healthcare apps or software or if the discussion is related to the new project. Besides, the discussion also includes challenges and opportunities with artificial intelligence.


Recommend AI Possibilities in Your Healthcare Business

After discussing project objectives, our AI consultants identify the areas where Artificial Intelligence fits the best and overcomes the challenges or aids healthcare professionals and patients. They then suggest to you about the AI integrations, and upon agreement, the work starts.


Get Started With the AI Implementation/Integration

Now that you and our AI consultants agree upon certain AI integrations/implementations in your healthcare project, they will introduce you to the best in-house talents with years of experience in Artificial Intelligence.

AI Technology Expertise & Trends to Leverage for Healthcare

For executing any AI-powered tasks, our AI developers have expertise in the following AI technologies. Explore every AI tech, see which one suits your healthcare project, and share with us for a quick start.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Our AI-powered developers utilize different Machine Learning algorithms to fetch valuable information from EHRs, EMRs, RPM systems, clinical trial management, wearables, and other digital means between patients and healthcare professionals. It guarantees disease prediction, diagnostic accuracy, personalized treatment plans, digital patient monitoring, and patient engagement.

Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things

Manage chronic diseases, monitor patients remotely, ensure mental healthcare digitally, adhere to medicines, and optimize hospital workflows by partnering with us and leveraging the Internet of Medical Things to make your digital systems robust and prompt.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

AI in healthcare, along with Neural Networks, helps build intelligent apps and character recognition systems. Besides, our AI experts have hands-on experience using Neural Networks, which means you can expect support for image recognition disease diagnostic patient risk stratification and genome analysis to clinical documentation and anomaly detection.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Boost administrative efficiency, data management and integration, clinical decision support, telehealth, digital patient monitoring, billing & revenue cycle management, and optimizing supply chain using Robotic Process Automation. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our AI experts now.

Rule-based Expert System (RBES)

Rule-based Expert System (RBES)

Together, RBES and AI provide smart decision support, automate processes, and uplift efficiency, empowering healthcare professionals for accurate diagnoses, proactive patient care, and enhanced patient engagement in digital healthcare initiatives.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Connect with our AI developers, specifically masters in the healthcare industry, to build systems using NLP. Using this technology helps in ensuring smooth communication between patients and healthcare professionals. With this, you can quickly make informed decisions and get customized clinical recommendations depending on the patient’s disease.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

We optimally leverage artificial intelligence and computer vision to train algorithms to identify abnormalities in medical imaging systems, like MRI, CT scan, X-rays, and ultrasound. Count on our expertise in designing and developing robust digital solutions and abiding by DICOM standards.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Give your doctors an extended arm for analyzing medical images like CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs using Deep Learning. As a result, disease detection and prevention become faster and quicker with cent per cent accuracy. Help healthcare professionals detect diseases that remain uncovered by the naked eye.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Artificial intelligence ensures the evaluation of a patient’s medical history, genetics, and lifestyle factors to evaluate the disease risk and modify treatment plans. As a result, there will be effective treatment and patient outcome improvement. Contact us to know how we can help develop solutions for precision medicine.

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Technological Expertise Our AI Developers Possess in Healthcare

Explore the different skills possessed by our AI developers in healthcare that can turn your healthcare project idea into reality.

Data Management AWS Google Cloud IBM Cloud Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Tencent Cloud Microsoft Azure
AI Tools and Frameworks TensorFlow PyTorch Scikit-learn Spark MLlib Keras NLTK OpenCV TensorFlow Object Detection API HL7 FHIR spaCy
Deployment and Integration

Application Development Frameworks:


API Gateways:


Containerization Technologies:

Healthcare-specific Tools

Diagnosis and Imaging:

Enlitic Curieviz.aiButterfly IQ

Clinical Decision Support and Research:


Medical Records Management and Communication:

Security and Compliance

Data Security:

Access controlsHIPAA complianceAudit trailsData encryption

Model Transparency and Explainability:

Explainable AI (XAI)Model validation and testingBias detection and mitigation

Compliance with Additional Regulations:

Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)Federal Drug Administration (FDA)General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Who We Serve

At Bacancy, we excel in the healthcare domain and meet diverse goals of stakeholders. Compliant with HIPAA, DICOM, FDA, GDPR, HITECH, we serve patients, providers, regulators, researchers, and payers with our AI excellence. Have a look below!

Hospital and Clinics

AI in healthcare, especially for hospitals and clinics, benefits in various ways, such as improving in-patient care, boosting operational efficiencies, automating workflows, diagnosing diseases, and predicting patient outcomes. Hire us to implement Artificial Intelligence for healthcare to prevent expensive medical errors, optimize drug usage, and decrease readmission numbers.

Medtech and Wellness Startups

Another AI use for healthcare includes assisting medtech and wellness startups by enhancing their digital platforms and medical devices and tracking patients remotely. Connect with us to optimally leverage Artificial Intelligence and benefit your business exponentially.

Pharmaceuticals and R&D Companies

AI for healthcare benefits pharmaceutical and R&D companies by aiding them in medical research, uplifting clinical trials, and accelerating drug discovery. Hire healthcare subject matter experts from us for in-depth details about the possibilities.

Life Science & Biotech Companies

We prioritize data to enhance biology research and development, promote digitization, and ensure well-researched design & development of medicinal drugs and products. Our AI developers have hands-on experience in assisting life science and biotech companies, which proves our contribution and understanding of the particular industry.

Know Why Brands In Healthcare Love to Work With Us for Their AI Needs

While other software development companies offer age-old, generic AI development solutions, we have excelled in healthcare. Our healthcare subject matter experts give free consultations to clear your doubts and queries. Upon hiring, you get a team of experts, including designers, developers, quality analysts, and AI professionals, to address your healthcare business challenges. You can expect tangible results at rates that keep your blood pressure normal.

Know Why Brands In Healthcare Love to Work With Us for Their AI Needs
  • Hire a team of professionals at an accelerated speed
  • Stay in the loop at every decision-making process
  • Communicate with your developers at any point
  • Iterations on demand
  • Expect qualitative healthcare solutions
  • Expertise in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Command over understanding business requirements
  • Data-driven decision-making process for optimum results
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Proactive approach towards eliminating flaws and errors in the development phase
  • Fully signed NDA
  • Easy exit policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Considering cyber security threats, we prioritize safety and implement all the best practices required to build a robust digital platform. From rigorous testing to validation and adherence to ethical standards, connecting with our software developers only leaves you with a flawless software solution. We regularly update and track the model performance and proactively eliminate any loopholes in the system.

We integrate AI into your healthcare infrastructure in a phased manner. We adopt interoperable standards to test the compatibility with your existing systems. Post compatibility testing, we embed Artificial Intelligence components into your workflows. Besides, we even give training to your staff for a swift transition.

We implement deep learning techniques to fetch valuable insights from your large datasets. We even label the dataset for supervised learning. Parallely, we even dig deep into transfer learning approaches for better efficiency. Connect with our AI healthcare team to understand the time and resource estimates.

A large dataset builds an effective AI model and delivers optimum performance. Always keep diverse datasets for modifications. We utilize data augmentation techniques to get the best out of available data.

We implement continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms to track the performance of your AI in healthcare solutions. We even update the models regularly, considering the ongoing performances and trends. Besides, our evaluation phase even includes performing audits at regular intervals to eliminate any loopholes.

When building healthcare solutions using AI, we encrypt confidential information, execute access control, and ensure the implementation of all the cybersecurity best practices to safeguard your digital platform.