Serverless Computing With AWS Lambda: Subtle Perks

“Serverless” doesn’t literally mean that there are no servers involved. It simply means the managed service, such as AWS Lambda, takes care of the network, server, and infrastructure. Hence, the programmer can single-mindedly focus on the code of the application.

AWS Lambda, this particular framework offered by Amazon Web Services uses the lambda function to undertake multiple tasks independently and simultaneously. These tasks may include handling streams, calling APIs, serving web pages, computing tasks, and more.

Notable advantages of Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda are:

  • Pay per use
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Integration with other AWS products
  • Fully managed infrastructure

The cost of AWS Lambda is as: the freeware version doesn’t limit to a year. Moreover, a new user or an existing one gets 400,000 GB seconds per month and a million lambda requests.