Salesforce Continuous Integration - Whitepaper

Salesforce Continuous Integration

Unlocks the Hidden Benefits of Salesforce Continuous Integration

Why your salesforce project needs continuous integration?

This whitepaper will let you understand how CI and CD in Salesforce bring a tremendous change in business operations.

  • A quick introduction to CI and CD/ What is CI/CD?
  • Benefits of Salesforce CI/CD integration
  • Find key principles behind continuous Integration/ continuous deployment
  • Set up your own continuous Integration environment
  • Build a CI with third-party tools
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Step-By-Step Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

Get our step-by-step guide to understand, Implement and manage salesforce continuous integration for your organization.

CI and CD

CI and CD

This empower them to resolve issues faster, receive instant feedback on new products and features, improve software quality, and ultimately save money and expand their reach.

Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX in salesforce continuous integration (CI) helps you automate deployments of changes to your source code. This makes it easier to keep your codebase clean and organized.

Continuous Integration: The Typical Process

Continuous Integration: The Typical Process

Salesforce Continuous Integration | Comprehensive Free Guide

Discover This Complete Guide On The Salesforce CI/CD Integration For Your Project to Build, Test, Deploy, and Release Code Changes Faster Than Ever Before.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Salesforce Continuous Integration (CI) is a process where you can build software using automated tests and deploy it into production automatically.
  • This whitepaper will give you a clear understanding of how to use CI with Salesforce DX.
  • You'll also learn about the benefits of CI and why it's essential to adopt this practice.
  • Finally, we'll walk through the basics of setting up a CI environment within Salesforce DX.

If You Don't Have Salesforce Continuous Integration, Then You're Missing Out on a Lot Of Opportunities.

Salesforce CI is a tool that helps businesses automate their software deployments. It's a way to ensure that code changes don't break anything.

Salesforce CI is different than those tools because it runs on a server instead of being integrated into your version control system. It also provides a lot more functionality. Salesforce CI is great if you want to deploy code to production without having to wait for manual approval. It can also help you test out new features before they go live.

With the Salesforce CI/ CD pipeline, you can automate the entire process from idea to deployment. This means that you can focus on building great products instead of worrying about infrastructure.