There isn’t a definitive cause for blank screen issue in react native while using react-navigation. Although there are a few basic debugging steps, you can follow to check if the setup has been done correctly.

  1. Use adb logcat (Android) to find any error messages.
  2. Open the developer menu (shake device or use shortcuts) and choose “Debug JS Remotely” to see JavaScript errors in the console.
  3. Make sure the main building block of your app (the root component) is set up properly.
  4. Confirm that the screen you’re trying to display is registered within your app.
  5. Isolate potential component rendering issues by replacing your primary component with a simple View displaying text. See whether it renders successfully.
  6. Reinstall using the relevant command (e.g., yarn run Android).
  7. Check compatibility between react-native-navigation and React Native versions.
  8. Check your code for infinite loops that might cause the app to freeze and display a white screen.

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