MSP ProConnect is a renowned name in the managed services marketplace, intending to help run the most efficient and profitable MSP. It provides IT services and support to other businesses on a contract basis enabling companies to hire an MSP to manage their IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, and network systems, instead of an in-house IT department. The MSP takes care of all IT-related tasks, such as maintenance, upgrades, security, and support, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. MSPs offer a range of services, from basic network monitoring to comprehensive IT management, and are often preferred by small to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to maintain an in-house IT department.

Technical Stack

  • React JS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Industry

    Information Technology

  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    $100000 to $200000


Automated Device Monitoring

Patch Management Automation

Customizable Workflow Automation

Automated Billing

How Bacancy Helped MSP ProConnect

Challenges & Solutions

Managing Image Uploads in Base64 Format with Summernote

  • Solution: We utilized the "onImageUpload callback" feature of Summernote to streamline the image storage process. Images were uploaded to a cloud-based storage service, generating image links instead of storing base64 data in the database. This improved storage efficiency and accessibility of images as needed.

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Attacks Protection

  • Solution: We implemented DOMPurify, a JavaScript library, to prevent XSS attacks by sanitizing user input and removing any malicious code that may have been entered. This ensured that user-provided data was safe and secure, mitigating the risk of XSS attacks.

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Core Features

  • Remote Device Monitoring
  • Automated Patch Management
  • Automated Issue Resolution
  • Customizable Workflow Automation
  • Ticketing System with Workflows
  • Automated Billing
  • Communication Channels
  • Contracts & Service Level Agreements
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • no.-of-resources
  • No. of Resources


  • time-frame
  • Time Frame

    July 2021 - Ongoing

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