The client, a leading figure in the retail sector, embarked on a mission to transform their operational framework. They aimed to introduce an all-encompassing point of sale (POS) system finely tuned for the restaurant sector. This initiative aimed to optimize processes spanning from reservation handling to payment processing. The envisioned solution would seamlessly accommodate diverse payment modalities, ranging from traditional debit/credit cards to advanced options like EMV chip technology and Apple Pay.

Technical Stack

  • IOS (Swift)
  • ROR
  • Socket.IO
  • AWS
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Versatile Order Management

Reliable Printing Functionality

Comprehensive Reporting

Robust User Management

Challenges & Solutions

Managing multiple inventory databases while maintaining smooth performance posed a significant hurdle.

  • Solution: Our development team fine-tuned database queries, enhancing their efficiency in retrieving data swiftly. We also implemented advanced data storage techniques such as indexing frequently accessed data and employing database partitioning strategies. These measures optimized performance and ensured the workload was evenly distributed across databases, resulting in smoother operation.

Updating transaction data in real-time for both customer-facing displays and kitchen management systems required synchronization for accuracy.

  • Solution: We leveraged Socket.IO, facilitating instant updates across various displays and systems, ensuring transaction data remained synchronized in real time. Furthermore, we implemented fire orders for kitchen management, enabling immediate notifications to the kitchen staff about new orders. This ensured prompt preparation and delivery of meals without any delays, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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Core Features

  • Manage multiple databases seamlessly.
  • Connect with leading payment systems.
  • Stay current for smoother operations.
  • Efficiently handle reservations and seating.
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  • No. of Developers


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  • Time Frame

    August 2021 - July 2022

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