The Retail Store Depot Salvage or the RSD Salvage web portal is developed to manage the unsold, returned, and recalled inventory from Retail Store Depot stores for sale to wholesale customers.

Technical Stack

  • React JS
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Asp.net
  • Google Chat
  • AWS
  • Industry

    Logistics & Transportation

  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Emailing Facility

Creating and Managing Invoices

Export Reports of Various Histories

Option to add Inventory Manually and Automatically

Challenges & Solutions

The core issue was the loading time of the website, whereby the client’s website took too much time to load completely.

  • Solution: To resolve this issue, the developers at Bacancy optimized all the queries from the database side and the code, which reduced the loading time and gave an optimized and effective result.

For the old web portal of the client, the client’s employees were required to upload new inventories and shipments and back up the database manually daily, which required a lot of time investment.

  • Solution: Our experts also added an automation process via a time scheduler that runs on a scheduled time and then performs all these processes automatically, which previously required to be done manually. This saved a significant portion of the client’s efforts and time.

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Agile enabled

Core Features

  • Move Inventory to Marketplace
  • Order Management
  • Auction System
  • Invoice Handling
  • Credit Requests
  • Marketplace Inventory Ordering
  • Customer Account Management
  • CSV Handling and Report Export
  • Search, Filter, Sort, and Email
  • Category Rates Management
  • no.-of-resources
  • No. of Developers


  • time-frame
  • Time Frame

    October 2020 - March 2022

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