Zoetis is a leading entity in the field of animal health and welfare and is dedicated to leveraging technology for advanced diagnostics. With a keen focus on predictive modeling and treatment solutions, they sought our expertise to develop two applications to revolutionize the animal health ecosystem. Our team promptly deployed Android and iOS developers to align with the client’s vision.

Technical Stack

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Alamofire
  • Firebase
  • Skype
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region

    United States

  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


AI-Driven Analytics

PDF Reader Integration

Local Database System

AirPrint Functionality

Challenges & Solutions

Due to time constraints, the client's demand for real-time analytics posed a challenge for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Solution: After extensive research and development, we successfully integrated Google Analytics across all screens, ensuring seamless real-time insights. Simultaneously, a new iPad application was crafted to accommodate diverse orientation modes.

The need to upgrade dependencies and ensure cross-device compatibility presented a technical hurdle.

  • Solution: We strategically incorporated FastScrollRecyclerView as a dependent module for Android Tablet and Smartphone projects. This not only modernized dependencies but also optimized performance across devices.

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Agile enabled

Core Features

  • SSL Certifications in Apple WebKit
  • Advanced Synchronization Capabilities
  • Flexible Certificate Validation
  • Synchronized Project Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • V-Know Zoetis Integration
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  • No. of Developers


  • time-frame
  • Time Frame

    August 2022 - Ongoing

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