Nike Notification Services is a critical component of Nike’s notification infrastructure, facilitating the efficient delivery of mobile push notifications, emails, and SMS to users. The service, comprised of Java microservices, is essential for maintaining seamless communication with Nike’s customer base. With a dedicated team of 15 developers from Bacancy, the project involves ongoing development, maintenance, and migration from AWS ECS to AWS Fargate.

Technical Stack

  • Java
  • Spring
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Jenkins
  • Redis
  • Maven
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Efficient sorting of messages

Microservices Architecture

Type Based Message Sorting

AWS Fargate Migration

Challenges & Solutions

Hosting the application on AWS ECS required managing every aspect, from the underlying OS to the microservices, and demanded significant time and resources.

  • Solution: Transition to AWS Fargate provided a simplified and efficient alternative that reduced the burden of managing the infrastructure, allowing the team to focus on application development.

The complexity of managing microservices and the need to consider overall infrastructure configuration posed challenges in the development process.

  • Solution: Adopted AWS Fargate, offering a quick, easy, and reliable solution to overcome development challenges. This allowed the team to handle microservices and streamline infrastructure configuration efficiently.

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Core Features

  • Adding Messages To Queues
  • Detailed Logging To Splunk
  • Sending Messages In Multiple Forms
  • Categorization of Messages
  • Comprehensive logging system
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  • No. of Developers


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  • Time Frame

    August 2022 - Ongoing

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