Founded in 2014 by a proficient team of eLearning development experts, the innovative application originated from the collective vision of co-founders, including Brain Jules. With a keen understanding of the surging popularity of online communities, they identified a crucial need for an intelligent video platform. This platform, designed to power eLearning experiences, emerged as a response to the evolving landscape, ushering in a new era in educational technology.

Technical Stack

  • Java
  • Angular JS
  • Javascript
  • MS SQL Server
  • Github
  • Azure cloud
  • Industry


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  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Optimized Frontend Architecture

Asynchronous Video Streaming

Fine-Grained Access Controls

Real-Time Pop-Up Notifications

Challenges & Solutions

Managing large multimedia content volumes with seamless delivery and scalability.

  • Solution: We implement a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for efficient distribution using protocols like HLS or DASH. Use cloud storage (e.g., Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage) for quick content retrieval.

Creating a personalized learning system with accurate real-time responsiveness.

  • Solution: We used ML models (collaborative filtering, deep learning) for user behavior analysis and content prediction. Implement real-time processing with Apache Flink or Kafka and adopt microservices for seamless integration into the learning platform.

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Core Features

  • Collaborative API Design
  • Adaptive UX Design
  • JWT-Based Authentication
  • GraphQL for Flexible Data Retrieval
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  • Time Frame

    August 2022 - Ongoing

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