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These are not our words; this is a real-time customer story that has used PowerApps for Nonprofits for its organization. Do you know what Microsoft PowerApps for Nonprofits is? Or how it can help you manage your organization’s operations seamlessly. If you are from a Nonprofits sector, this blog is for you.

We understand that working at Nonprofits sounds challenging compared to the organizations that worked for revenues and customers. When it comes to managing the activities like customer relationships, it becomes more tricky for Nonprofits as they cannot make room for essential tools or softwares’. However, many Nonprofits have started using cloud solutions to expand their operations and connect with more people. But not all cloud solutions are worth using. There is software that seems to create more problems rather than easing the work. As a result, to empower the Nonprofits, Microsoft brings PowerApps for Nonprofits.

This blog will guide you through how PowerApps for Nonprofits has marked the difference for Nonprofits. The real-time application examples explain how PowerApps are helping Nonprofits to serve people more effectively.

But before digging into deep, it would be helpful if we take a quick look at the concept of Microsoft PowerApps

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps is a development platform introduced by Microsoft to seamlessly create web and mobile applications. It allows developers to unlock the capabilities that are accessible only by high-end development tools.

PowerApps platform helps organizations-

  • To build and use custom business apps
  • Connect their data and work processes across multiple platforms including web and mobile, without requiring custom software development.
  • Microsoft is always renowned for its products innovation; right from Dynamics 365 to PowerApps, it has introduced several unique products that have helped various businesses across the globe. In a very short time, Microsoft PowerApps has made a tremendous impact in the market. Currently, 148 Companies are using Microsoft Power Apps Low-Code Development Platforms Software. The key factor that makes the PowerApss demanding is the freedom to work- where and when you desire. PowerApps for Nonprofits comes as a boon as it allows organizations to create low-code applications to address a range of challenges.

    PowerApps for Nonprofits: An Overview

    PowerApps for Nonprofits enables organizations to build applications that can help resolve their challenges rapidly. This platform comes with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality so that people who are not from tech backgrounds can still create apps with the language they can understand. The possibilities of PowerApps are endless; you can build highly scalable applications with wide distribution capabilities that let you put data right into the end-users hands.

    So what is the key takeaway here? PowerApps for Nonprofits empowers organizations to deploy applications that help resources quickly enhance communication and other important activities involved in social operations.

    Moving on, let’s take a look at the benefits of PowerApps for Nonprofits

    What Benefits will Organizations get from PowerApps for Nonprofits?

    Nonprofits are different types of organizations that work for social causes and humanity. Undeniably, their operations have a limited budget, and their success criteria are also different. In such a case, PowerApps for Nonprofits comes as a great relief, as this platform lets them work as per their passion and manage operations effectively. Apart from it, it gives other immense benefits including-

    Benefits of Powerapps for Nonprofits

    1. Create Solutions as per your Needs

    Microsoft PowerApps for Nonprofits lets you create innovative solutions as per your programs and events. As this platform is low-code/no-code, you can create or craft apps that manage your Nonprofits activities and resolve internal and external challenges. You can customize your solutions as per the demands and fulfill your targets rapidly.

    2. Manage your Expenses

    PowerApps for Nonprofits helps you manage your additional expenses. Wondering how? This platform will help you make custom build solutions tailored to your business needs which means you can pay just for the programs you are participating in or organizing. It frees up you from the additional expenditure and saves your dollars significantly to spend on the cause you are working for.

    3. Keeps Your Data and Information Secure

    Data is the most important aspect, whether it is corporate or Nonprofits. As a Nonprofits, you may have sensitive data related to your organization, investors, donors, clients, or people you are serving. To keep your data secure from external threats, you need to use the latest data security, and PowerApps for Nonprofits will help you with it. It lets you build customized and automated data security protocols that keep the information safe and secure.

    4. Help you Expand Your Operations

    Another critical benefit of using PowerApps for Nonprofits is the expansion of the operations. Nonprofits are working to drive meaningful impact; if the technologies and tools used by the organizations are not worthy, it will impact the functioning of the entire team and operations. Microsoft PowerApps helps Nonprofits to unlock the possibilities. If you have planned to create a specific solution for resolving the particular problem, you can easily create it with PowerApps for Nonprofits.

    Moving on, let’s see some real-life examples, how Nonprofits relish the PowerApps functionalities in their day-to-day operations.

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    PowerApps for Nonprofits: Use Cases

    1. Expense Approval Apps

    Managing expenses and getting approval is one of the critical tasks in the Nonprofits sector. Moreover, this process is time-consuming and stressful. As a Nonprofits, keeping track of every transaction is challenging; managing receipts, transaction history in papers is exhausting. So what’s the solution?

    Many organizations have used the free PowerApps templates to create a customized expense approval application. These applications offer intuitive functions that have helped organizations to keep track of all expenses in real-time. Expense approval application allows you to-

    • Quick Login and review the expenses requests
    • You can review, accept or decline the claim with just one click
    • You can upload the transaction receipt
    • Easily monitor the pending transactions requests
    • View history of transactions
    • Generate the monthly report

    2. Employee Onboarding Apps

    You can use PowerApps to connect or onboard new people with your group or organization. You can create a customized dashboard and upload all your organization’s policies, guides, working processes, and perks with the templates. It will make your new joinee involved and educated with your organization’s working.

    3. Field Service Apps

    As a Nonprofits, fieldwork is one of the most important tasks, but the person who works in the field is quite detached from the organization’s internal activities. Also, the dependency on being available on the phones increases. Sometimes, this process becomes hectic for the field personnel, resulting in conflicts, miscommunication, and dissatisfaction.

    Field service app backed with PowerApps for Nonprofits helps in keeping the personnel connected with the organization. It makes the communication engaging and aligned. The organization can easily access the details of its meeting and discussions and keeps the customer correspondence history managed.

    4. Helpdesk Application

    Nonprofits often receive many inquiries across the globe but cannot address them all in one place. With Microsoft PowerApps, many organizations create help desk platforms to connect and communicate with their clients easily. The drag and drop functionality of the PowerApps allows the implementation of advanced features that help your end-consumers generate inquiry tickets and submit them to the portals. Later you can prioritize the tickets, connect with them and provide them with required information or services.

    So these are a few critical applications that can be easily built by Nonprofits to manage their work efficiently.

    Many organizations got confused between the use of Salesforce for Nonprofits and PowerApps for Nonprofits. The below section will help you understand how both platforms work for Nonprofits.

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    Salesforce Vs Microsoft: Which is Better for Nonprofits?

    Salesforce and Microsoft have always been head-to-head competitors of each other. Both the platforms work hard to amaze the business community with their advanced products, features, and services.

    For Nonprofits, Salesforce Vs Microsoft is a good thing as both platforms reap ample benefits. Both the platforms have anchored their strategies and products to empower the Nonprofits sector to a great extent. The best example is both the platforms offer a free and discounted license & software for Nonprofits.

    So let’s see how both platforms work in favor of Nonprofits-

    Salesforce for Nonprofits

    Salesforce is known for its versatility, and this feature helps Nonprofits significantly. Salesforce for Nonprofits has been active in this field for more than 10 years now. It has made great paces in supporting the organizations specifically around donor management, program management, constituent management, volunteer management, and event management.

    The Salesforce versatility helps Nonprofits to customize their solutions tailored to their specific needs. It even allows Nonprofits to customize Salesforce solutions to provide grants for public, corporate or private organizations (With the help of a Salesforce customization services provider). Earlier, the batch gift in Nonprofits is not addressed by Salesforce; the organizations require a third-party tool known as Apsona.

    But now, Salesforce Nonprofits Batch Gift Entry has filled this gap, effective for all sizes of Nonprofits.

    Microsoft PowerApps for Nonprofits

    As compared to Salesforce, PowerApps for Nonprofits is a newcomer. Microsoft required many customizations to serve Nonprofits more efficiently. Currently, the platform is supporting Nonprofits with Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 business applications support the fundraising and engagement used by Nonprofits.

    Salesforce is indeed recognized as the Nonprofits solution leader in the market, but on the other hand, Microsoft’s current Nonprofits platform investments have made this competitive space even more interesting.

    UNICEF Netherlands Looks to Engage Donors with Real-time, Personalized Messages Using Dynamics 365

    Key Takeaway:

    Choosing a CRM entirely depends on the requirements of your nonprofits. Like, if you are looking for out-of-the-box features including lead management, opportunity management, or contact management, PowerApps for nonprofits is worth going. But if you only want to track donations and programs and connections between them, there may be nothing better than Salesforce for nonprofits.

    In a nutshell, both Microsoft and Salesforce are viable solutions that invest heavily in the Nonprofits sector and benefit Nonprofits in so many ways.

    Final Words

    Are you struggling to streamline your Nonprofits activities because of your current software solutions? If yes, it is high time for you to switch to PowerApps for Nonprofits. This platform will give you every feature and functionality that plays a crucial role in resolving Nonprofits challenges.

    We understand that you might fear migrating to a new platform, but if you want to achieve the desired results, PowerApps for Nonprofits is the ultimate solution for you. For more help, you can connect with us. We are a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 services provider that holds rich expertise in all Microsoft products. Hire PowerApps Developer from us, we can help you with the best-in-class PowerApps for Nonprofits solutions at pocket-friendly prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    You require a professional hand to install Microsoft products in your current existing system. We can help you with it; we are a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 development services company that helps organizations implement, integrate, consult, or customize Microsoft products tailored to their business needs.

    For Microsoft Nonprofits programs, you must-

    • Operate on a not-for-profit basis
    • Have a mission to benefit the broader community
    • Hold recognized, legal charitable status as defined in their countries
    • Attest to Microsoft’s anti-discrimination policy
    • Only assign licenses to eligible staff

    PowerApps for Nonprofits helps you solve unique needs of your organization like-

    • It consolidates your expenses
    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Keeps your data safe and sound
    • Lets you create innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs

    Once your Nonprofit is validated, you can use it for two years. After the completion of these years, you are required to revalidate the eligibility.

    Yes, Microsoft’s PowerApps for Nonprofits is free to use or available at some discounted rates.

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