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This post will guide you through how Salesforce has become the right partner for nonprofit organizations that helps them to boost their operations and fundraising campaigns. Also, it will help you in finding what benefits and features Salesforce offers to nonprofits that assist them in keeping their organizational activities aligned and expand their impact by implementing Salesforce NPSP.

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Over the years, Salesforce has become a top CRM solution for many companies and enterprises globally, helping them improve their productivity and achieve targeted revenues. As a result, this innovative platform now has a big family of 1,50,000 customers worldwide. But do you know the varieties of these 1.50 lac customers? Yes, these numbers are not only of the corporate world but more than that. This CRM platform isn’t only for small or large enterprises; its unique solutions are available and utilized by non-profit organizations. Salesforce for nonprofits comes as a blessing that helps these institutions broaden their digital reach and do more good for people worldwide.

Today for nonprofit organizations, Salesforce has become an integrated platform that helps them expand their impact from anywhere in the world. At present, 40,000+ nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and fundraising entities are using Salesforce to a great extent.

According to salesforce.org– 76% of nonprofits organizations are reporting that Salesforce is making it easier for them to do their job and overall, making communication more effective, raising more funds, increasing employee performance, providing better programs or services, and engaging and strengthening their communities.

So why is using Salesforce for nonprofit organizations becoming so demanding? This post will guide you through the benefits nonprofits organizations are getting using Salesforce and its features and cost, which will help you understand why and how Salesforce has become so popular and demanding.

Salesforce for nonprofir organisation

Before delving into deep, let’s take a look at the concept of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Software –

What is Salesforce Nonprofit CRM Software?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software is an end-to-end platform that is designed for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other nonprofits entities to expand their reach digitally, deepen their connections with the people, streamline their internal management by keeping track of the people they work with, and break down the silos among fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams. It gives organizations as well as NGOs a unified view of their ongoing operations and activities.

This CRM software comes with a variety of non-profit solutions, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Program Management
  • Grants Management

These solutions help nonprofits to manage and track their income streams, inbound grants, and programs in one place.

Moving on, let’s discuss the benefits Salesforce offers to nonprofits-

Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofits

Benefits of Salesforce for Non-profit Organizations

When it comes to using CRM software for a nonprofit, it becomes essential for organizations to ensure that the particular software effectively manages and controls their activities and operations.

This is important because nonprofit organizations are working differently from profit ones. But keeping Nonprofits organized, transparent, accessible, and financially manageable is essential for entities. And here, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud plays a vital role.

Below are a few critical benefits of using Salesforce for nonprofits that help keep their operations aligned and targets achieved.

1. Keep Nonprofits More Organized

The fundamental benefit of using Salesforce for nonprofits is to cut the clutter and create more actionable tech plans in more organized. How? The nonprofit salesforce cloud comprises built-in functionalities that help NGOs to create and design customized workspaces for every individual involved. Non-profits usually face difficulties in managing their activities like fundraising, grants, or workforce. Here Salesforce helps them to overcome these challenges. The Nonprofit Cloud platform allows to build personalized dashboards for various teams to help workforces manage and perform their jobs easily.

2. Boost Operational Efficiency

Another significant reason for opting Salesforce nonprofit CRM is the dramatic increase in the operational efficiency of the workforce. It helps in establishing a robust communication relationship among the workforce and various partners of the nonprofits. The enhanced communication and the positive growing synergy lead to a rise in operational efficiencies, which ultimately helps achieve the targeted goals in set times.

3. Customization

One of the leading reasons for using Salesforce for nonprofits is the customization option. The Nonprofit cloud software allows NGOs to customize the features as per their routine operational requirements. However, most nonprofits have the same working paradigm; some have different missions and unique requirements. Here, Salesforce customization works as a blessing for them; this option lets them customize the standard features and functionalities that easily help them achieve their distinct targets.

Your nonprofit’s mission is vital to creating positive change in the world
Our Salesforce customization company takes pride in creating personalized solutions that elevate your organization’s reach and effectiveness.

4. Accurate Reporting

Reporting is an essential part of every nonprofit organization; they require keeping and reporting their fundraising activities, programs, seminars, donations, and other work accurately. Keeping these reports accurate and updated is highly essential because it significantly impacts their outcomes and missions. Hence, opting Salesforce for reporting is one of the best decisions for nonprofits. This CRM software is recognizable for its accuracy and reliability, which will greatly benefit to nonprofits. Furthermore, integrating Salesforce to Looker Studio can provide nonprofits with powerful data analytics and visualization capabilities, enabling them to gain deeper insights into their operations and enhance their decision-making processes.

5. Immense Support

Salesforce comes with huge community support, which means you never feel left or alone if you’ll struggle with its many features, functionalities, dashboard, or layouts. You will always be supported by experts who will help you with the best possible solutions. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud allows fundraising NGOs to ask for assistance anytime and anywhere. Whether you require technical assistance or dashboard help, its partner program will help you connect with the quick support that will assist you in managing all your queries.

6. Cost-effective

One of the most important reasons for using Salesforce for nonprofits is its affordability. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is currently helping over 32000 nonprofits around the world. “The Power of Us Program,” designed by Salesforce, helps nonprofits with affordable products and programs. As a part of the Power Us Program, the first 10 subscriptions are completely free for nonprofits. And after the free trial, the organizations can find lucrative offers at the discounted prices. This will make Salesforce a true partner of nonprofits that help them connect with their customers and broaden their reach swiftly and affordably.

Moving on, let’ see what prominent features Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has in its bucket-

Salesforce NonProfit Cloud Features

Salesforce NonProfit Cloud Features

1. Fundraising with Nonprofit Cloud

To keep moving a nonprofit, funds are the most important part. They are one of the vital components that keep NGOs alive and stable. The Nonprofit Cloud fundraising feature offers an opportunity to connect with their right supporters more effectively. It offers nonprofit institutions a holistic view of their constituents’ partners, which helps them manage and run their fundraising missions. This feature streamlines the communication among the organizations and partners, offers a unified view of donors, and keeps them motivated to continue their support. According to industry experts, the fundraising feature has enhanced the 50% of the donation size, delighting donors with the real impact of the work.

2. Digital-First Fundraising Strategy

To drive more funds for fulfilling the cause, the fundraising team must be more agile with its strategies. Salesforce’s digital-first fundraising strategy will help them design and create robust strategies that draw more funds to the business. The digital-first strategy helps the fundraisers connect with potential donors, no matter wherever they are; it will help you tap them with personalized communication across various channels. The fundraising feature unlocks the doors of enormous opportunities, helping you establish long-term relationships with the constituents via memorable digital experiences and online fundraising.

3. Program Management

Nonprofit Cloud for program management helps you to manage your programs more effectively. Earlier, the program managers used papers and spreadsheets to plan and execute their organization’s programs. With the Salesforce Nonprofit program management feature, the program managers can quickly define and create new programs or adjust services based on the requirements. No matter how many programs there are or how complex they are, the program management tool help nonprofits to manage different programs easily. Whether you want to run an emergency service helpline or call center to provide essential information and support to your end prospects, you will get human-centric support anywhere, anytime, with the help of the Salesforce service cloud.

4. Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for nonprofits will help you to build your constituents’ communication fast and smoothly. Marketing cloud for nonprofits is specifically designed to enhance the organization’s communication strategy faster. It helps you to engage your supporters with more personalized emails and messages. The marketing cloud for nonprofits comes with built-in email templates for volunteers, donors, subscribers, and sustainers. You can create beautiful, clean, and eye-catching emails and send them to your partners and supporters with just a few clicks. It ultimately increases the supporter’s interest and attracts several donors to your campaign, which is already your most awaited target to be achieved.

5. Nonprofit Success Pack

NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) is a free, open-source software package currently used by more than 47000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. It is designed for empowering the staff and volunteers and to connect them with all constituents, expanding the limits of the organization’s impact. This software establishes a robust constituent relationship, helping organizations to manage and support different constituents at a time. This tool assists nonprofit organizations with insightful reports and analytics that help them measure their fundraising performance and smoothly manage all donations and income.

Moving onto the last but one of the important sections that will cover the best salesforce apps for nonprofits-

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Best Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits

In this section, we have listed down the top 10 salesforce apps for nonprofits that you can pick for running your nonprofit operations firmly-

1. Donorbox– Donations
2. MailChimp- Email Marketing
3. HootSuite- Social Media
4. Fonteva- Event Management
5. GetFeedback- Surveys
6. OneCause- Charity Auctions
7. Dropbox- Collaboration
8. Mogli SMS- Text messaging
9. Breadwinner- Accounting
10. FedEx- Shipping

How Salesforce.Org Helps Nonprofits Empower Their Constituents

Who uses Salesforce for nonprofits?

Following NGOs are using Salesforce nonprofits cloud to manage donors, fundraisers, grant money, and track impact so they can keep building new audiences and boost fundraising.

Salesforce for nonprofits

Final Words

No matter what size or type your nonprofit have, when you have a clear view of how your business is running and operating, you will be more able to move ahead with a strong vision and strategies. But if it is vice versa, it ultimately stops you from achieving your desired targets, so what will be more fruitful for you? An updated and advanced overview of your NGO operations. And here, Salesforce helps you with it.

Today Salesforce has become the most reliable and right partner for numerous organizations worldwide, helping them stay updated with their operational activities by providing accurate and on-time information. You will also stay updated and relish; only you need to adopt Salesforce for your Nonprofit’s operations. If you are wondering how to use Salesforce for nonprofits, we can help you with it. We have a dedicated team of salesforce consultants for nonprofits to help you with the best support and solutions. So do not hesitate to connect with us. We are just pinging away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Salesforce nonprofit cloud is an integrated CRM platform designed for nonprofit organizations to expand their impact anywhere.

Using salesforce nonprofits cloud will help you authentically engage with new audiences, share their stories of impact and raise more funds.

Yes, it doesn’t matter how big or small your NGO or charities are; you can relish the full potential of Salesforce to perform your programs and services, engage your community, and manage the raised funds effectively.

The Philanthropy cloud has a united way that will channelize all the donations to your recipient account.

The cost to implement Salesforce for your nonprofit organization depends upon your requirements. To know more about this in detail, feel free to contact our salesforce consultants and discuss your requirements.

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