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Google’s reason behind creating a faster programming language was technological progress of the world and efficiency. Companies using Golang result in increased business productivity by introducing modernization, developing faster mobile apps, and their web development code has higher efficiency.

This blog covers the varied domains that have benefitted from the Go programming language. Let’s check Golang use cases and Golang usage in industry-wise domains and find our top companies using Golang.

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You don’t need much introduction when the big lord Google itself is your father. Google’s Go programming language is an open-source, compiled, modern computing language known for its concurrency, scalability, and phenomenal error check feature.

Ever since its creation, Golang has been winning hearts. The combination of flexibility, consistency, and concurrency makes Golang web development brilliant. Moreover, the scalability that it provides is unmatched. The best part is, Golang is fast to develop, learn, and run.

Being the brainchild of Google, Golang was facing potential challenges with programming efficiency with several programming languages. Although most of the languages had their advantages, there did not exist a single language that had all features to build high computational applications. Golang use cases have been threshold-breakers in the market.

Welcome ‘Go projects’ that have the caliber to excel. Golang is an exceedingly scalable and concurrent language with easy syntax. This indicates that applications built using Golang are hugely scalable and can manage as many users entering concurrent and simultaneous requests.

Best Golang Use Cases (Industry-wise)

Golang use cases

Golang in eCommerce

The fastest growing industry is eCommerce, where the transfer of goods/services, data, and funds takes place via electronic data. We have known and have come across online shopping platforms for customized niches to everything all-in-one platform.

How Is Golang Helping The eCommerce Sector?
While noting Golang best use cases in the eCommerce industry, we can consider many benefits. Ideally, eCommerce SMEs, Startups, and huge enterprises all face crucial challenges in terms of scalability, page loading times, and website availability, especially during chief promotions. Here, Golang for eCommerce is extensively used to eliminate these problems.

Alibaba is one of the best eCommerce Go projects

One of the features of the Alibaba Group -the container engine “PouchContainer” is written in Golang. The feature can easily pack, deliver, and run all and any application. It offers applications with a lightweight runtime environment with robust isolation and the least overhead.

PouchContainer runs 10000 nodes in Alibaba stably and assists all online transactions of Alibaba.

Golang in Online Booking Systems

The online booking system enables hospitality & travel businesses to accept and authorize bookings online and handle personal and mobile bookings efficiently. Online booking systems offer every feature that a self-service portal should have. Here, users book their services depending on the dates suggested by the system.

How is Golang Helping The Online Booking Sector?
Many considerations lead to Golang use cases in the online booking system sector. The system allows ordering and paying right through the Internet via mobile applications. This helps businesses to scale their operations. However, when these processes occur now and then, it needs to be highly scalable, reliable, and seamless.

Moreover, these systems must know how to integrate with other systems. Here, using Golang applications in this domain turns out to be highly beneficial.

Uber: The Golang project that broke all records!

Looking back over the years, Uber has mostly been a Python and Node.js shop. However, Golang is becoming a language of choice, or let’s just say the most preferred language for building tons of Uber Engineering’s new services.

Till now, Uber has written more than 100 services in Golang. For instance, Geobase is one such recent Uber service written in Golang. This service pairs the riders to the drivers and shares the matching across devices. Uber credits Golang for meeting the high queries per second service.

Golang in Finance

Financial technology aka, Finance describes new tech that aims to enhance and automate the ability, delivery, and use of financial services in a better way. Generally, companies, business owners, and consumers use fintech to manage their financial processes, operations, and lives by using a unique algorithm and software implemented on smartphones and computers.

How is Golang Helping The Finance Sector?
To be quite clear, Finance is a sector that requires consistent and continuous demand for financial data from customers. This data must be available 24/7. When this sector uses Golang, it turns out to be the best fit. Use cases of Golang is that Golang accesses financial data, manages transactions incredibly and prevents breaches from unauthorized access.

Capital One: Go application in the Finance

Capital One is a gigantic technology-driven financial organization. Golang is used in one of their services- Credit Offers API. The feature enables users to affiliate partners with CreditCards.com, Credit Sesame, and Bankrate showcase, and more available credit card options.

Golang in Payments Processing Systems

Payment Processing is a system that indicates how businesses complete their debit and credit card transactions. Payment processing services accelerate card transactions, and payment gateways transmit data safely where the amount from the customer’s issuing bank is transferred to the merchant’s account. This entire process takes place in seconds. The result involves a customer who makes his purchase successfully and a business that makes a sale securely.

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How is Golang Helping The Payment Processing System Sector?
Golang usage in the industry of Payment processing is quite remarkable. Before executing the transaction, the functionality runs the anti-fraud mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the details.

It is known that this industry requires hard SLAs and 24/7 global operations. In short, it requires automatic recovery and stability. Considering the Go language use cases in this industry, it delivers all. Golang delivers the lowest possible latency to facilitate smooth transactions, from stability to auto-recovery.

Paypal: Golang excellence in Payment Processing Systems

Once a pioneer, always a pioneer! Being at the top in terms of online payment, PayPal remains the top payment processor for a vast range of auction sites, online vendors, and many more commercial users around the globe.

Currently, there are more than 100 Golang developers at PayPal. While we cannot ignore the fact that Golang may never replace Node.js for specific applications, Golang is the ideal and most preferred language at PayPal.

Golang in Technology Platforms

Technology Platform denotes certain platforms on which technical architecture lays out and is made to run. Typically, these platforms are a mix of both hardware and software services.

How is Golang Helping The Technology Platforms Sector?
Technology Platforms offer a common array of functions that boost application development. This is to facilitate the deployment of solutions into businesses more quickly. Here, Golang use cases offer reliability, scalability, efficiency, and smooth functioning of the processes.

DropBox- Go project for Tech

Dropbox shares a huge amount of its success with Python, which is a language that allows organizations to iterate and develop swiftly. However, with the rising user base, they began exploring ways to scale up their systems better and efficiently. This led them to shift performance-critical backends from Python to Golang for leveraging faster execution speed and efficient concurrency support.

Golang in Instant Communication Platforms

Instant messaging (IM) is a platform where text-based communication occurs. It occurs between 2 persons participating in a single conversation over their mobile devices or PCs within an Internet-based network chatroom. Note that IM is quite different from Chat. In Chat, the user participates in a real-time public conversation within a certain chat room where everyone present on the channel can see everything said by others.

How is Golang Helping the Instant Communication Platforms Sector?
Chat servers must hold the ability to perform distinct functions. Particularly, the concurrency comes along with high scalability that is used while building messaging applications. Here, using Golang application is excellent. When messages are expected to be received and sent simultaneously, implementing Go projects or Go programming language use cases turns out to be advantageous.

Golang speed perfectly fits and supports the projects in chat and messaging platforms. For advanced and modern applications, Golang AI development might plate a crucial role.

Stream: Golang’s power in Chat Apps

Stream is an activity feed and enterprise-grade chart that helps billions of end-users.

Implementing Golang, Stream is serving customers phenomenally. Golang’s combination of smooth onboarding for new developers, excellent ecosystem, robust support for concurrency, rapid performance, and productive programming environment makes it an exceptional choice.

Go empowers Stream’s chats and feeds to operate flawlessly for more than 500 million end-users.

Golang in Cyber Security

Cyber security can be described as a practice of safeguarding or defending servers, networks, computers, electronic systems, data, and mobile devices from harmful and malicious attacks. In other terms, we can also refer to this as electronic information security or IT security. Read about the Go best practices to keep your application secure and performant.

How is Golang helping the Cyber Security Sector?
Privacy and security keep gaining interest continuously. The cyber market is booming to implement the same in companies, industries, and businesses. Considering the Golang use cases in the cyber security domain, Golang is a perfect fit. This is because of its static typing.

Moreover, with its vast use in cloud and server environments, the use of Golang in the Industry has increased. Opting for Golang web development will be better if businesses expect utmost security.

1Password uses Golang

Trusted by over 60,000 businesses globally, 1Password protects data. Alongside, it gives the user complete control over sensitive and confidential business information along with protected passwords.

Golang holds a strong position in the tech stack of 1Password. The backend is written entirely in Golang. The admin account can hence manage the recovery and security of the entire company.

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When, How & Why Use Golang?

Why Are Top Companies Using Golang?

Companies that use Golang

Golang use cases hold a major role to play in industries. Go language provides API bridging that enables legacy workloads to run on the cloud services. Industries that want to leverage this special cloud offering will automatically shift to cloud-native application development. That makes Golang a clear and ideal choice.

When top companies like Google, Uber, etc., choose languages, they ensure considering each factor, benefits, and drawbacks that the language can have on their business. Golang has become highly popular among web developers and big players in distinct industries.

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Here are the 3 core reasons why are these top companies using Golang and have made it a popular choice. Let’s start with why Golang is the ideal choice for top companies.

1. Created For Multi-core Processing

Keeping cloud computing in mind, Golang was created to leverage parallelism and concurrency rendered by the latest hardware. Its take on concurrency is quite easy to work with. Additionally, when comparing python and java with Golang, running a particular function on a goroutine requires the least boilerplate code.

This channel-based and goroutine concurrency make it extremely easy to use all the available CPU cores besides handling concurrent IO without complicating development.

2. Build For Large Projects

With time, new and complicated systems were created on top of the existing foundational libraries/systems and languages. Another vital part is, people, skip the intensity of complex hidden costs. The truth here is that the code is read 10x times more than written. Team velocity is essentially loaded with complexities.

Here, Go code is highly straightforward besides being readable. This simple nature boosts teams to collaborate in brand new ways like never before.

3. Easy Learning Curve

The next to no layout and specifications of Golang makes it extremely easy to use and read. The best part is that beginners or novices entirely new to programming face zero problems reading the Golang.

However, one bonus point is, if you have knowledge or background in Java or C, Go can be highly easy to learn. Or, if you are familiar with any other programming language, learning Golang will hardly take you around a week.

However, it will be easier to grasp the language even as a beginner if you don’t. Depending on your dedication, it will take a few weeks to months.


Golang is an excellent default language. It strikes a critical balance between developer productivity and performance. Golang projects are perfect for servers, daemons, systems, APIs, websites, tools, databases, etc. Check out the power of Golang at our best Go programming language tutorials.

If we speak about Golang use cases, we see a bright future in the long run. Considering the rising usage of IoT data, cloud solutions, and Brand new technologies like 5G, Golang is all set to lure more and more organizations. This is because every organization would want to reduce their market time and operating costs besides increasing security. And let’s accept who can do it better than Golang web development!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Companies mainly use Golang for building network servers, cloud developments, media platforms, and distributed systems because it is built on C++ and robust.

Here are some of the popular open-source Golang projects: Hugo, Kubernets, Monzo Bank, CoreDNS, and Coackroach DB.

Go programming language is a compiled language.

Goroutines are a method to attain concurrency in Golang. A function can run independently of each other concurrently.

Sadly, Go doesn’t support generic programming.

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