Categories Description
Accessibility Widgets that make Flutter easily accessible
Animation and Motion Widgets that assist with the addition of more animation to other Widgets
Assets, Images, and Icons Widgets are in charge of assets like displaying images and showing icons
Async These widgets enable async functions in the Flutter Apps
Basics These Widgets are substantial for any Flutter app creation
Cupertino These widgets are designed explicitly for iOS
Input Widgets that enable users to provide input functionality in the Flutter Application
Interaction Models Widgets that handle touch interactions and navigate users to different views in the application
Layout These widgets assist in keeping other essential widgets on the screen as and when needed
Material Component Widgets that strictly follow guidelines for Material Design
Painting and Effects These widgets can alter the appearance of child widgets without modifying their layout or shape.
Scrolling Widgets that enable scrolling for non-scrollable widgets
Styling Widgets responsible for the apps theme, size, and responsiveness
Text These widgets are responsible for displaying and styling texts