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Introduction of Google’s Flutter changed the web development world in this era. Know how Flutter is singlehandedly enough for mobile, web, desktop, and cross-platform applications. Today we talked about one of the best technology for mobile app development, and we found out it is flutter good for app development. We will see what is the future of the flutter for mobile app development.

This blog post will shed light on some examples of projects where you can use Flutter App Development and when and how to achieve the same. Also give you the clear idea of why use flutter for mobile app development.

Why Alibaba is Using Flutter for App Development?

How Flutter Has Revolutionized App Development?

How has Flutter changed web development

App Development is one of the domains that are witnessing growth at a pace faster than ever. The app world is buzzing, and nearly every company now has an app to promote its products and services. One thing that comes to question here is, which domain should one build the app to get maximum traction? Or, which technology needs to be deployed to have the most efficient app built? Android or iOS? Native or cross-platform apps?

After a series of debates and discussions, the verdict was inclined more towards cross-platform support. This called for another question, which framework would be best when we talk about cross-platform apps? Or What are the best cross platform mobile development tools 2021?

While Xamarin and Ionic were doing a great job, the advent of Flutter changed all. The fact that it enables the development of cross-platform apps would sound sufficient to gather attention. It has recently been into talks about undertaking the Hemingway plan. Now, there isn’t any other framework that induces the same, and so, Flutter for app development is getting one step ahead of all.

Web and Mobile App Development before the introduction of Flutter

Being a developer, you generally opt to build a mobile application on the top-grossing platforms like iOS and Android. For this, you need to jot down your codes in two different languages. Due to this, many tools have emerged together to make cross-platform app development a reality. Even big shots like Adobe, Microsoft, and Facebook sweat hard to do so. Still, every solution has its pros and cons. From a developer’s point of view, all they need is a light-pack and efficient toolkit to build high-performing mobile apps.

On the contrary, the CEOs of the mobile app development companies want to shift their development process, whereas developers are finding their way out to enlarge their knowledge area.

This is why Flutter App Development here.

Why use Flutter App Development?

The reasons for you to choose Flutter:

Why use Flutter App Development

1. Web Developer: Want to deploy the same web app/ website into the mobile application without spending a penny to learn multiple native platform languages.

2. Business: To reach a more extensive user base with a single investment, Flutter is the best choice for you to invest in!

3. UI/UX Designers: If you’re looking forward to delivering applications with factors like consistency and vision, flutter is an excellent choice for you to make!

Hope the above points give you a clear understanding about why use flutter for mobile app development.

Introduction to Flutter 2

Introduction to Flutter 2

After over two years of Flutter 1 release, Google came up with Flutter 2 official release in March 2021, enabling you to use the same code for five operating systems, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Flutter 2 also ensures a flawless web browsing experience for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge, along with embedded experience in smart TVs, cars, homes, etc. It provides a portable and pervasive experience for our digital world. With this release flutter technology makes the statement in the field of mobile app development that Flutter is the future of application development.

6 Flutter App Development Usage Benefits

Flutter App Development Usage Benefits

1. Fast development process

It’s hot reload feature allows the developer to build UI’s, test bugs, and fix them faster. It makes testing easier and swift.

2. Write once, run everywhere approach

It allows developers to write code once and run on both Android and iOS platforms. It is a big thanks to Flutter as it has its own widgets and different designs to make the same applications for two different platforms. You can smoothly do mobile app development using Flutter.

3. Compatibility

Since widgets are a piece of application and not the platform, you’ll experience minor compatibility issues on different OS. This leads to less time spent on debugging and testing.

4. Build Performance

As Google owns its programming language – Dart, it doesn’t require JavaScript interactions, and so the development process gets swifter than before.

5. Latest Reactive Framework

Its advanced receptive system helps us to build a better UI with its complete platform.

6. Build your own widget

With Google Flutter, you can simply fabricate existing widgets along with customization that empowers you to create responsive and fascinating portable applications.

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Project examples where you should use Flutter App Development

Developers At Google Are Working Really Hard On Flutter for:

  • Holding capacity to support more Firebase APIs.
  • Fixing Bugs.
  • Tools for Android Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • Multiple Language Support.
  • All types of developers have access.
  • It comes with inline videos, charts, and ads.
  • Improvement in Documentation.
  • Support for Windows.
  • Inflation of Engine Performance.

Great! So Where Did Flutter Gain An Upper Hand?

  • Cross-platform framework
  • Mesmerizing & creative designs
  • 2D mobile app support
  • Storage, camera, and location support.
  • Full support for cross-platform app development

Flutter for Cross-platform App Development

The most desirable features and considerations of using Flutter for mobile app development are as follows, it gives you a reason to use Flutter for mobile application development.

Single Code For Multiple Platforms

Because Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework, developers can use a single piece of code to run applications on all platforms. Also, the framework has its own set of designs and widgets, which makes it platform-independent. On the whole, you can have a similar application for different platforms.

High productivity

Save your development time and efforts as Flutter uses the same codebase for Android and iOS applications. Hence, get higher productivity when you use the Flutter SDK for your mobile app development.

Excellent performance

The Flutter Dart compiler consists of its own widgets, and hence your Futter app does not need to access the system widgets. There is a lesser intermediary communication between the platform and your Flutter app, enhancing your mobile app performance with this characteristic. With Flutter SDK, you eliminate the Javascript bridge and hence improvise your startup performance.

Quick Code Compilation

Flutter app development gives developers the ease to write and manifest changes in a real-time scenario, which means that, as and when changes are made in the program, the impact can be viewed then after there across all applications. This function is regarded as Hot Reload. It takes milliseconds for a modification to reflect on the app and has support for plenty of features. With Flutter, developers work with designers and testers to analyze bugs and fix them as early as possible. Native app development does not support such kind of testing.

Fast and simple development

The best feature that comes with Flutter is the hot-reload, which enables the developer to view the changes instantly in the emulators, simulators, and hardware. Hence, without a restart, you can see the updated app version. The Flutter doc claims that anyone can develop an app using Flutter SDK even though they don’t have any programming knowledge.


As Flutter provides in-built widgets, your Flutter app appears in the same manner on all platforms. Your end-users appreciate this uniformity as your app is compatible across all the operating systems.


Google avails Flutter and Dart and thus making it a free and open-source toolkit. There are extensive documentation and customer support available in case you encounter issues using Flutter.

Flutter Diagram

Flutter for Desktop App Development

Flutter uses the Skia rendering engine for mobile app development using APIs; in the same manner, for Flutter web app development, it uses (i) DomCanvas, and (ii) CanvasKit. Flutter for web and desktop applications uses the entire screen as a Canvas, and the HTML elements within control the rendering and access.

(i) DomCanvas: This is the by-default option when using Flutter web development. DomCanvas uses the Canvas API and HTML/CSS/JS to build Flutter widgets on the screen.

(ii) CanvasKit: Skia developed this option where it uses WebGL and WebAssembly for hardware acceleration. This efficiently improves the graphics rendering on the web/desktop application.

Where else should you use Flutter Framework?

Finally, we have summed up the possibilities where you can use Flutter app development beneficially:

  • When you have a Flutter mobile application that is performing well for your business, and now you want a web application for your users.
  • You do not have a product by now, and you expect most of your audience on mobile, yet you don’t want to allow your users to down you or neglect you just because you don’t have a web presence.
  • When you are thinking of creating a personal interactive application that users will mostly use from mobile, you want their presentation on the web interface. Eg. a personal finance dashboard.

Hope above points help you to understand where and how to grow your business’s mobile app development using Flutter.


Talking about the development speed flutter takes, it’s almost 50% less than the native Android and iOS applications. Let’s consider the timeline for a mobile app development company to build mobile applications. It entirely depends on the number of hours it takes and the functionalities you want to get incorporated. If you’re looking forward to building a flutter application on both the Android and iOS platforms, it takes approximately 260-270 hours. As flutter app development is faster and secure, it saves you a lot of money. So, if you’re looking for a platform with minimum expense, flutter is the best choice to go with as it will provide you a web/desktop application.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flutter is definitely the ultimate choice when it comes to cross-platform development including web and mobile app development.

Flutter uses Dart because Dart is strictly OOP, client-optimized language, using JIT (just-in-time) and ahead of time (AOT) compilation.

Using Flutter for your large projects is a wise decision because it helps you with better performance and optimized time spent by building cross-platform applications for varied OS platforms and screens.

You might want to read, Flutter Vs React Native: Head to Toe Comparison for clear understanding.

Flutter uses Dart whereas RN uses javascript XML which is the prime difference between the two. Thus, fundamentally, they are both C-based having object-oriented principles.

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