Parameters React Native Ionic
Created By Facebook Drifty Co.
Platform Supported iOS, macOS, tvOS, Windows, Web, Android iOS, Web, Android
Tech Stack Robust JavaScript, and React.js knowledge is required. Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript is required.
Additionally, any available frontend development frameworks, like Vue, Angular, and React, work
Functionality Based on a dynamic runtime approach Based on WebView Wrapper
Performance Native Performance Web-based performance with a native wrapper
Development Approach Native components, JSX syntax Web components, Angular or React bindings
Rendering Hot reloading features allow real-time rendering Application refreshes instantly after implementing a change
Documentation Quick basic documentation Evident and consistent documentation
Community Support Large community, extensive ecosystem Active community, growing ecosystem
Development Cycles Faster development cycles Slower development cycles
User Interface Native-like UI Customizable UI with Ionic components
Code Reusability The same codebase can be used for Android and iOS devices. Albeit, a tiny piece of platform-specific code might be required. Use the same code to develop applications for any platform’s devices and OS.
CodeTesting Need a device or an emulator to test React Native efficiently Testing is executed right in the browser
Learning Curve The learning curve is steep for beginners with limited flexibility in the tech stack Ionic is easier to learn as it only requires basic knowledge
Use Cases Facebook, Bloomberg, Skype MarketWatch, Pacifica, McLaren Automotive